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Dilemma- a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially ones that are equally undesirable.
In problem solving when you discover that your problem is actually  a dilemma, mqany times the best is to quit or to surrender.


a) En  attendant Quark X

what will the QuarkX add to the otherness, complexity, diversity, metamorphosis , creativity of LENR?  To the beauty and interestingness of the LENR field?

We see Cold Fusion was  cold indeed  in the best case in boiling water but real LENR is hot, very hot- in human terms not stellar terms.
Climbing the temperature scale from boiling water to molten metal- progressing, diversifying, improving- new LENR territories conquered. New forms of excess energy!

What have I understood after 3 months of acerbic e-dispute between Andrea Rossi and Industril Heat

In the beginning it was the Noise and you could not listen to your own thoughts. Then it came the Word(s) mainly adjectives-threats that hurt, kill, belittle or taint attacking you as a swarm of mosquitoes on the shore of the LENRA Lake. Significant and perfectly negligible details were inflated so it became impossible to discuss about the core, essence of the dispute- it was a state of synthesis paralysis. 
However three months have elapsed and there is no more munition- the adjectives have no more explosives or poison, we can bear extra decibels- it is time to see where we are, where can this dispute go, what is at stake  and what is the perspective. Time to comprehend.


The somewhat calmed down situation has made possible a normal thinking comment as this - by an anonymous [hl] 

At some point in the middle of the test - IH offered Rossi to stop the test and pay him part of the 89 Million dollars the promised to give if test is successful (and in that case they will keep their license rights). Rossi refused and made a _counter offer_: he will pay back the 11.5 millions dollars he got, stop the test, and _cancel their licence. IH refused to Ross's counter offer.

I believe that Rossi has documented these offers and will submit them to court if necessary. The argument "only Rossi says" will be rejected then (based on these documents). If this is what happened (and documented) the claim of Rothwell about "disaster in test" is not credible: why IH will refuse to cancel the test and the license which worth nothing because test failed ("disaster"). IH behavior does not make any sense.

About the offer of IH to "correct" the test methods, it seems to not credible. They have no serious experience in that area, they are laymen; Rossi and the ERV Penon do have the experience. Moreover: from the moment they agree that Penon will be ERV they have no right to "correct" him him or force him how to do his job. The authority of ERV is like the authority of a judge: his decisions are final (wether he is right or he is wrong). 


Two opponents Andrea Rossi (Leonardo Corp)  and Industrial Heat- subject of dispute- was the 1 year long 1MW plant Test- a great success (COP-50-60) as Rossi says, or a total failure COP>1 as IH demonstrates and re-demonstrates it with force trying to annihilate the test.
The situation is asymmetric Rossi has no options, no alternatives he must show that the Test was good. 
IH going on its direct way IF they are right - instruments inadequate, measurement flawed, NO excess heat,, EV incompetent, Test=Disaster THEN they have done an unpardonable Strategic error by NOT stopping immediately the test and ceasing to work with Andrea Rossi you - so they are now responsible for the trial.
Jed Rothwell comes with an explanation good only for a six years old- business is business and 94 millions is big money- much too big for  a non-working plant, IH claims the plant never worked Rossi has not solved the problems. Jed says: 

I think it puts them in a good light. It shows they were willing to give Rossi every opportunity to fix the problems and do a proper test. They gave him many warnings over more than a year. While this was happening, they (and I) sincerely hoped that he would do a proper test following the specifications spelled out in the contract, but he never did.
No. Jed I have not lost my sense of humor! I am 78.5 years old have the SSS but I will not risk to tell such fairy tales.
Let's suppose IH is right regarding the test  and it can win the Trial. It will be a victory a la Pyrrhus more expensive that defeat
See please the opinion of Andrea Rossi below- is this only Rossi say?

Andrea Rossi has told this many times.

... And they collected 150 millions from their investors (Woodford, China Government) based exclusively n the Test on course,, making their Chinese investors
the 1MW plant in operation during the test, after the first report had been already released by the ERV with the same results of the final report such visits have been made by experts who enthusiastically accepted the enthusiast presentation made by Darden. So, why IH-Cherokee Fund-Darden collected 150 millions, included the mi lions given to Deep River  Ventura  Capital of Mr. Weaver, puppet of Darden, if at the same time they saw a report made by the same ERV and were not able as they say now to replicate the Effect ??? If so they all are responsible of a fraud vs. the investors of Cherokee Fund, Woodford, Chinese government, Deep Venture Capital etc.
I am very confused also about the behavior of Jed Rothwell, who pretends to be so stupid not to have understood  a so simple evident thing.

A complex situation, indeed.
Therefore I think IH has a huge dilemma and perhaps it would be sane for their porta-voces of it to speak less and not so loud. More respect for the rules of the game and for the players of the opponent team.


1) Envy, Hate and some Greed; the Glue that Holds the Cryptodenialists like Dewey, Fred, Jed & Maaary Together

2) THREAD: How will the I.H. case change when Rossi begins manufacture and sale of the Quark reactor.

My Request To Andrea Rossi

5) Where leads us the Cherokee Investment Partners – Industrial Heat LLC – NRG Energy trace?

6) Rossi has said this yesterday, Sunday:

Andrea Rossi
June 12, 2016 at 6:10 PM

Robert Dorr:
I will. The test is finished right now.
Tomorrow we will make a short report. The day after tomorrow it will be published.
Thank you for your kind words.
Warm Regards,


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  1. Dear Peter,
    President Mao zold, that it is very difficult to catch a black cat in dark room. And such task is especially difficult, if cat is not in this dark room.

    Best Regards Khazarian Talmudist

  2. Could you ask Mao for the EVR
    Report on the Black Cat.

  3. Bruno
    June 13, 2016 at 3:51 PM
    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
    Eager to read news from the QuarkX: thank you!

    Andrea Rossi
    June 13, 2016 at 4:08 PM
    It is on his way.
    Warm Regards,

  4. Remark about the "intermezzo".

    The source is the meeting interview of Mats Lewan with Andrea rossi in swede a month ago. The blog is dated 15 May 2016.

    The actual report starts with the line

    Claiming that everything he said could be proven with documents (or that he otherwise would be lying), Rossi told me regarding the one-year 1MW test that:

    The offer and the counter offer are mention as 6th item (6th square bullet), i think. Note that the start line says that rossi has probably documents confirming the 2 offers and these could be given to court in the trial of claiming 89 million dollars.