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Actually, LENR is a life-and-death matter for the entire planet, so their attempted distraction should be treated as a serious crime, IMO
(Michael Jackson on the website: )

Yes, if Andrea Rossi will demonstrate his "Eppur si lavora!" - "yet it works" he has produced plenty of excess heat- he is the hero problem solver of LENR than those who have organized and are leading this killer campaign now will have to take responsibility for their destructive deeds. If not- they will be the heroes and leader sponsors of the LENR community. Vae victis! (in both cases)
As Felix Rends has commented it is a black or white situation; the hatchet will be buried only after use and thorough cleaning, blood accelerates rusting)


"There is a sacrilege in the world: it consists of measuring the hero of a category by the standards of another, which often leads to absurdities, cartoons, malice. Sometimes the truth. (Kurt Tucholsky) 

This was sent again by Felix Rends (thanks!)  and it warns against the over-simplification of the LENR hero problem- it is wise, however I have my rigid, bureaucratic fixation on the hero = problem solver identity.
Waiting for more opinions re the LENR hero. My regretted friend and mentor Gene Mallove is the first candidate- suggested by Sam North.


I succeeded today to read all the messages received by me directly and, being in a rather masochistic mood I have started with an FTI (Frquently Thrown Insults) study.
Jed Rothwell being apt in disputes will probably say these are taken out from the context, I will answer that the reverse is true- both statements being irrelevant- we are what we say- we are our words. A few examples:

1- about me: "you have the intelligence of a six years old"

2- about my blog: "you have written blog entry after entry full of unfounded nonsense, false accusations and absurd mistakes" 

3- about the ERV: "The ERV is Rossi's puppet, and he is very, very stupid.The ERV (Penon) is a nitwit and Rossi's puppet."

 4- about Rossi's data: "I have seen Rossi's data and his analysis, which must be the same as the ERV reports. It is cockamamie nonsense."

5- about the Test: "The test was rubbish. I.H. knew that all along. Anyone who walked into the room and looked at the choice of instruments and configuration would see that in a few minutes." 

6-  about the Test: "The test proved beyond doubt that the device does not work. I repeat: IT DOES NOT WORK. There is no excess heat. At no time in this test did the device show excess heat. You could watch it for a half hour, or you could collect 6 months of data and you would reach the same conclusion. It was not working."

7- about the Test: I have no idea what the original test plan was, but based on my analysis of the data, I agree the measurements were flawed and the instruments unsuitable. The test was an appalling mess, just like Rossi's previous tests. I was hoping it would be better, but it was awful.

For these and especially for the  following ones he will be accused (by me, e.g.) that
in the set of his ideas the ratio certainties/information is supra-unitary perhaps an equivalent of the COP claimed by the ERV and Rossi!

8- about excess heat: "I am confident there was no heat in the one-year test of the 1-MW gadget."

9- about the results:  "I am outside of his team, and I know he has nothing The COP is around 0.6 to 0.8, ignoring heat losses from the reactor. Re Rossi: I hope he gets another jail term. I wish he was not already stealing money from new victims in Europe, but alas he seems to be doing that."

10- about the instruments used in the Test: using Rossi's instruments alone you cannot reach a firm conclusion, but the most plausible conclusion is that there is no heat. Rossi's conclusion seems untenable to me, and evidently the I.H. expert thought so too.

11- about those instruments: any knowledgeable person who walked into the room and looked at the instruments and configuration for a few minutes would see 5 or 6 ways to disprove the ERV. It was a farce. It was as bad as the worst of Rossi's previous tests.

12- about Andrea Rossi- (it seems in a moment of weakness): " It is possible Rossi is a genius, an inventor, a fraud and a con man -- all at the same time. That is how I would describe Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs. In Rossi's case, I cannot tell whether he has actually invented anything real.

13- about the good heart of IH: IH wanted Rossi to succeed. They gave him the full length of rope and in the end, the knot unraveled. It fits the picture perfectly well without conspiracy, stupidity and criminal intent.

OK, as the Italians say: Basta! Enough of these fragments of rothwellian wisdom.
Statement 2 of this list characterizes the entire list. I doubt IH bought a bad generator but here it has a propagandist of low effectiveness and negative efficiency.



2) Reactant, Heating Device, And Heating Method: New US Patent Application by Mizuno, Clean Planet Inc.

3) A continuing discussion
LENR is real-94

3) translation of an interview with experimenter Me356
Интервью с LENR экспериментатором — me356

4) Third Party Analysis of Ash from MFMP Padua Cell Published (Bob Greenyer)

5) At JONP- Rossi about the QuarkX test- preliminary

Gerard McEk
Dear Andrea,
The tests on the QuarkX’s are probably finished now.
1. Are you pleased about how it went?
2. You tested three of them. Were they the same?
3. Or were they ‘tuned’ to optimize for Light, Heat and Electrical energy?
4. Did you also test it in combination with a jet?
You told us that this week will be of utmost importance. I wish you all the fortune in your new partnering effort and that it will be the right choice for a long and fruitful future!
Kind regards, Gerard

Andrea Rossi | 5 hours ago
Gerard McEk:
The test is not yet finished, but I can anticipate as follows:
1- F8
2- so far moreless yes
3- no
4- no
Thank you for your sympathy,
Warm Regards,


\Six months  after Paris Accord we are losing theClimate Change battle: 


The Laws of Mixed Reality — without the rose-colored glasses


  1. You wrote:

    "'13- about the good heart of IH: IH wanted Rossi to succeed. They gave him the full length of rope and in the end, the knot unraveled. It fits the picture perfectly well without conspiracy, stupidity and criminal intent.'

    OK, as the Italians say: Basta! Enough of these fragments of rothwellian wisdom."

    Fragments indeed. By taking fragments out of context, and selectively chopping words and rearranging things, you have managed to make several of these fragments mean the opposite of what I said, or you have distorted the meaning beyond recognition. Good job indeed. How very Orwellian.

    Oh, and that last fragment, #13, was written by someone else. I don't know who.

  2. Peter
    No one can accuse Jed of
    sitting on the fence.

    1. Beautiful Sam !!

    2. Dear Sam,

      I am not accusing him sitting on the fence.
      What I doubt is if he is on the right side.
      Anyway I am aat th other side. But I don't hste him for that as long he abstains from insults.


  3. I was the one who posted #13.
    It was part of a rather lengthy post in which I was asking why does so many automatically think that "Rossi says" = "Truth"?

    Some of the posts had stated why did IH wait so long? Why did they not stop the test at the 1st ERV report? Why did they not do this and do that?

    My answer was we do not know! There are two sides of every story! But we have to remember that Rossi himself stated HE was CHIEF SCIENTIST for IH. Would not a company who's own employee was directing a test not give them a certain level of trust and leeway?

    Rossi himself stated they had problems all along the tests, some that "concerned him very much". He stated he worked 16 hours per day keeping the thing running. If he was IH employee, putting in a lot of effort and stating that he was making "good progress", why would they have shut him down?

    My point was that this scenario of "giving Rossi the benefit of the doubt to the very end of the test" makes as much sense as the theories of IH being criminal, stupid and other silly posts.

    I meant no disrespect for Peter or his blog. I thought I was replying to a specific post and train of thought!

    My real name is Bob as I post under anonymous.

    1. Bob, thanks for your sincerity.

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  5. Peter

    "Sitting on the fence" is a common idiom used in English to describe one's neutrality or hesitance to choose between two sides in an argument or a competition, or inability to decide due to lack of courage.
    I admire both you and Jed for not sitting
    on the fence about A.R. and test etc.
    I hope the insults and accusations do
    not hurt the good argument you both
    can present.

  6. Hi Peter

    Thank's a lot for your sustained "stubbornness" to not get infiltrated by the dark side of the fence.
    I'm constantly wondering where along the path Jed got sucked into Borg-world, or rather - why ?
    Maybe there was an epiphany moment, maybe - but even then his change in lingo left me with a charred ear.

    happy sailing !

    1. Dear Max,

      thanks for the encouragement however please tell what you think about the different LENR issues.
      Exactly as you feel and think.

  7. Dear Peter,

    Your critic is right and was expected.
    My opinion (not sure if opinions are worth anything) is - that me in person has'nt run 175,144/24 so I'm not wearing the shoes to tell him (Rossi) how to run.
    Or make statements about his character (because if he had followed my lead he could have done 200+).
    I would say - we are all a bit problematic (in character) and under this kind of exposure no one has a chance to make it perfect.
    I try to read, learn, study and connect some dots.
    And not post hate speech and vitriol all day long - but that is - everyone has it's own agenda (and GREED always pulls the trigger).

    there is a crack in everything, this is where the light comes in - ORC+(sic)
    greets Max