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JUNE 15, 2016 LENR


Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall. - Ray Bradbury

You will learn to fly in time, however not immediately as high as a condor or with the the majestic of an albatross, or with the speed and charm of a hummingbird; such performances need much learning and patience.

The same happens to the technologies in development e.g. those of Andrea Rossi.
His blue hummingbird has jumped yesterday.


Sparks of reason in the thinking of the IH supporters?

I have tried to find out how radical are the certainties of the main IH supporters; is their Rossi denial total and absolute or there are some small doors still open.
Remember their position: in order to win the Trial they must demionstrate that the 1MW test was a total failure from start to end; however if this is true then  they made an error by letting the 94 million contract with Rossi valid - Rossi being convinced the test gave good, even excellent results. A  costly indecision, in the best case.

I have asked on the new LENR Forum thread

"I cannot understand why my discussion partners Dewey and Stephenrenzz are participating at this discussion when it is known with certainty that Rossi has nothing, no excess energy of any kind in all his devices.

Therefore it is obvious that the QuarkX is
a) nonexistent
b) impossible
Why do you waste time on it better tell about a miracle in IH's LENR portfolio"
The answers received were not a bit surprising:

Jed Rothwell: 

Why must you exaggerate and use strawman arguments? No one said anything like that. On the contrary we have repeatedly said that some of Rossi's other experiments did seem to produce anomalous heat. Why else would I.H. invest $11 million in his work?

Dewey Weaver
Is smart enough to not speak about excess heat in any way Instead he gives  a s sample of his humor:
"Peter Gluck - What is wrong with your interpretive faculties? I am exceedingly joyful that Planet Rossi is able to be happy on such a paucity of information. I can just feel your joy and I'm so very happy for you as well. I hope this moment lasts for days for you and your brethren. ' 
He continues by asking me where is the beef and uses the word "pablum"_ I am grateful it was not in my current dictionary, sorry.
Otherwise Dewey good in saying nothing with many words.

First declares: "I believe Rossi is a complete fraud" Later he joins Jed with:"I also have never said Rossi has never produced anomalous heat"

Jed and Renzzie are not aware how dangerous is the idea to give even a small chance to Excess Heat to exist, any person with some experience in technological development understands that small excess heat can be converted in great excess heat by improvement. So sparks of reason here are dangerous! 

Dewey seemingly knows this, you have to cut all the heads of the Rossi's Excess Heat Dragon!

BTW Renzzie asks me why I am engaging in attacks on my blog forgetting these are counter-attacks. What drives me in battle is not the nice things Rossi says or promises but the nasty things and words the IH fighters use.
But they are kept between the Scylla of  a lost trial and the Carybda of a missed strategic step plus the anger of their investors. Or, are they the victims of Andrea Rossi who is evil?



2) Bob Greenyear about QuarkX

3) The QuarkX Energy Revolution – A 100W Eternal Matchstick with COP~200 Heat and COP~20 Electricity!

4) About the Quark X in Russian:

ECN- Independent E-Cat news closes:

6) US Military Taking LENR Seriously

7) The End of ECN
June 14, 2016

EcatNews has outlived its purpose. Anyone determined to invest in this technology based on Andrea Rossi’s word or on reports generated by anything other than an independent and credible organisation, is beyond help.

I will leave this site up for research purposes but will eventually let it lapse if it breaks or the account ends. I’ve just paid for another year hosting.

While I initially thought there might be fire behind the smoke blown by scientists close to Rossi, that possibility has become so small that the subject is now of little interest.

Comments are closed on this post but I will leave them open on others so that you can organise another home if you wish.

The sceptics were right.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the discussion.

8) From Uwe Doms TheNew Fire
Where leads us the Darden micro grid patent trace?
(Permanently updated)

9) Also from Uwe Doms:

Conclusion – It is US & EU Solar Power Industry vs. Leonardo Corp. ECAT


Hazard lines
The Fukushima disaster shows why the line between high and low risk is individual. Can we learn to manage our own safety?


From Tanmay Vora
Journey That Inspires Others


  1. Peter
    ECat news blog is no great loss.
    But Vessy's blog on E cat and Jennifer's
    LENR and Cold fusion news blog must
    be defended at all costs.

  2. Andrea Rossi
    June 15, 2016 at 6:08 PM
    Ovidiu Herlea:
    Thank you for the suggestion: I need to add a Physicist specialized in optics and photonics to the Team.
    Warm Regards,

    Dear Peter,

    Maybe the blue light of the QuarkX has finally shown Rossi the proper path to valid LENR theory. We can only hope...

  3. As Rossi and IH fight to the death, this from Brilliant Light Power:

    "There are very interesting new developments at BrLP. The power of the plasma as shown for the first run of a new approach that we started about a month ago can be extraordinary, bursts of millions of watts in a volume of a coffee cup. Cell meltdown including the thick tungsten electrodes can occur in seconds. Five independent validators using four cross confirming methodologies, two absolute spectroscopic and two thermal techniques using a commercial calorimeter and a heat exchanger on the SunCell, have established that the power demonstrated is megawatt level with about 8 kW total input."


    1. Links to Brilliant videos not working for me.

      signed [hl]

  4. Brilliant light has continually tried to hide behind power/energy.
    They have high powers, but only ransiently. The total energy output is unremarkable.

    Similarly, he obfuscates voltage with electric fields.

    1. Your statements above appear to be an uninformed opinion only. When you say transiently, I assume you mean the energy from a single low voltage, high amp arc burst through the hydrated molten silver which is claimed to create hydrinos and associated energy release from the hydrogen content of the water.

      The energy required is a fraction of the energy produced as light and plasma. Further the last 18 months have been spent to increase the frequency of the arcs to generate hydrinos continuously to provide a plasma to heat a tungsten shell for a thermovoltaic system where the wavelengths given off by the tungsten shell at 3500K can be matched to concentrator photovoltaics for the direct production of electricity.

      The total energy output appears to 100 times what is used to run the apparatus and trigger the current. Last month Mills now claims an even more energetic reaction to be disclosed on 28 June 2016 which produces millions of watts in an area the size of a cup from input of 8kW. It apparently melted solid tungsten electrodes in seconds.