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“Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.” John G. Messerly

If you like quotations with deep ethical implications please read:


I think ou have seen that I am trying- as much this is possible and useful for our Cause, LENR, to write each day about a different aspect of our field. I have prepared 
lists however the choice also depends on what could be called "triggering events" or publications, or news or messages.
Today it was easy- first I have received  the periodic announcement from IEET- Institute for Ethics and Emergent Technologies which i reading regularly because LENR is a very emergent technology and always had ethical problems too- recently these have appeared in a new form due to the Rossi-IH Trial and dispute.
I think it would be useful to read this book signalled by IEET: "
"Philosophical Ethics: Theory and Practice" by John G. Messerly. Anyway, I have chosen a MOTTO by its author and I find it interesting.

We can ask many questions related to ethics  for LENR. I will not waste time with definitions we all know and have discussed what's ethical in science and technology- a new leading energy source is good for Mankind, good for this Planet and this ethical aspect is only enhanced by the obvious but many times ignored (in our circles!) fact that LENR is extremely difficult, a research problem at the far right side of the Medawar Zone. (please ask the Web)

Only in case you are interested in some preliminary ethical aspects of the Rossi IH dispute you can find my opinions here:
page 6 and 7



1) Darden of IH/Cherokee now sees Rossi Slandering (using MadDogs Weaver & Zoepfl) as the Only PR Strategy Left?

2) Andrea Calaon up-to-dates his LENR Theory
Electron Mediated Nuclear Reactions EMNR

3) A list of interviews with Andrea Rossi- not new...


researchers find new ways to make clean hydrogen, rechargable zinc batteries



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  1. Peter
    Interesting reply to question I asked on Ecat

    sam cashmemorz
    4 hours ago
    Do you know why it is so important that I.H. have the theory on how the Ecat works.
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    cashmemorz sam
    an hour ago
    This point about theory is what I would want if I were in the place of Industrial Heat/ Darden. This seems to me a reasonable expectation of having the theory for something that appears to work. An ERV report is OK. However it takes you only so far. By "so far" I mean that if anything were to go wrong with the E-Cat during operation it would be much better to know, according to theory, what precisely is going wrong. This allows one to make more realistic and practical allowances and/or preparations in case the same problem comes up. This is a requirement that any large professional organization would want to insure stable operation. Having a unit that does work but is not known how it works makes the unit at more risk of instability if something goes wrong. With "the" theory as opposed to "some idea of how it "might" work" one has greater power over the ability to make correction in short order. Without "the " theory the user can never know if something major negative will happen or why. Its a matter of assurance that everything is oK. or better than without a theory. Investors would prefer investing in something that is known how it works as opposed to it just working.

    The comparison of a just working unit with other existing power units such as "dangerously lethal kerosine heaters" and the like is a fine rebuttal if one is willing to live with partially understood energy producing, potentially dangerous machinery. But as ENG 48 has once stated in an answer to me, "do you want a NUCLEAR REACTOR in your basement" that no one knows how it works? Its a matter of feeling more safe than less safe if one can help it.

    I have ordered two domestic E-CATs. I don't, similar to ENG 48, expect to get it until the certification body gives its blessing, when the theory behind it is put together, when it is considered safe for unattended operation, unlike an industrial unit that will have 24/7 care and control by trained personnel.
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    cashmemorz cashmemorz
    an hour ago
    Edit: There is also the competitiveness of the unit that has solid theory behind it. Brillouin, for instance, claims to have a working theory for their version of LENR unit. I am certain that investors and potential buyers would prefer to look into Brillouin's units over Leonardo's units for just that reason. That Leonardo's units have a higher COP means less under such competitive edge.

    Something that I noticed about what other bloggers are saying. That because IH is having second thoughts then they must be trying to get something for nothing. Not necessarily. This interpretation of their actions is, for me, is just a negative approach to what IH may actually be doing. It is just as possible or even morelikely that IH have good intentions for the E-Cat , the investors, Rossi and everyone who might want to buy the units.