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If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.” 
(Dalai Lama XIV)

“Word — That invisible dagger.” 
(Emil Cioran)

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There is a Cause- something very important and good for the future of Mankind and there is a  modest Blog trying to support that Cause. Let's be realistic a blog can not do much for the advancement of the Cause- in the case of LENR it just describes experiments and it will be probable not able to create a breakthrough theory explaining how LENR works, what we have to do to make it work better, to scale up at commercial level or to solve the many problems of development, improvement  or diversification. In the best case a blog is a witness- a bit shortsighted, a bit deaf, with many limitations. Enthusiasm and dedication can compensate some of these but the essential remains- a blog cannot do much good for its cause.
However the opposite is not true serious errors in a blog can be dangerous ffor its Cause. Therefore blogs have to strictly respect the "primum non nocere" principle "first not do any harm" valid for all medicines, healing methods see please:

Non-maleficence is a great Must for a blog as EGO OUT.

I have received a painful lesson of that yesterday when, n two places my blog was defined as a "stain on the future  of LENR" I am the same
You know: "The adjective is the banana peel of the parts of speech". (Clifton Fadiman)- and here the noun "stain" has the functionality of an adjective, meaning ugly dirty difficult to remove. BTW in the recent dispute I have tried to not use adjectives or epithets. But I was bombarded with them; from what Cliford Fadiman suggests an excess of adjectives is equal to weakness, lack of equilibrium- not good!

However it is more and worse than this. 
I was informed that I am part of the Team Rossi's slander machine and- horribile dictu! I am participating in the PR war against the main funders of LENR research right now. That is I am doing harm to the funding of the LENR Research!
Eventually my weak point was found- my Achilles Heel and I have to declare that I am defeated and have to surrender. The last thing on the world I want to do is to let my old and young colleagues in the field without vital funding, I would not do such a thing, never! So I have decided:
- starting from tomorrow, June 10, 2016, 7.00 local time, I will have absolutely no initiatives, will not start any discussion on this blog re the Rossi-IH dispute. I will use my time for reading some very creative and surprising Russian papers which I could not study thoroughly due to focusing on the dispute. I also will try some reviews and I will try to publish a paper about my vision of the history of Cold Fusion LENR- just for the posterity.
However, obviously if attacked I will answer- but I promise no adjectives, no words that hurt!

 I still have to convey some messages from Andrea Rossi who was attacked; however there are not many new elements or ideas here, therefore I dare to ask the IH supporters to take note and, if psychologically possible- not answer to this now.
For the sake of a difficult armistice.

Andrea Rossi - one answer, one comment

coming from a well known LENR researcher: 
Q- what did AR say about pulling out the steam trap and sensors?
That was as the test even started? (the question has amazed me, I have a special cult for steam traps, wrote illo tempora papers about them, tested them in plants I know how important are the steam traps for energy consume)

A- This is total falsity, I did not pull out anything!!! 
All the measurement systems have been installed by the ERV.

Comment re funds and funders (Andrea Rossi is in a good mood

He, he, he, he you can quietly say that before me the "Funders of LENR" were zombies and that if today LENR is on the spot, it is only thanks to my work, . Evidence of this can be easily got comparing the audience on LENR before my Jan 2011 Demo when all these LENR guys were considered fraudsters, and now with big concerns funding LENR. We can say: " Rossi made a miracle,thanks to him zombies have been resuscitated like Lazarus.

ff today guys from LENR are getting money from IH, it is thanks to me: Darden has bought them with some brisk of the 150 millions he has stolen from the investors to try to have somebody defend him in the public opinion after not paying my IP, therefore losing it and therefore cheating on his investors:  other zombies have taken some brisk from the desk of Darden who has bought toilet-paper-intellectual-properties to show to his baffled investors that he still has an IP, even if he lost my license. (Dewey, please take a good tranquilizer and forget this! Thanks!)


1) Raleigh startup responds to Italian scientist's cold fusion contract breach claims

2) S.N. Golubev:"Structural mechanism of formation of the mass of the common

5) A great essay by Ludwik Kowalski
Cold Fusion and Scientific Method

7) ‘Particle X’ Proposed to Explain ‘Lithium Problem’


For clasic LENR
Understanding hydrogen electrocatalysis

Tiny diamonds could enable huge advances in nanotechnology
Researchers develop a new method for pairing nanoscale diamonds with other nanomaterials


Innovation — Don’t Just ‘Check The Box’
Innovation shouldn’t be just another item on the to-do list. Peter Read, president of Peoples Card Services, says that the true path to innovation is about solving real problems and making sure that that problem-solving focus never fades.
Innovation shouldn’t be just another item on the to-do list. Peter Read, president of Peoples Card Services, says that the true path to innovation is about solving real problems and making sure that that problem-solving focus never fades.


  1. “When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end you end up polished and they end up useless.”

  2. Jim
    June 8, 2016 at 8:30 PM
    Dr Rossi;
    Is the test with the QuarkX still on course?
    Are you able now to foresee when it will be terminated?

    Andrea Rossi
    June 8, 2016 at 10:24 PM
    1- yes
    2- this week, F8.
    Warm Regards,

  3. Pekka Janhunen • 2 hours ago
    Rossi's recent reply to Norma Gaylor sounds softish. There is nothing factually new in it, but the tone is like a glimpse from 2013. Maybe negotiations going on behind curtains.
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    Engineer48 Pekka Janhunen • 2 hours ago
    Hi Pekka,

    What is softish?

    Norma Gaylor
    June 9, 2016 at 10:22 AM
    Dear Andrea:

    Did you remove any measurement system during the 1 MW E-Cat test and substitute it with something else ?


    Andrea Rossi
    June 9, 2016 at 1:12 PM
    Norma Gaylor:

    I never removed anything: by the way, in perfect agreement with IH all the official and certified instrumentation for the measurements has been installed by the ERV and are property of the ERV.

    He installed all the instrumentation, assisted by the men of IH and me, he has disassembled all the instrumentation at the end of the test, assisted by the men if IH, their Attorney, me, my Attorney:

    the ERV then has brought away all his instrumentation to make it checked to control that there have not been modification of any kind and that the margin of error was not modified.

    Let me remember that the ERV is an expert nuclear engineer, with experience of work in nuclear power plants and in certifications of industrial plants, mainly in the energy field:

    for this reason he has been chosen jointly between Cherokee Fund (from which eventually has been born IH) and Leonardo Corporation.

    Warm Regards,
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    Mats002 • 2 hours ago
    Where are MSM? This is DRAMA! It's about 100 M$ with unbelievable claims on both sides. Clash!

    Do journalists of today avoid a story because of concern of the involved parties?

    With what journalistic standard can any journalist NOT write about this? Where is the TV and radio reporters in Florida? In Italy? In Sweden?

    Because none of them ever heard of this story? Because there is NONE (except Lewan) who follow it even remotely?

    Or is it because a fight between inventors and finance is of zero interest to their readers, even as a side story?

    Something about this is very fishy.
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    Timar Mats002 • 4 minutes ago
    I'm sure Mats Lewan is closely following this story right now.
    I don't think he would be allowed to publish it in any MSM, however. Not for the time being
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    Engineer48 • 4 hours ago
    Hot off the Weaver press:

    Rossi's NIH based IP didn't work at all and, as a result, there is nothing to improve upon.

    To address your next question - no we haven't seen anybody's NiH reactor work in a verified environment.

    We don't care about sides and / or LENR+.

    We have seen very interesting periods of potential excess heat but nothing has satisfied our hard science folks at high enough confidence levels yet.

    There is nothing working along the lines of Rossi's approach and we have shelved that research.

    We have teams working on basic reactions / reactors that are fully characterized and will be able to verify at high confidence levels with any sustainable reaction / reactions that show themselves
    The battle lines are drawn, both sides highly polarised, their claim as 180 deg opposites as possible, just waiting for the dawn and then both sides charge out of the trenches, firing all guns while the dead and wounded pile up all around.

    The final winner will write the history that future generations will read.
    You can read all the Weaver statements on the LENR-Forum here:

  4. Andreas Moraitis Engineer48 • 2 hours ago
    Note that DW states that according to the ERV’s report the outlet pressure was constantly 0 bar. This can only be gauge pressure – which means absolute pressure was atmospheric. And he is now suddenly talking about a temperature of 103.9C:

    I could live with 103.9C at 1 bar abs, provided that the other figures (20 kW input, 36 m^3 water per day, inlet temperature about 60C) are halfway correct. There have also been discussions about the flowmeter, but one would have to assume here a huge error to bring the COP below 2.6. We will see…
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    Engineer48 Andreas Moraitis • an hour ago
    Hi Andreas,

    Weaver seems to be very selective about the data he quotes, claiming constant temp in March and April 2015 but he says nothing about the other 10 months.

    And his 100.1C temp is suddenly missing.

    Rossi told me to design for superheated steam at 105C, which fits with a measured 103.9 assuming 1 bar abs, even if the temp location is not known.

    BTW you can run 1.164 bar abs (16.9 psi abs) pressure and still have 103.9C superheated steam as attached. Just maybe the 2 PSI Weaver mentions is 16.9 internal - 14.7 external = 2.2 PSI differential? hard to tell as it seems Weaver may not really have a good understanding of steam engineering.

    Rossi did say the customer's external heat exchanger was complex, which I can also agree with.

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    Engineer48 Engineer48 • an hour ago
    Here is a better screenshot of the 103.9C superheated steam and max pressure calc.

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    Engineer48 Andreas Moraitis • 2 hours ago
    Amazing statement:

    And don't be confused when you see 103.9C for every single steam temp measurement for March and April 2015 when the ERV finally publishes.

    I'm telling you, even with all the variable power input on the same graph, this was one hell of a steady state system.

    Absolutely spot on, dead nuts perfect temp performance for 60 straight 24/7 days.

    The world has never seen such an amazing device
    So outside the March and April data we can expect to see temperatures vary? Seems so. All this says is the load during those 2 months was very constant, the control system was doing it's job correctly and Weaver spot picked his data points.

    Interesting he has dropped the mention of the 100.1 steam temperature.


  6. Fake journalism. Only the version of IH/CHEROKEE is told.

  7. Noncon
    I Emailed Lauren who posted the
    I will let you know if she replies.