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Since 2011, when Rossi came on the scene, he has caused more harm to cold fusion than the DoE, Nature magazine, and the other mainstream opponents combined.
He trashed the reputation of cold fusion. (Jed Rothwell) 

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About the Motto, I too well know how much is the author trying to instill his own ideas and opinions in other people's brains, and when this does not go, ,the respective brains must be defective. The owners of the brains are disenjoying (does this word exist or can it be created?) this approach and method. This includes the 
worst sinners as the skeptics - of Cold Fusion and the IH deniers- a group superposed but not identical with the supporters of Andrea Rossi. Jed's manner and manners to discuss with them shows that in psychology it can be different from physics- the reaction can be greater and faster then the action.  That it is- the results re contrary to what he expects.
In my case too... I am persona non grata in Jed's circles because I do not believe his story re the Rossi-IH conflict (ergo my brain is like a 6-years old.) 
My impression is that he has built a retro-history, mythology, fairy tale of what happened. It sound as tall tale.
Jed, the librarian and a good information provider for the LENR community is told by IH early during the Test- that it is no excess heat at all- the test is a total failure 
A major catastrophe- and he does not tell a single word to anybody- say to our best men as McKubre, Storms or Nagel- no, he is unable to present any proof. He speaks about a fragment of the ERV report so convincing that :" any fool can see this data shows nothing" ( why do we need fools in this case, is over my head? What will the smart and competent people say?)  He relates about the ERV"  I.H., I and other have looked carefully at his work and we have concluded that he is incompetent" .
Jed's mental artillery uses nasty adjectives as torpedoes or projectiles- sloppy ridiculous Test, idiot specialist, flawed measurements, unsuitable instruments and he takes his own adjectives as proofs. 
What Jed says about the ERV cannot be verified till we all see the ERV report. 
What Rossi says is verifiable: "an experienced nuclear engineer that got a 110/110 summa cum laude nuclear engineering degree in the University of Bologna ( rated among the highest level in Europe) and has experience of work as a nuclear engineer in nuclear power plants; besides the ERV has a strong experience as a certificator of plants."

Great liers have the professional obligation to crete perfect lies- defined as "even its contrary is not true" Not the case for the Motto- see it please in complete form here:

As Rossi said it not very politely but can we contradict him? - LENR was In a zombie state before Jan 2011- including chronicized funding scarcity.

However if we focus on our basic problems, Rossi could not trash cold fusion's reputation, because the field never had  a good one. But the field, by heroic work of so many bright researchers has achieved something equally precious- SELF-RESPECT. It is a treasure and we must take care of it.  Enough said!


1) From Rich Murray- thanks!
Professors Leif Holmlid and Sveinn Olafsson
cold fusion research since 2003 results in dozens of their competent reports in mainstream

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E- Cat astrophe!!!!! 

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6) Patent office dispute between Piantelli and Rossi?


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  2. What does Rothwells phase "caused more harm" mean? It means that since 2011, Rossi has acquired a large about of power and attention in the LENR community that is corrosive to the other major egos at work in the field of LENR. Rossi is unwilling to share his tech to allow others in the field to share in the current and forthcoming adulation that they beleive that they rightly deserve.

    The feedback that Rothwell gets from his friends is tainted by this animus to Rossi and being a trusting and loyal personality, Rothwell becomes a megaphone and focal point for the negative opinions that abound about Rossi throughout the LENR old guard.

    I am concerned that Rothwell's good nature is being subverted by the FUD machine contracted by IH in the legal battle afoot between IH and Rossi. In this case, the fault must be placed on IH and their agents who are shamelessly taking advantage of the good nature and innocent weakness of a noble and fine man.

    1. Thank you!
      insulting people, colleagues is not admissible
      I will publish your comments tomorrow in the issue of EGO OUT,

    2. Thank you!
      insulting people, colleagues is not admissible
      I will publish your comments tomorrow in the issue of EGO OUT,

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    4. Axil--

      I understood your reference to 'the good nature and innocent weakness of a noble and fine man' was to Jed. Brian Ahern seemed to think yor referred to A. Rossi.

      Who were you referring to?

      Bob Cook

  3. I agree with you Peter
    Rossi has caused no harm to LENR regardless of how well his machine works or not.
    Jed's name calling and in my case transfer to the kill file is pathetic and does harm an open debate. Low ceiling on Vortex is my feeling.

  4. It is not Ad Hominem to point out that this noble and gentle Andrea Rossi has been imprisoned for multiple crimes in Italy. In the U.S. he announced significant success with thermoelectric materilals and then failed to produce any results.

    He has consistently bragged about noble intentions and superior technology for the past 7 years. Yet he has never allowed a verifiable test.

    He will never release the ERV report because it is impossible to handle 1 megawatt of heat without substantial heat exchangers running at the electrical input not achievable in his building and Google EArth views of the roof do not support that kind of heat transfer capability.

    1. Re: [Vo]:1 MW of heat in a 6,500 sq. ft. facility without industrial ventilation would be fatal

      Alan Fletcher Sat, 21 May 2016 11:51:50 -0700

      Back-of-the-envelope calculation

      I'm going to look at a column of air of volume V -- with area A ... and a
      height H sufficient to hold
      1-second's worth of 1MW of heat. This has to be vented in 1 second.

      1MW is 1000 kJ /second.
      Q = 1000 kJ in one second

      Specific heat of air at 100C is 1 kJ / (kg K)
      Density of air at 100C is r = 1kg/m^3

      Ambient air is 20C, heated air is 100C dK = 80

      Q = S * dK * M

      Mass = 1kg * r * V = r * V

      Q = S * dK * r * V

      Solve for V :

      V = Q / ( S * dK * r ) = 1000 / ( 1. * 80 * 1.)
      = 12.5 m^3 per SECOND
      = 750 m^3 per MINUTE

      = 26,486 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)

      Re: [Vo]:1 MW of heat in a 6,500 sq. ft. facility without industrial ventilation would be fatal

      Alan Fletcher Sat, 21 May 2016 13:40:48 -0700

      The roof has one circular roof fan at the left, and a rectangular box at the

      Presuming that the manufacturing area was was adjacent to JM's offices (on the
      left) the left-most circular fan vents the manufacturing area.

      Heres the fan : ( 7 pixels)
      And a small car (6 feet wide). (10 pixels)

      That gives the diameter of the fan as about 50 inches.

      Here's a 32,000 CFM roof fan that fits (49 inch outside diameter) :

      Conclusion : allowing for heat loss through the ceiling, 1MW can be safely dissipated by a fan of this size.

  5. In the legal battle between IH and Rossi, truth gas taken a holiday. This court battle started 3 years ago when the two parties took the measure of each other. They were destined for a contentious divorce from the very start of their relationship.

    Rossi's setup of this 1 year test was designed principally by Rossi to protect Rossi's interest's as informed by his previous misadventures with Defkalion and was never intended to be a fair demo of his reactor.