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Tired due to nasty quarrels and disputes Re the Trial, increasingly convinced that
it is no real possibility to decrease the distance between the points of views of the opponents, annoyed by FUD and VUCA- I decided to celebrate this Sunday with a positive theme and I have opted for LENR and heroism- heroes. I am asking you, my friends to tell what do you think about the true LENR heroes? What is LENR specific heroism?

To start, I have asked my 14 years old grandson Rudy - who belongs to the IT culture
and works with his smart phone as with a Stradivari violin- what is in his opinion a hero?
He answered Instantly:" I think it is man who wants to do something good" So the genuine meme of HERO is still alive- see the first quotation.

The truth is that Cold Fusion had such a unhappy history that it had survived only due to really heroic behavior and fight of our dear colleagues, so many of them in the Valhalla of LENR.
However even heroism was less efficient in making the field to prosper so the expected salvation can come only from a hero who is firstly a great problem solver
Because it is a problem, a trouble, even a curse that hits our field.

What I will say is only one point of view, one aspect I am seriously waiting a collective-collaborative definition of LENR heroism from you.

I have got inspiration in the mythological story of the monster Hydra who was living in the LERNA Lake.

I imagine that something very similar but more technical has happened with the LENRA Lake from LENR-land: in this lake with heavy water, it was living a similar monster- IRREPRODA- a so-called dragon of irreproducibility; it was impossible to kill it because water conferred it an infinite power of regeneration.
The modern hero Heracles came in veni-vidi-vici manner and using advanced effective means of hydrotechnics- has dried up the LENRA lake and made mincemeat of the hydra which lost its malefic spell. Nothing to regret it was not a habitable, usable  lake, the hydra was too dangerous.


!) One word report about the QuarkX battle
Tom Conover
June 4, 2016 at 3:26 PM

Hello Andrea,

How does your work go today? Would you describe your QuarkX(3) as troublesome, carefree, playful, or amazing today?


Andrea Rossi
June 4, 2016 at 5:06 PM

Tom Conover:

2) By Jim Sweeney:
Wind Turbines vs Cemeterys & Beaches

3) Announcement in Russian about the 7 day  QuarkX experiments 
А. Росси запустил 7-дневный тест Е-Сат QuarkX, вырабатвающий электроэнергию

5) Full day industrial workshop
Recent Advances in Measurement, Monitoring and Control Research for Smart Energy Systems
Organizer(s): Shigeto Watanabe (National Instruments, Japan)
Estimated Schedule: 9:30~ 17:00(tentative) – September 20, 2016
Talk/Lecture 2: High performance computing and control for geophysics, smart grid, and 
LENR research
Speaker: Dr. Lothar Wenzel (National Instruments, U.S.A.)


  1. Peter
    Eugene Franklin Mallove (June 9, 1947 – May 14, 2004) was an American scientist, science writer, editor, and publisher of Infinite Energy magazine, and founder of the non-profit organization New Energy Foundation. He was a strong proponent of cold fusion, and a supporter of its research and related exploratory alternative energy topics, several of which are sometimes characterised as "fringe science".

    Mallove authored Fire from Ice, a book detailing the 1989 report of table-top cold fusion from Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann at the University of Utah. Among other things, the book advances a conspiracy theory, claiming that the team did produce "greater-than-unity" output energy in an experiment successfully replicated on several occasions, but that the results were suppressed through an organized campaign of ridicule from mainstream physicists, including those studying controlled thermonuclear fusion, trying to protect their research and funding.

    This is mine who actually died fighting like a real hero.
    He took on Goverments and the Scientific establishment.
    Which you know is no easy task.
    He had qualities of a true leader.
    I hope he is remembered when LENR becomes a reality.

    1. Gene was a good dear friend of mine- I have viisted him in Bow in 1997 aand we hve collaborated at Infinite Energy till his tragic and unjust death. He was a hero, indeed.

    2. Gene was also one of the few LENR advocates openminded enough to consider that Blacklight Power's hydrino theory could be the answer to LENR. I read everything he wrote and I'd always hoped he would reconcile the two concepts. His pointless death in a stupid tenancy dispute was an absolute tragedy.

  2. Dear Andrea
    Can you tell if the ‘European partner’ with whom you do the test have seen the light?
    Kind regards, Gerard

    Gerard McEk:
    Warm Regards

  3. "There is a sacrilege in the world: it consists of measuring the hero of a category by the standards of another, which often leads to absurdities, cartoons, malice. Sometimes the truth."

    Kurt Tucholsky

    1. Dear Felix,

      thanks it is very important aspect for fairness in fairness in hudgment. Tucholsli si a memorable tragic personality.Similarv to Stephan Zweig who committed suicide- suicide can be heroic? Unanswerable question.

  4. Peter--

    My first hero recommendation is the same as Gerald's for the same reasons.

    My second is Sergio Farcard, since he said his mind with long experience and obvious sincere belief.

    My third is A. Rossi for his perseverence in the face of the "enemies'" superior "fire power."

    Bob Cook

    1. Dear Bob,

      who is the first- not clear...what said Gerald?

      I have met Sergio a few times.. it si a great loss he died early...
      Re Andrea I agree but this choice creates enemies to us, to my blog too. But who cares, we are not heroes just trying to be fair and resist to nasty attacks.


  5. Peter, this is unacceptable behavior from you. I have asked you on many occasion to join us for a proper circle jerk at ECN but you refuse. Yet you continue to write in support of Rossi here.

    There are many at ECN who are ready to teach you the ways of the round pound jerk. To name a few we have Jami, JNewman, JohnP, Mary to name a few. Come join us! We have tweezers and we ar ready.

    Please stop this support of Rossi.

    1. Please stop assassianting Rossi and let' him work (otherwise I do not think that he cares for succh e-ppaer tigers like you.
      I have better things to do than communicating with a lynchmob, I dislike ECN's style.
      But I am nice and I give you a friendly advice- ask a specialist in criminal psychopathology to join ECN.
      He will find stuff for 4 PHD Theses.

      answer valid only if you are really the great Joshua Cude and not a nobody with perverse sense of humor