Friday, June 17, 2016


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What will remain after the end of the World? Obviously a Reporter! (Nicolae Iorga)


a) Organizing a premature  Rossicalypse

First at the death of the Independent E-Cat News a few days ago, for the justification of this suicidal act it was said that the possibility that Rossi has some achievements became so small that the subject Rossi is not more  worth of attention.  Thus forgetting that the Trial in which Rossi claims success of the test and IH discovered at least officially that the Test is a total failure only after the start of the Trial. The Trial has not yet take place.
Anyway the idea that Rossi is an "uomo finito" (an once famous novel by Giovanni Papinni- translated in English as "The Failure") and has nothing of technological value- has followers and on diverse threads at the LENR Forum, the most active pro-IH guys are mixing anticipative wishful thinking, logical "salto mortale" ( I have verified it is in the English dictionary!) and a broad action to annihilate anything coming from Rossi or good about him- total destruction at any price and by any means- all this to prepare an apocalypse of Rossi, the Rossicalypse.
I have two questions here, one answerable the other not
1- in which extent the two sets: Rossi haters and IH supporters are now supepossed?

2- in which extent a forced Rossicalypse would  mean a LENRcalypse? 

For 2 my answer is over 100% however I anticipate that IH will bet on a very low value, based on its rich portfolio of non-Rossi industrial (or almost) LENR technologies.
Andrea Rossi is not  scared at all of the Rossicalypse and says:
Our work proceeds very well and I can assure you that I do not see any apocalypse in my horizon.
I think the best thing to say is that obviously the puppets of IH are introjecting in us the apocalypse they know is arriving for them.


1) Interest grows in long dissed cold fusion

2) There had been published the presentations of the Seminar orgsanized at PFUR
on June 16, 2016
Опубликованы презентации семинара в РУДН 16_06_2016
1. 16.00 – 16.20 A.I. Laptukhov: "About the absence of CNF, radiations and Erzions in the LENR phenomena and about the nature of excess energy"


a. There is no CNF! The excess energy released in many experiments in the LENR processes comes from usual nuclear reactions and due to electronic reactions with the participation of the attraction forces from the inside of electrons.- the dimension of this being of the order of the Compton length Re~h/(me c)~0.01А=10-10 cm.

b. Instead of LENR we must speak about LEER or LEP - low energy processes. 

c. On the Sun, in the cores of Jupiter, Saturn and  Earth, thgere are no Erzions precisely thre are very few ,10 exp -10-25 per nucleon.

3. 16.20 – 17.00 S.M. Godin:"Observation of excess heat in hydrogenated metals andin plasma"

Lots of experimental works!

3) THREAD:  Rossi: Two Poles of E-Cat Manufacturing — USA and Sweden

Key compound for high-temperature superconductivity has been found
It happens in LENR research, development and discussions too!


  1. Ophelia -

    It is a very difficult position to say you did not pay the man the tens of millions you owe him because the product does not work, and at the same time sue the man for control of the territory where he is manufacturing working product.

    IH has made it's decision. They bought rights to a different product which they say does not work, even if they maintained the rights from the initial payment, Rossi will be manufacturing a different product.

    I expect that any rational judge would club IH like a baby seal if they contest the territory after having abandon the payment obligation on a technicality.

    It really looks like IH was only trying to kill off Rossi as potential competition for some other client.

    I sincerely doubt there will be any lingering legalities.

    You are either on the bus or off the bus. IH is officially off the bus.

    1. thanks I will quote this, it is by Ophelia Rump Wise


  2. I do not understand why it was concluded that no CNF (Cold Nuclear Fusion?) takes place in LENR reactions. Maybe it is their particular (plasma fusion?) tests that doesn't lead to transmutations and fusion/fission?

    1. Dear Marc,

      the paper is quite understandable with Google Translate.
      Please try, ask the author - if he answers In Russuian I will translate it for you.

      being busy to save LENR from killing I hasve no time to translate long papers, I regret