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In the second you can replace "hygienic conditions" with "moral status" and "poor and needy" with "the future of Mankind" 


a) Thinking about technological illiteracy

The Information Revolution, as such a wonderful thing has made a collateral victim
the concept of TECHNOLOGY in its most general sense- comprising transport , transfer an transformation of matter energy and information. IT being much more evolved than matter or energy technologies (but miraculous progresses start there too!) has partially hi hacked Technology- mechanical, chemical, electric and many other earthly technologies  technologies have a lower status. 
Actually a small pat of the population works in/for technologies in leading positions
design, development, research, technology transfer.where a global vision of the technology is possible and necessary. You have to know at least one technology in full detail and see it developing for a good time, in order to understand something not easy to be defined and described- the Spirit of Technology. As I told many times, provably in vain, technology is much more than applied science. I had the privilege to 
meet early in my career a genuine first class technologist- I remember him as Laurie Milton- a leading UN specialist in DDT plants - it was before "Silent Spring" the book that has killed tens of millions of people worldwide  (yesterday I have read a paper saying the most deadly animal on the world is the mosquito), OK- I will never forget the perfect logic of the explanations of that specialist) Know what, know how, know why. I have met later, many times-know why not too.

One of the problems of LENR is technological illiteracy. Or not?

My Canadian friend, Sam North has selected and sent me this comment from E-CatWorld:

"What I see from the

..1st stove pipe reactor, to the
..squarish covered in alum foil reactor, to the
..1st 1MW reactor with the additional top side mounted reactors, to the
..later much more compact 1MW reactors, to the 
..IH built backup side wall mounted reactors, to the 
..IH built central island 4 x 250kW slab primary reactor

is continual product development.

A fragment of thinking that shows its author understands the dynamics and the problematics of a technology in full development.

Actually I wanted to be very peaceful today and to not write a single word about or from Andrea Rossi but to tell about a rather similar case- some of you perhaps have heard about it - the case of the Spanish engineer Luis B Armando who has created the capilar-systolic engine CAPISYS- very promising. But Armando  has a lot of fierce enemies and the website: is directed against himApagar means close, shut down annihilate and this site is much older then Gary Wright's
Unfortunately the agreement was broken, this time by my discussion partner Abd-ul Rahman Lomax who published a paper about my pro-Rossi ergo anti_IH activity see": 2) . A dagger in my back, however in the best sense of the word, peace in this dispute is impossible. 
A very unpleasant discussion is in course on the LENR forum- with a stellar contribution from Jed Rothwell- I will speak about it tomorrow if my antihypertensives protect me sufficiently.

b) Andrea Rossi about technological illiteracy

 (I wanted to censor it for aggressively but it is against my principles- the author is responsible) 

about illiteracy:  "illiteracy =  the mice that pretend to be lions that show up  to be mice when they roar"

About Luis B. Armando - in technology you need to know the facts; 
the story goes that a homeless was sitting on a public park with his strange dog; a gentleman strolling close to him with a champion rottweiler told him " good man, bring away your old dog, my Rottweiler is ferocious and I am afraid could kill him", but the homeless doesn't flinch. The Rottweiler attacks the old dog, a cloud of powder raises around, and when the powder settles no trace of the rottweiler remains and the old dog returns to sleep at the side of the homeless. The gentleman, quite confused, asks the homeless what sort of dog is that and the homeless answers: " I do not know...many years ago I made the war in Africa and I found him as a puppy, took him with me; later he grew up a thick fur around the neck, but it got dirt and I cut it".


1) INFINITE ENERGY Magazine No 127 slideshare

2) Peter Gluck, Blogger-Advocate for Rossi

3) The LENR theory of Dmitrii Vitalevich Chukichev (Ukraine)
Теория НЭЯР от Дмитрия Витальевича Чукичева (Украина)

4) LENR 4 lettres qui vont changer notre vie. Energie durable à bas coût Derniers résultats de la recherche par Georges de Montmollin
An event coming on June 17, 2016 Fribourg

5)  I was accused of unauthorised publication of this question to which Rossi has answered on my blog- I said the question is already anti-Rossi folklore- see it here:

Norma Gaylor
June 9, 2016 at 10:22 AM

Dear Andrea:
Did you remove any measurement system during the 1 MW E-Cat test and substitute it with something else ?

Andrea Rossi
June 9, 2016 at 1:12 PM

Norma Gaylor:
I never removed anything: by the way, in perfect agreement with IH all the official and certified instrumentation for the measurements has been installed by the ERV and are property of the ERV. He installed all the instrumentation, assisted by the men of IH and me, he has disassembled all the instrumentation at the end of the test, assisted by the men if IH, their Attorney, me, my Attorney: the ERV then has brought away all his instrumentation to make it checked to control that there have not been modification of any kind and that the margin of error was not modified.
Let me remind everyone that the ERV is an expert nuclear engineer, with experience of work in nuclear power plants and in certifications of industrial plants, mainly in the energy field: for this reason he has been chosen jointly between Cherokee Fund ( from which eventually has been born IH ) and Leonardo Corporation.
Warm Regards,


Modi and Obama shake hands but India's path to clean enrgy remains long
NO mention of LENR!

Scientists design energy-carrying particles called 'topological plexcitons'


For people who love Grammar\
Period. Full Stop. Point. Whatever It’s Called, It’s Going Out of Style

knowledge catalysts add value


  1. Peter
    Your Canadian friend apologises to you and your
    readers for my poor gramer.
    I think i should purchase one of MR Crystals books.
    Like you say a person is never to old to learn.

  2. Peter,
    The Georges de Montmollin June 17, 2016 event in La Sarine, Fribourg, Suisse sounds intriguing!

  3. Peter, I do not know why you cite Mr. Kahn. The man stole the know-how of how to enrich Uranium from URENCO and made Pakistan a nuclear state. He also sold it to North Korea and other unstable states who were able to make atomic bombs. He became very wealthy. This cite about the poor sounds weird coming out of his mouth.

    1. Thank you, dear Marc, I have found the quote, have seen I can use it and I published it.
      To be sincre I ahve not thought who the heck the author is...errare humanum est. Will take more care I had a difficult day with useless quarrels on the Web.

    2. Never mind Peter, I keep on enjoying your blog and and that I do not have to read all the 'useless quarrels' elsewhere on the web. Thanks for doing that work for all your readers.

  4. "Der vornehme Anstand … ist schwer nachzuahmen, weil er eigentlich negativ ist und eine lange anhaltende Übung voraussetzt. Denn man soll nicht etwa in seinem Benehmen etwas darstellen, das Würde anzeigt; denn leicht fällt man dadurch in ein förmliches, stolzes Wesen; man soll vielmehr nur alles vermeiden, was unwürdig, was gemein ist, man soll sich nie vergessen, immer auf sich und andere achthaben, sich nichts vergeben, andern nicht zu viel, nicht zu wenig tun, durch nichts gerührt scheinen, durch nichts bewegt werden, sich niemals übereilen, sich in jedem Momente zu fassen wissen und so äußeres Gleichgewicht erhalten, innerlich mag es stürmen, wie es will." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


    Rossi like tesla could be 50 to 100 years ahead of his time. That means that the stuff in Rossi's head might be duplicated by an average engineers after a lifetime of study such as has been done by electrical engineers who now have the knowledge that Tesla had in his head over a hundred years ago.

    It will take 50 to 100 years for the study of LENR by the LENR engineers to get to where Rossi is today. That time in the study and application of LENR knowledge will mark the end of the age of LENR TECHNOLOGICAL ILLITERACY.