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JUNE 02, 2016 LENR


Technology Is A Dialogue with human potential (today's Gapingvoid)
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"The best way to make money in tech is to solve problems" (Fred Wilson) 

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Discussion is impossible with someone who claims not to seek the truth, but already to possess it.” (Romain Rolland)

Dialogue is an adventure, an adventure available to anyone. And sometimes it’s an adventure whose outcome can change history. (Daisaku Ikeda)


When things do not go well or go too slowly and erratically from objective reasons,
people usually react in the worst way- instead of uniting in solidarity they divide in anger and isolation, combine incompatible things and establish misleading correlations creating foggy confusion, mix immiscible things and thus destroy even the few certainties possessing decent permanence. Effective problem solving is abandoned and the solutions are thought in a heroic but inglorious past in which
small successes are dispersed more or less aleatory in a continuous phase of failures. Solutions are not built using design thinking - in the future. Fragmentation, conflicts, quarrels, extreme multi-polarization, bitter disputes, enclavization of the more heretic ides (see for example the W-L theory in LENR). The engine of progress of the field is lubricated with hard sand; the unique slogans audible in the nasty noise background are battle-cries.
OK, I admit I have used only dark paints here but I can explain why: I have hoped that there is still reversibility in the situation of LENR however there are alreeady cases where the damage is irreparable, the sin is unpardonable and the dialogue is impossible.
A simple example: Joshua Cude or somebody who uses his name invites me to discuss (and learn how to think, speak and behave) at the Independent E-Cat News. I will not go- a dialogue with an organized  lynch-mob is impossible.
However this is only about words- not worse and it is nothing compared to a horrible case about which I will tell you soon after desperately trying to accept psychologically how THAT could happen in a world needing a new healthy cheap source of energy.

1) S.N. Andreev: Speech at the conference "on the verge of a scientific breakthrough
held at the Central House of Journalists May 27, 2016

The actual text of the paper entitled " Low Energy Nuclear Reactions- an unexplained reality"is published in REGNUM:
and it says that: "The existence of such reactions has demonstrated that for further research we need a Theory!"

2) The problem with Cold Fusion and How small can a nuclear reaction be?

3) Mizuno United States Patent Application -- 20160155518 -- June 2, 2016
will be discussed in this Vortex thread:

4) A new LENR patent application by Dennis Cravens Heat engine WO 2016022967 A1

A heat engine that utilizes a controllable heat source that includes a body comprising a dopant that has an affinity for a fuel species, preferably a hydrogen isotope. The production of heat by the heat source can be modulated by the application of electric and/or magnetic fields to the body. The hear engine includes safety features that prevent excessive heat generation.

5) The Promise of Controlled Nuclear Fusion-18

6) stats and valuation

7) The personal blog of N. Kitaev The causes of falling of the oil (price)
Obtaining cheap energy:

8) It was published just now the number 11 of the Jurnal of Unconventional Science (in Russian it is better- of Scientific Trends- in formation, development)
Here you can find the following papers re LENR 

 a) E.N. Maximov, V.P. Lukashov: "The influence of heteregenous chemical reactions on the low energy nuclear fusion of the elements at elctrical discharges in condensed media"
 Е.Н. Максимов, В.П. Лукашов. Влияние гетерогенных химических реакций на низко-энергетический ядерный синтез элементов при электрических разрядах в конденсированных средах
also at

b) A.G. Parkhomov:"Nickel-hydrogen reeactors created after  the publication of thne results of the Lugano experiment.
А.Г. Пархомов. Никель-водородные реакторы, созданные после публикации от- чета об эксперименте в Лугано 

c) Yu.N. Bazhutov: About th 23rd Russian Conference on Cold  Transmutaztion of the Nuclei and Globular Lightnings.
Ю.Н. Бажутов. О 23-й Российской Конференции по Холодной Трансмутации Ядер и Шаровой Молнии (РКХТЯиШМ-23) 

9) Support Growing for US Nuclear Power Industry Bailout (


New approach to nuclear structure cuts amount of computational power required

The atomic nucleus is highly complex. Understanding this complexity often requires a tremendous amount of computational power. In a new study researchers propose a new approach to nuclear structure calculations. The results are freely available to the nuclear physicists' community so that other groups can perform their own nuclear structure calculations, even if they have modest possibilities.

How Does Quantum Mechanics Allow The Sun To Shine? (Synopsis) [Starts With A Bang]


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    Italo R.
    Andrea Rossi | 6 hours ago
    Italo R.:
    So far so good.
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  2. Regarding the computional model for atoms (LIC-1): I would love to see Stoyan Sargs theory be modeled in that way and see if the result is in accordance with all the with the measurements.

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      why you are not discussing directly with Stoyan- a really nice human being ?

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