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“What is, is. What isn’t, isn’t!” (Kirill Duhanov) 

Прости отговори на сложни въпроси” ( “Simple answers to complex questions”)

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Re the Pauling quotation, its reverse is also true!


My exchange of ideas with Andrea Rossi:

Peter Gluck
April 3, 2016 at 2:19 AM

Dear Andrea,

I think your exchange with Peter Metz
ERV synopsis in TENTHS of days is definitely NOT for your hypertensive friends. Perfect for your enemies.
My impression is that from now the delay is useless inutile. It replaces the question of your enemies re the independence of the ERV with the question of your friends – how independent are you?
Let’s forget even the executive summary or synopsis of the report- what harm could do if the basic data global COP, power density – typical will be known?

Thank you,

Andrea Rossi
Peter Gluck:
Thank you for your attention.
Our decisions do not depend from the vane rants of our enemies, whose importance for our development is, as it has always been, equal to zero.
Whatever we do, they will always say stupidities. Besides, at this point what counts is not the discussion mumbojumbo- tango, but the massive production of the E-Cats; the report, in essence, is more important for us, for the investments decisions and the strategy of production, than for the public, who needs products, not papers.
This having been said, I am sorry to be necessarily bound to answer you that the publication of the report will be made only after an agreement between the involved parties. About the synopsis, that is easier and will be published. I am not independent, because I depend on the contracts I have signed and the related NDA. The NDA says that I cannot give data, does not make a hierarchy of confidentiality or a distinction between what I can say and what I cannot. The breach of the NDA can have consequences.
Again, you are too intelligent not to understand it. Nonetheless, I sympathize with your curiosity and passion on the topic.
Warm Regards,
Questa è la situazione-This is it! 
We will still suffer for a while I due to curiosity, and Andrea Rossi, perhaps even more than me; he likes to communicate and is constrained in it, and due to 'giving and not giving', in the same time, not good from the POV of generosity.. He could tell us the results were very good and (I hope ) he now regrets not saying they were excellentissimi or 'beyond any expectations".
 I will find some mild consolation in my newest bottle of tzuika (plum brandy),  that helps me to sleep well, cope with the nightmares and wake up in the optimistic mood, despite anything...


1) A petition for the publication for the publication of the 350 dayE-Cat report by Hank Mills

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3) Hypertensive Rossi-friends should not read this exchange

Peter Metz
April 2, 2016 at 3:17 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi,

Regarding a synopsis of the ERV report when you wrote, “Yes, I will publish it within a tenth of days, anyway.” what exactly did you mean? Did you mean within ten days, or within tens of days? Still on schedule?


Peter Metz

Andrea Rossi
April 2, 2016 at 4:29 PM

Peter Metz:
I meant within tens of days.
Warm Regards

See please my reaction to it!

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Andrea Rossi – E-cat – Industrial Heat LLC – More on Rossi’s Floundering Warship

5) From the LENR-Forum:
Aftenposten (Norway) : Is this [LENR] the solution to all our energy problems?The largest mainstream newspaper in Norway is publishing another article on LENR
interviewing a PhD student Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen, who present an experimental device. The work by Svein Olafsson (Sindre's supervisor in Iceland) and Svein Holmlid is reminded.
The original paper is this:


6) LENR on REDDIT- unfriendly for the E-Cat:

7) Will Gary Wright get it Right? (In Swedish):


The ONLY thing that really matters is a LENR product on the market. Nothing else will do.

LENR will follow the path of superconductivity upon which it shares so much. It will be produced, utilized, recognized, and intensely studied but barely understood for many decades to come. Like Tom Edison's invention of the electric light, I honestly doubt that Rossi understands LENR in any detail, but to his credit, he can still produce useful results.


AXIL sends these- there are from a leading nanoplasmonics scientist:
Free articles from Andreas Trügler:



Not about LENR but thought provoking:

Human evolution is more a muddy delta than a branching tree:


  1. Hello Peter,
    I think Rossi's answer solidified my understanding of the situation, which you kindly published a few days ago.
    They have important decisions to make. They need to be giving only one message to the market. If it takes them a week or a month to get to that point it is well spent time.
    All the critic they receive, because of not making statements now that later will show 'no unity' between the players, is nothing compared with the damage they would receive after creating a message without harmony. Think of an opera without musical harmonies.

    1. Dear Lennart,

      very possible you are right but you know why I ile so much Fast Company magazine. They knew well the outcome say two month ago and could think in parallel not in series. I regret that I am not one of the investors.
      We will wait and hope the rewsults are indeed excellent. COP much over 10, >>1000W/gram fuel.


  2. Hello Peter
    To me A.R. stating i am very pleased with the results
    is the same as saying the results are very good
    He would not say beyond expectations even if they where
    because his followers would be even more hyped up about
    the report than they are now.
    Enjoy your plum brandy.

    1. Dear Sam,

      I am thinking about trying to send you a bottle via my Canadian friends. But there must be some shops there - the TUICA must be 54-56% alcohol- I can advise you re the sorts. It is a strong Romanian community in your country.

      Let's discuss


    2. Dear Sam,

      I am thinking about trying to send you a bottle via my Canadian friends. But there must be some shops there - the TUICA must be 54-56% alcohol- I can advise you re the sorts. It is a strong Romanian community in your country.

      Let's discuss


    3. Thanks Peter.To be honest I quit drinking alchol many years ago.
      I think I should send you a bottle of
      TUICA for having someone as knowlagble as you to ask guestions
      and discuss LENR with.
      There are 75000 or more of Romanian
      decent within 2 hours of me in and
      around Toronto,Hamilton etc.
      There are 250000 or more in all of Canada.

    4. Peter
      We will have to get together and have
      a cup of tea if the Ecat is a success.

  3. Rossi might be going with the razor blade strategy where he sells the E-Cat at cost and makes his money on the fuel recharge.

    Then, the only secret that must be protected is how to make the fuel.

    1. Hello Axil
      What do you mean when you say
      that you doubt that A.R. understands LENR in any detail.

    2. Many old LENR hands think that dark matter, dark energy, and analog blank holes are connected to the LENR reaction. When LENR hits science, all sorts of theories will need to change. I beleive that the Sun produces energy through LENR, not hot fusion. The cores of planets are made molten through LENR. need more?

  4. Please do look at on 4.4.16 10:00 CET. SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall have something to say to us.