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The problem with some "science" is that it pairs measurement with reason and calls it understanding. (Chris Brady)

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Tomorrow (if the Devla does not take me till then) I will publish posting No. 1000 on the Ego Out blog celebrating a victory in my fight against passing time, laziness
old age and  avitaminosis-I (of inspiration) I made what I consider it is my duty- see please Ego Out definition-  and I have very openly expressed my opinions and ideas, have used euphemism with moderation and I have tried very hard to respect the basic rules of politeness coming from the increasingly endangered European culture to what I believe to belong.
OK, with this occasion I have re-read the first postings on the blog from the start day
December 2010- and these show that nothing remarkable has happened in LENR those days. Then my source of creative and interesting LENR news was professor Piantelli but it was obvious he is isolated and marginalized by the LENR community and the NiH dry system is missing attractivity and popularity- despite the very interesting results obtained by him and published in peer-reviewed scientific high 
quality journals.
Then, surprise, see:
A really interesting event- info from an eyewitness link to:
So it has started and soon LENR became interesting full of controversy- of promises
disillusions, new hopes. More than 5 years passed, the story initiated by Rossi and Focardi is still unsettled. My LENR blog is not lacking subjects, surprises are coming daily.
I think it is very unfair to accuse Rossi that he made damages to the field, has robbed its funds, has destroyed the beautiful reputation of Cold Fusion/LENR, has sinned against the sacrosanct LENR Science, has degraded science to dirty empiricism. 
Not much has changed in classic LENR.  I am not a Rossi fan, and defending him I defend the chances of LENR to become-ever- a source of energy.
Things happen/not happen now at the kW-MW level not at mW-tens of Watt levels than before and the range of experimental temperatures is much above 20-100 C.
For me (and Mankind too) this is important. And LENR has so much extended its territories!!!


What do  you want to say about your learning curve,  its evolution from the start? 
What major judgment or evaluation errors have you made, how do you corrected them and what have you understood from them? 

When I started, I just tried to replicate F&P, with no avail.
After that I tried a completely different approach, based on the  experiment with Nickel I made for a completely different issue: I at those times used Ni as a catalyzer to make fuels with organic residuals, obviously a totally different thing based on the chemical principles of catalysis. Nevertheless I had an intuition about the application of Ni to LENR using the enormous pressures that you can reach in the pores of a Ni powder.
I made thousands of experiments, many errors due also to the fact that I was very expert of Chemistry, but not of Physics, so I had to study physics while making experiments. The whole during the free time I had to steal from my normal busines.

Errors? Enormous a and multiple, because I decided to proceed with a trial and error strategy not having enough theoretical background. It was twenty years ago.

And for sure. Andrea has NOT read my 1992 paper 'Topology is the key!'

Today what do you think- how much do you understand and how much not of the Rossi Effect? 

I have understood well the mechanism and good part of the theorertical bases. I think soon Prof. Norman Cook and I will publish about the issue. The lattice theory of Norman Cok is the ground I based my theoretical work upon.

What  the young generations of inventors researchers learn from you?

The only;y thing they have to learn from me is this: study and work, because the results you will get are proportional to your endeavour. In this history of the inventions there is no one that has reached important results without enormous efforts.

Thank you dear Andrea and waiting the Theory paper, despite: "Inter arma, silent Musae"!


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Patrick Ellul
April 13, 2016 at 7:13 AM

Dear Andrea,

Jed Rothwell alleges that there is a second ERV of the 1 year 1MW plat test and that his report draws an opposite conclusion to the the one from the ERV that you described.

Does this second ERV exist?

Best regards,
Andrea Rossi
April 13, 2016 at 7:52 AM

Patrick Ellul:
Jed Rothwell is an intelligent person and has a remarkable sense of humour. Obviously he is joking.
The only ERV has been the one accepted by contract from both the counterparts with a signed agreement.
It is true that IH had their men constantly in the plant all the 352 days of the tests, and never said anything was wrong. It is true that for one year of the test they were free to bring with them anybody they wanted to control everything, but they never raised any doubt or critique. As well as it is true that Tom Darden, JT Vaughn and their investors from Woodford and from China have been in the plant many times, bringing with them their consultants, have talked with the director of JM in his office of the factory, have made their investors talk with the director of JM, who said good things giving good references, based on which Woodford has given to Tom Darden 50-60 millions of dollars and the Chinese started with him a 200 million concern in China.
Tom Darden , IT Vaughn also in this case danced like opera ballet etoiles around their investors, the director of JM, myself chanting ” Stellar, stellar”. No remarks of any sort have been communicated from IH, Cherokee Fund or Woodfors, let alone the Chinese, about the plant, the ERV, the Customer. Until our bill loomed. Witnesses available. In due time and place.
Warm Regards,

Regarding: LENR Lithium Size Matters

This article hit all my hot buttons, but the assumed fundamental LENR cause: hot fusion is not valid. LENR is caused by nucleon decay into mesons. Muons will produce a fusion reaction in many cases but LENR fundamentally results from the disruption of the nucleus through the decay of protons and neutrons.

These high pressure hydride formation processes must produce superconductivity which thermalizes gamma radiation. This process involves the compression of the hydrogen chemical bonds into a symmetric configuration through metallization of the hydride under high compression. Monopole magnetic flux tubes produced by Surface Plasmon Polaritons embedded inside a superconductive environment produces nucleon decay into mesons and subsequent nuclear reconfiguration. It's as simple as that.


It has been written tons of comments on the lawsuit, on the ERV, on AR's personality, on Darden's personality. Some of it has been so prejudice that they make the writer have egg on his face.
I regard that as passion and excusable because it is in the middle of a situation we do know very little about.

However, now it is time to have some perspective on the situation.
First of all let me say that I think all involved are trying to reach a result which I believe would enhance my children's and grandchildren life. I understand too little about global warming and the impact fossil fuel have so that is not the most important thing for me. It could be THE very most important part. No, my concern is more in the general field of humanity. I am sure that as the world becomes 'smaller' it is impossible to have large differences because of geography. Geography and borders are really not doing much good - they certainly create obstacles and therefore reasons for some to circumvent them. Thus creating controversy. This is all in vain. We (as humans) have solved the food situation, the population growth problem, many medical issues. There is one big factor required to have a world where envy is not the driving force - yes, LENR could solve the energy problem. I could elaborate about this paragraph but then it would become a book not a blog post.

Ih is a venture capital company ( or at least act as one) with personal experience from the industry I am sure they are professionals. They are bound by relations with there shareholders and with society in general.This is one of their investments. They need a break through investment every so often to keep the investors. However, a loss of $10M, out of a billion dollar fund, is not that significant, most of all management will have no blame for getting involved with something so important and fail on this level.However, next step is on an absolute different scale. It is more money but more important is ; what situation IH has after investing another $89M. I can see two situations with different types of problems for IH.(If I had inside information I could probably find many more scenarios, I could write another book about the possibilities. The fraud talk and the US government conspiracy are not impossible but in my opinion at least not driving forces.):
1. IH have no confidence in AR and want to end the relation, but believe in LENR. The reason is then that they cannot see that they are in control. They need to be able to control technology and market in their geographical area. Their investors and others involved culd not accept tht IH has an uncontrolled situation regarding management of everything. They know management cannot survive without that control. That could explain why IH has invested in other LENR operations. It amazes me that IH has not involved AR in those investments.
2. IH think that AR does not perform at all, they just want out of a sour investment. Exactly what that means technology wise has a myriad of possibilities from no test result they trust to over exaggerated results. It is not really important. Trust is required and control as far as it goes with IH.

I realize that what I wrote in 1, and 2, is not so clear. I will give an example from my own life, that might explain better. I was involved with an investor 50 years older than me with plenty of medical issues. He had invented a better wiper blade and built an automated small factory for producing those blades. The center of his invention was that he could drill holes length wise in rubber. I found the product superb and wanted to partner with him. We agreed upon the terms, except for when it came to him revealing the IP (how he could drill the holes). He took me to his factory and I got to see the machinery and him servicing with raw material and collecting the products, through a window 1' x 1'. I was young and eager to try to get a piece of this action so I pressed on. One day when the arguments flow somewhat heated he burst out; 'I will never give away the IP, I rather take all documentation and jump into Landsortsdjupet (the deepest part of the Baltic Sea)". I was a private investor. I did not have the same concerns as IH but for obvious reason this was the end of my attempt to be part of this great invention. As an investor you need to have a reasonable control over situations you can foresee, there is enough unknown to make any investment in technology and market a gamble anyhow.

AR is an inventor and an entrepreneur. I believe what he says in general. I also know that he is swimming with the big fishes. This is his all life. He cannot lose control and he thinks that keeping some secrets from IH is going to be his guarantee for keeping in control. I said he is an entrepreneur. That means that he is business savvy and able to play with others in parallel to AR and that he has creativity to find other ways to get his product to the market. He is not against taking risks, so he plays his cards as it make sense to AR. There is a Swedish say 'Alone is strong'. I think that applies to him. I am sure that his health problem are related to all the stress he creates for himself. Many suggest that he is a fraud a scam artist. I think that is not true. If he is what some allege - he cannot be business savvy. 
If for a moment we think that all he has done is to fool all people around him. It is obvious that he can fool anybody (he could get a job as entertainer in Vegas:). I mean some professors from well accredited universities in Sweden, Mats Lewan, another group of testers (Lugano) and finally IH. It is also obvious he is a very poor business person, who does not understand his own actions. What is the goal of a scam artist? Answer; to extract maximum dollars as quick as possible but never deliver a thing. If I were in that position I would have limit my spending of dollars and energy as much as possible after I received $11M from IH. If it has no reality and IP is not existing then he cannot expect to get another cent out of the alleged scam. A scam artist would just hide not having a blog about progress and accept all the critic from otherwise very well respected people in business, academia, etc . communities. That is enough for me to believe that he is for real and so his technology.In addition I know Italians and like them. I understand that exaggeration is part of the culture so I stay away from thinking that everything is exactly as AR says.

My ideas above can for many reason be way off the chart. Many factors that are unknown can be of importance. It will not disappoint me if my assumptions are off. The basic reasoning from both sides I will stand for and that is good enough for me. I am more interested in next phase as I think most others are. I think that either AR or IH has a solution they are going to persuade. I think LENR will become reality within a few years.I will be positive to that regardless of whom are the better player.

I will end with saying what I rather saw.
AR and IH has provided a lot for LENR. I wish they could work out their differences. It is seldom one's fault when two are at odds.To postpone the lawsuit and with a positive attitude and a strong mediator initiate a mediation process, would benefit all parties. No, not an easy process, but who said that life is easy. Obviously IH needs control and AR needs guarantees for fair treatment and $XB is at steak so not so clear where is the middle ground. 
Best Regards ,
Lennart Thornros

Doug Marker.

A review of the recent IH/Rossi test and result.
This article is a reflection on possibilities and probabilities coming from the recent IH/Rossi eCat MW plant test and lawsuit. It looks at what may be taking place in front of us as we follow the LENR /Rossi saga. It is put forward as thoughts and observations based on the author's own life experiences and accumulated knowledge. It is not offered as 'proof' of anything. We all can take away from the various POVs expressed what we want to. Little else is expected or required.
The first aspect of this review is a look at the intensity of debate on the recent IH/Rossi lawsuit (the claimed successful 12 month eCat plant test and the follow-on lawsuit filed by Andrea Rossi against IH for non-payment of a final $89 million dollars as per their contract based ona  success outcome).
In this review, it is not the intention to go deeply into the claims and counter claims of an eCat 'fraud' but the topic needs to be dealt with. The claims of fraud may or may not be true - this is simple deductive logic, but to date not one person has substantiated in law or by any other clearly defined (legalistic) process that Andrea Rossi's claims are not what he says. The claims of fraud tend to fall back on arguments related to violation of 'status quo' science laws and some people's personal if not emotional reaction to Andrea Rossi's way of handling his claims.

To some scientists and engineers who may be very logical thinkers and proud of it, Andrea Rossi violates so many of their 'norms' - the logic being  that ecause he upsets them, he 'must' be a fraud and that is evidence enough irrespective of any assault by LENR on known nuclear science through LENR 'claims' and including many others processes such as Randall MIll's hydrino theories and claims.
It seems a good time to remind us all how many great advances in science were bitterly opposed and broke existing beliefs and convictions of their day. Sometimes theories that are considered rock solid today languished for years (often decades) before new thinkers willing to think more openly about what was proposed stepped forward and adapted to the revolutionary theories.  The effect of 'Quantum Entanglement' is a very good area for making points about old science vs new science, the opposition from great minds, and which POV is accepted today.

Niels Bohr said something many decades ago, that is IMHO of noteworthy significance to today's scientists/engineers who are willing to grasp the point he was trying to make.  Bohr was trying to establish a point during a discussion on quantum theories with his son who was then a scientist too. During their conversation Bohr said in exasperation, "son you are not thinking, you are merely being logical".  The point here is that we appear to be seeing this critique taking place today and aimed at some very smart and logical people opposed to the idea of LENR. i.e. those who call it junk science. Thus Rossi's claims and behavior may be fueling a mind block that is not there for those who are both logical and open minded thinkers.  There is another possibility fueling rampant hostility to LENR and to Rossi, it is the opposition that may be based on vested interests - people totally opposed to changes that damage their interests be they career and/or financial. That is a separate debate - *far* to emotion charged to address here.

A great mind scientist from the early 20th century, Carl Jung, gave the world an enduring insight into personality types. He also exposed the hostility that can exist between different 'types' of personality (see ).  If Rossi can be categorized in Jungian terms as a 'thinking, intuitive, extrovert', then he fits the bill perfectly.  Whereas, this type of personality can act like the proverbial 'red flag to a bull' to 'thinking, sensing, (introvert (and perhaps some extrovert) personalities. IMHO there is increasing evidence of this divide showing in the hostility to Rossi's behavior and claims. The emotion invested in the Rossi / IH debates seems to this author to be more than adequate proof but we each must decide for ourselves.
What we need to better understand is that there is a growing awareness of LENR reality and its potential. The story from IH in response to Andrea Rossi's lawsuit is astoundingly, if not stunningly, weak. Their press release in response seems to have had the reverse effect to what they appear to have intended, if one really knows just what they actually intended, *or were reacting to*. They don't seem to have explained it very well at all. When will the 'counter suit' be filed ?.

IH first got involved with Andrea Rossi in 2011 if we review the undisputed evidence. It is IMHO beyond reason for them to claim in 2016 that they have not validated any of their involvement with Rossi especially after making 1st the $1,5 million purchase of a Rossi One MW plant in Oct 2012, then a further payment of $10 million after a subsequent validation test in May 2013 (thanks to abd ulRahman Lomax for these precise date details). It is also extremely difficult to believe they were not close on a daily basis to the recent 12 month test of the 1 MW plant in the 'customer' site.

Rossi says they were there daily. To claim this recent statement from Rossi is a fallacy just doesn't stack up especially when it appears to be pushed by hostile 'witnesses' who were never there. This debate seems to be full of such 'stellar witnesses'.
Doug Marker (DSM)
Sydney Australia.


Something fundamental:
Calcium isotope may hold the secret to the mass of neutrinos

Three habit of the most creative problem solvers


  1. Take note...Rossi said as follows:

    "Nevertheless I had an intuition about the application of Ni to LENR using the enormous pressures that you can reach in the pores of a Ni powder."

    Rossi knew from the very start of his research that high pressure physics and extreme compression of hydrogen was at the heart of the LENR reaction.

  2. You are giving Rossi 'air time' and he continues to evade the discussion of the ERV report. I predicted that he would seek ways to delay the release and the lawsuit was a convenient vehicle for multiplying duplicity.

    He seems to be holding his own in the public relations battle and I suspect his downfall will be another drama. His loyal minions will argue conspiracy theories and how events were orchestrated by an international cabal.

    Stay tuned.

    1. So why IH itself does not expose the ERV report...?

  3. Hello Peter
    LENNART THORNROS writing about the
    wiper inventor reminded me of the movie
    flash of genius.The scene where he is the
    lawyer and in witnes stand at the same time
    is classic.
    Congratulation on your 1000 ego out.

    1. Dear Sam,,
      which movie exactly? Can you give a link?

  4. Peter
    Google "flash of genius" and lots of
    information about the movie.

  5. Well. I am beginning to think that Rossi may be able to weasel out of this and even get some money. Who knows, its a strange world.

  6. To me, the most likely reason for the IH delay in start of test and delay of releasing the test report and rejection of test results; is to buy time for someone to divest in coal, oil, and nuclear stock investments? Billions of dollars, invested there will be LOST - if the LENR reactor produces lots of safe, abundant, and low cost energy! jdh

  7. To me, the most likely reason for the IH delay in start of test and delay of releasing the test report and rejection of test results; is to buy time for someone to divest in coal, oil, and nuclear stock investments? Billions of dollars, invested there will be LOST - if the LENR reactor produces lots of safe, abundant, and low cost energy! jdh