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Dear Readers,

Old age is the antonym of life, not death says Simone de Beauvoir- however if you are awake, you care and you try hard you still can discover significant ideas and events. I am trying to write about something different each day- 
For this Wednesday the word du jour was already found :DECISION. I have not written about it but due to my life-long love for chess as shown here:

I have enjoyed following the World Chess Championship, challenger Sergey Karjakin confronting the champion, Magnus Carlsen. Too many draws and today it will take 
place the tie-break, rapid chess and blitz games. Each move is a decision, irreversible and sometimes fatal. I am painfully missing the good chess players specific memory and so for me chess remains a tough school of making decisions.

However the same word has appeared in an other, more LENR connected place.
You well know how important ICCFs are for our oppressed and not happy field, therefore the organizer of the next International Conference on Cold Fusion, No 21 is of paramount importance
At the past meeting ICCF20 it was announced that Industrial Heat will organize the coming one, at Raleigh in June 2018. However, this information was not confirmed by the company. And today, on the LENR Forum, this message could be read

Dewey Weaver, Professional

I wanted to take this opportunity to clear up the confusion around ICCF21. Last summer, IH was asked to consider hosting ICCF21 in Raleigh which was a great honor in and of itself. IH agreed to do so on a tentative basis with a final decision expected in the Spring of 2017.
I'd like to ask everyone to be patient in the interim.
Thank you,

I have fast- reacted this way:

Peter Gluck, Verified User

Dear Dewey,
This is very interesting because it implies a decision.
You perhaps know my life slogan written for the "20 Rules of Real life Problem Solving"
"I think, therefore I exist. I take decisions, therefore I live. I solve problems, therefore I live with a purpose"
Decisions are of vital importance- ergo I have decided to write here first despite my former decision to restrict publishing to EGO OUT and to neutral or undecided sites.

As you well know, I was unable to understand many of IH/Cherokee's decisions during the 1MW-1 year Test and during the legal conflict with Rossi, up to today. A long list, not to repeat here.

However I do not like false correlations and associations or mixing incompatible things. So I think, this decision of the Company has NOTHING to do with the evolution. situation and perspectives pf the unhappy Trial. True?

However in this case it is difficult to understand the Cunctator mentality and attitude- why to procrastinate foe approx 9 months such a clear Y/N decision?
IH is supporting LENR, claims to be the main funder
of scientifically correct LENR research, cares for LENR as the main source of energy in the future of Mankind.
Even if breakthroughs will appear- by teams belonging to IH the field will continue to be in progress and development so ICCFs must continue. It can be lack f imagination but I am not able to see any reason for IH to NOT organize ICCF21.
As former lecturer in "Management of Technology" at the local Romanian-US University of EcoManagement- I consider that fast decisions are a must for an agile prosperous company. Postponing is anything but NOT good for the prestige of IH and it even deconsolidates tits position in the world of new energy.
Please let's distinguish this problem from the Conflict!
A final negative decision would be worse than demoralizing.
Thank you in advance,

The discussion stillcontinues here:
however I still have not received an answer re why this simple and natural decision is so difficult
. See please the first Motto- your decisions depend on your values, and IH is deeply dedicated to the progress of LENR, so... The other Motto warns against indecision- if there are no serious reasons for it...and they do not exist.
But today we have Motto+:
A reader hiding under the nickname Pweet has offered me two fine mottoes for today and I will use them; I do not exactly what he had in his mind with:
 "Do not confuse action with motion."
but it is perfect for an other decision of IH- we were informed about by the most vocal supporter of IH: when IH has realized that the 1MW test does not go well, they deciced to continue but have complained to some people- but we are certain only about the vocal supporter- no one supported him ith a "me too!"
No problem with Pweet's other candidate of Motto:
We appear to be going nowhere"
It is easy to see this is about the 27 Exhibits sent by IH to the Court, twice.
They all appear as bantam weight proofs, but using a more precise scale  you can state they have actually negative weight. QED!!


1) Rossi vs. Darden-from the pacermonitor of the Miami Court
82 orderOrder on Motion for Extension of Time to File Response/Reply/Answer Tue 12:13 PM 
ORDER granting81 Motion for Extension of Time to File a response to the Counterclaim. Plaintiffs have 7 days from the Court's order on Third-Party Defendants' Motion to Dismiss to file their response. Signed by Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga on 11/29/2016. (ps1)
81 motion Extension of Time to File Response/Reply/Answer Tue 10:35 AM 
Plaintiff's MOTION for Extension of Time to File Response/Reply/Answer as to78 Answer to Complaint, Counterclaim,,,,,, by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi.(Evans, D.)
Att: 1  Text of Proposed Order
80 motion Extension of Time to File Response/Reply/Answer Tue 7:19 AM 
Plaintiff's MOTION for Extension of Time to File Response/Reply/Answer as to78 Answer to Complaint, Counterclaim,,,,,, by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi.(Evans, D.)
Att: 1  Text of Proposed Order

2) A discusssion group- rather anti-Rossi

3) Earth Heat due to LENR paper discussed here:
Possible generation of heat from nuclear fusion in Earth’s inner core

4) Ruby Carat video-1

5) Water Behavior Surprises — Freezing at High Temperatures in Carbon Nanotubes

Re this paper, I have the permission to cite here Andrew Meulenberg's opinion:\

This kind of demonstrated molecular confinement (to 1-dimension) allows 'hot' water to turn to ice at >100C (rather than at 0C). 

What similar confinement structures allow CF? Besides Ed Storms 'crevice' model (confinement to 2-dimensions, perhaps 1-D), we have my "linear-H" model (confinement to 1-dimension).

A. Meulenberg, “Pictorial description for LENR in linear defects of a lattice,” ICCF-18, 18th Int. Conf. on Cond. Matter Nuclear Science, Columbia, Missouri, 25/07/2013, J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 15 (2015), 106-116
A. Meulenberg, K.P. Sinha, “Composite model for LENR in linear defects of a lattice,” ICCF-18, 18th Int. Conf. on Cond. Matter Nuclear Science, Columbia, Missouri, 25/07/2013, 
Slides at                                                                          
and video of presentation at                                                        
Thank you, dear Andrew! This must be taken in consideration when we discuss about the active sites in LENR!

6) On Vessy's Blog: In viaggio verso “5 Sigma”

7) In German- The Cold Sun and Cold Fusion

Die kalte Sonne und kalte Fusion - My little Homepage

8) A Vortex THREAD: Re: [Vo]:Bill Gates connection to LENR?


Ultrafast imaging reveals existence of 'polarons'
Date:November 29, 2016
Source:Brookhaven National Laboratory
Scientists have found definitive evidence that the movement of electrons has a direct effect on atomic arrangements, driving deformations in a material's 3-D crystalline lattice in ways that can drastically alter the flow of current. Finding evidence for these strong electron-lattice interactions, known as polarons, emphasizes the need to quantify their impact on complex phenomena such as superconductivity (the ability of some materials to carry current with no energy loss) and other promising properties. (more text!)


How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red


  1. Peter
    Making people wait until spring for I.H.
    decision to decide to host ICCF 21
    shows arrogance.
    They must think there important people.
    Chalk one up to A.R. On that one.


    1. Why would they ask them to host
      with the feud going on between A.R.
      and T.D.

  2. Superconductivity is central to the LENR reaction because it brings coherence as an indispensable catalytic factor to the LENR reaction.

    The LENR reaction is produced by a greatly amplified weak force interaction with matter that destabilizes nuclear matter through coherence.

    Like any other subatomic particle, protons and neutrons are inherently unstable. They just appear stable because of their long half lives. The supersymmetry (SUSY) prediction of the grand unification theories, such as the SU(5) Georgi–Glashow model and SO(10) is on the order of 10e34–10e36 yr

    Particle physics is based on finding supersymmetry to complete the standard model. Not finding proton decay would mean that the standard model was wrong.

    To produce proton decay through coherence, it is important to find the conditions where superconductivity persists at high temperatures up to 7000K where some instances of the LENR reaction have been observed.

    In this system, an interesting observation about how the weak force is operating in LENR

    "Spectrometer X-123SDD records soft X radiation (0.1 - 30 keV) in heterogeneous plasmoid. X-receiver is arranged at different cross sections of PVR testing section and cross sections behind nozzle at L = 1 ÷ 100 cm from it.

    • Heterogeneous plasmoid behind PVR nozzle is γ-radioactive. Soft X-radiation 100 - 10000 eV from this plasmoid. X-radiation decrement is very small (radiation intensity decrease is about 20% at L = 100 cm)"

    At the very tip of the reaction nozzle, there is gamma radiation produced by the weak force decay. But over a very short time as the plasma moves away from the reaction nozzle at supersonic speeds, even though the reaction temperature is initially 7000K or more, the level of radiation is reduced in stages until at L = 100cm, the x-ray energy level is nominal at 30 keV. This nominal 30 keV x-ray level is the level reported by Defkalion in their system using spark discharge.

    Other systems using laser irradiation of various transition metal nanostructures show both the formation of tritium and its rapid decay as a simultaneous operation. The laser brings coherence to the LENR reaction as a catalyst for weak force amplification.


    "Tritium is another unstable isotope with half-life of 12.2 years. It would be interesting to induce its beta-decay by exposure to laser radiation, as it was done previously for other nuclides. In this work we demonstrate for the first time the nuclear synthesis and decay of Tritium under laser exposure of various targets in D2O."

    I like these laser based experiments that reveal in the most basic terms what is happening in the bare bones LENR reaction.


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