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I have followed Cold Fusion/LENR from its first day and have seen how things built one the course are then destroyed or slowly fade away, no real progress to stay.
This strangely reminds a myth existent at many people - very well known as its Romanian variant see it here:
Master builder, leading architect of his time, Manole and his helper try o build the most beautiful monastery of Romania but are facing a really wicked problem the walls built during daytime are systematically and mysteriously crumbling falling down/apart the coming night. Zero progress, great trouble. Problem solving not adequate, high quality mortar not considered.
"Desperate about the way construction went, one night Manole had a dream in which he was told that, for the monastery to be built, he had to incorporate into its walls some person very loved by him or his masons."

Easy to guess, the immured person will be Ana, Manole's wife. The Monastery is finished and the Prince who funded this action takes care that Manole should not build an other one- you can guess what he does with the unlucky builder who made such a tragic sacrifice to be able to finish his last Opus.
Immurement is one of the methods by which human sacrifices were made. See please:
The themes of Sisyphus and Icarus also are present in this legend.
So, sacrifice could be a solution for LENR too? Its walls are still hyperfragile (not anti-fragile al N.N. Taleb) What could we sacrifice for the successful building of LENR, Master Manole, what do you recommend?


1) Updated-  Clean Energy- LENR News of Dr.Bob:

2) Enigmatic  E-Cat of Andrea Rossi and the Unitary Quantum Theory
by Leo G. Sapogin, Vladimir A. Dzhanibekov, Yuri A. Ryabov
this paper in Russian was signalled on Oct 14, now you can read it in English. Thanks to the Author!

A creative comment by Gregory Goble

This one struck a note in me, 'it is an integration-understanding of the pre-metamorphosis (incomplete. lsrvst forms of LENR) with the "integral" mature forms in which the continuous genesis of active sites assures the normal multiplicative heat release...'

Consider not just heat release. Both LENR-T (thermal) providing heat, and LENR-E (electric) providing direct flow of electrons from the nuclear reactive site along with some heat… both are being developed.

The chords this note struck was of the thoughts found in
The Fusion-Transmutation Battery
Liviu Popa-Simil, Ph.D.

He foresees advanced LENR 'dialing in' production of energy in other forms than thermal and electric. Active radiation shielding is an important application, required for long space missions. Liviu is a leader in the field of active radiation shielding. I've enjoyed researching, reading, and gaining some insights on his works.

Liviu Popa-SIMIL LENR Nuclear Battery Roadmap
Jan. 27, 2014 gbgoble Cold Fusion Now 


Physicists induce superconductivity in non-superconducting materials
Novel method also can improve efficiency in known superconducting materials

Date:November 1, 2016
Source:University of Houston
Researchers have reported a new method for inducing superconductivity in non-superconducting materials, demonstrating a concept proposed decades ago but never proven. The technique can also be used to boost the efficiency of known superconducting materials, suggesting a new way to advance the commercial viability of superconductors.


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