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NOV 14, 2016 LENR INFO


"To you everything seems apart"

 a row from 'Invisible'- an admirable poem by Dave Pollard
about lack of vision
For Nature we do not see the unity & connections in diversity; for LENR we just begin to see the diversity in an self-imposed forced unity, prisoner in  cage of Laws of Nature.  LENR Reality is always more complex and interesting, surprising and different, more multi-faceted and more dynamic than we imagine.

" To you everything in LENR seems united and the same"

is simply not true. I believe in the richness and creativity of LENR


This is the address at which we have to initiate a discussion with the American Chemical Society about their misplaced Requiem for Cold Fusion and their false association of Cold Fusion with the energy source of Randell Mills
Today I am still waiting but tomorrow I will 
You can guess what will I say about te cause of weak results in experimental cold fusion.
Re hydrino I have published a per reviewed paper - rara avis! in an ACS Journal see
"A new definition for “chemical element”? can be useful for the dispute.


1) Report From ARGAL Group - experiments using Hydrogenated Nickel.

2) News of the week elected today by the LENR Forum
The british Steorn (Orbo) company seems to be finally dead:

Alan Goldwater of MFMP is starting his next improved GlowStick 5.4 experiment, called GlowShell:

David Dagget of Phonon Energy is replicating the GlowStick:

3) SPECIAL MEETING seminar in the PFUR with the participation of the expertsof the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russsian Academy of Natural Sciences about Cold Nuclear Fusion will take place Thursday Nov. 24, 16.00 hour

СПЕЦИАЛЬНОЕ ЗАСЕДАНИЕ семинара в РУДН С УЧАСТИЕМ ЭКСПЕРТОВ РАН И РАЕН Холодный ядерный синтез и ШМ состоится в четверг 24 ноября 2016 г. в 16:00

coordinates of the location given for participants
Program of the day:
1. 16.00-16.10 Alexander Alexeevich Prosvirnov (VNIIAES- All Russia Sxientific Researh Institute for the Atomic Electrostation)  News in Cold fusion and LENR
2. 16.10-16.50 Stepan Nikolaevich Andreev (Dr. Phys-Math, Inst General Physics, Moscow), Alla Kornilova,(Dr. Lomonosov State Univ), Vladimir Alexandrovich Koshcheev (All Russia Scientific Research Institute for inorganic Materials named after Bochvar) "Non-linear quenching of radioactivity of Cs-137 in biological systems and at laser ablation in liquids"
3. 16.50-17.20 Yuri Nikolaevich Bazhutov(Dr. Phys-Math, Kurchatov Inst, Moscow) Thermal Generator based on plasma elctrolysis giving more than 200% excess energy
4. 17.20-17.50.  
Alexander Georgevich Parkhomov  (Dr. Phys-Math, Moscow) Low Energy Nuclear reactions in nickel-hydrogen systems"
5. 17.50-18.20. Anatolii Ivanovich Klimov (Russian Academy of Science, Moscow) Plasmoidal sources of energy and the transmutations of chemical elements.
6. 18.20-18.50. Presentations of experts.
Leader of the meeting Nikolai Vladimirovich Samsonenko
4) Cold Fusion update#2 LENR Low Temp Calorimeter system overview Discussion video

5) Unanswered Questions for Industrial Heat - 89 Million at time of agreement ??
Other Forms of Fusion - Theory, Construction, Discussion, URLs 

6) A very important LENR Event- with a great tradition
12th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals
5-9 June 2017
Hotel Langhe e Monferrato, Via Contessa di Castiglione, 14055 Costigliole d'Asti (AT), Italy.
Organizing Committee
W. J. M. F. Collis, J. D. Vinko

Discussed here:


Prof. Lev Sapogin has informed me about a very interesting, fundamental conference - hopefully he will participate:                                                                                    Symmetry 2017- The First International Conference on Symmetry


A remarkable-sad- paper by Gerry McGovern:

Collapse of Trust and Digital Transformation


  1. The Prairies

    © Kehkashan Basu
    Published on June 2014

    The grasslands stretch as far as the eye can see,
    As flat as anything can be,
    Unending fields of corn and wheat,
    Yielding huge harvests that none can beat,
    Feeding millions of homes and hearth,
    Prairies are the wheat basket of the earth!

    Long ago, bisons and grizzlies roamed these lands,
    Red Indians fought in war bands,
    Cowboys roped in cattle from far and wide,
    With time, things changed with the tide.
    It is all part of history,
    To many it seems a mystery,
    Of times when the prairies were unspoilt and pure,
    But nature here was tamed by man for sure.

    The prairies are still a beautiful sight,
    Glowing gold and auburn in the morning light,
    Flowers bloom and sway in the wind of the morning,
    As winter frost gives way to a glorious spring.


    1. Beaqutiful, touching- thank you dear Sam!