Saturday, November 5, 2016


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And- also about sight, Andrea Rossi was asked yesterday:
What do you think in general of the LENR Community that yearly meets in the ICCF? 

He answered:
Frogs around a pond from which can’t see the ocean.


I wish I could contradict Rossi's metaphor and give him a long list of frogs who had been self-taught to long for the the endless immensity of the LENR ocean. and are trying to act thus to make their desire real, that is technological. It is extremely difficult to change - extend your mode of thinking, your insight from a small pond to an almost limitless, rich, sea.
But this happens and we will have the most joyful surprises as soon as the present turmoil will calm down.
I consider myself as one of those frogs even if I think differently- in vain, because the great majority of my colleagues do not believe what I try to say. 
Frogs = life, life is hungry matter and edible too (V. Butulescu) Industrial Heat knows this and tries to buy the LENR pond using their own currency. On short term, this can be a salvation for some of the frogs but on  long term the frogs will be indoctrinated- NO OCEAN EXISTS!


1) Brilliant Light Power Announces ‘First Sustaining Plasma’ in History

2) A thread active/disputed today
Industrial Heat's James A. Bass: President of Reactance Engineering Inc and Engineer for JM Products

3) Elon Musk wants to be Your Roofer | E-Cat = Rossi Cold Fusion’s-worse-than-we-thought-m.

4( From Andrea Rossi's JONP:
Gerard McEk
Dear Andrea,
You must be awfully busy while being busy with the court case and trying to achieve QuarkX’s 5 Sigma, preparing for a new plant, theoretical work and organizing the 1 MW plant production.
And additionally replying to our questions. I hope you will find time to sleep.
Just a few simple questions:
1. Tests for achieving the QuarkX’s 5 sigma, do you do that all by yourself (hands on the QuarkX) or are there others to help you?
2. What did you decide to develop the Hotcat X: a. Coincidence, b. Better theoretical understanding,, c. Tests out of curiosity (just trying and see if it works)
3. Are you still working with professor Cook?
4. Do you think you are close to a full theoretical understanding?
5. Thank you for answering our questions. I hope victory is near!
Kind regards, Gerard

Andrea Rossi
November 4, 2016 at 4:33 PM

Gerard McEk:
1- We are a Team
2- b
3- yes
4- more or less, yes
5- “Hasta la victoria, siempre!”
Warm Regards,

5) We learn surprising things in this thread:
New Energy Times: Consortium Proposes LENR Research to Chilean Government


Energy 2050: Insights from the ground up By Scott Nyquist

Physicist demonstrate existence of 'unlikely' new subatomic structure
Date:November 4, 2016
Source:Iowa State University
Researchers have demonstrated the existence of a tetraneutron, a subatomic structure once thought unlikely to exist. LENR IN CONTEXT-2

The Whiteboard: When problems arise, take time to find the root cause

Expert’s “radical” way to get people to stop doing “dumb things”

The Top 11 “Hidden Gems” of the Internet


  1. Mills is very open in describing his technology, far more openly than Rossi has been. Mills is also able to get his ideas patented with no problems. Is that because his theories are based on chemical energy production only? LENR can't get patents through the system and this has caused Rossi to become tight lipped about his tech and looking for IP thieves behind every bush and around every corner.

    Its no wonder that Mills has not checked for isotopic changes. A positive result would be the end of his chemistry only ploy and the beginning of his issues with the patent office.

    Raising money from investors has been easy for Mills. He has spent 10 million so far on the SunCell. investors buy into his chemistry only ploy.

    Come on now, who can beleive that 5 megawatts can be generated inside the volume of a teacup using chemistry only. Electron orbitals don't produce that much power. Mills must doubt his hydrino myth when he sees 5 kilograms of tungsten electrodes vaporize in 20 seconds.

    Rossi could lose the overunity energy race by being honest about the underpinning of his reaction as Mills sails free and clear into product development, manufacturing, and product release into the market place.

    Does Mills really beleive in the hydrino or is it a ploy to make his system development easier. Maybe Rossi should also claim that his tech is based on the hydrino, then he can get his stuff patented and everybody can understand it in detail. I am sympathetic about the hydrino for that reason...propaganda.

  2. In my time at looking at nuclear reactor design, one key competitive advantage is power density. The more power that a reactor can produce with the smallest input of structural material makes the highest power dense reactor the winner.

    The pebble bed reactor never appealed to the electric utilities because it was a low power dense contraption. Customers want economies of scale and minimal structure in plant construction. Its simple, the bigger the plant, the more it costs,

    Mills will beat the pants off of Rossi with his 20 watt Quark nonsense. Who wants to buy a megawatt reactor the size of a shipping container when a reactor the size of a breadbox will serve.

    Mills has the edge in this race.

    1. Axil, how long will take to Mills 1 thousand Sun Cells?
      At the same time Rossi can sell 1 bilion quark if he really have it.
      Who will be commercially successful?