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The slogan that resonated with the coffein from my black coffee this morning is: "collaborative problem solving"  It is true LENR is not united, however we all remember fine examples of collaboration the first ones coming in my mind being Energetics -ENEA in PdD (that produced the miracle cathode 64) and MFMP now.
you are free to add to this list. Reality has to do the same
But what about the future? The spirit of collaboration has to conquer our field.
I want to give a positive example:
Who wants to collaborate with me, starting discussions about my ideas re LENR ideology and strategy--- for a new Research Project? .


1) You can read now Marc Ellenbroek's LENR presentation in English!

2) Updated Good prospects for Leonardo Corp./Andrea Rossi lawsuit vs. Cherokee Investment Partners/Thomas Darden

3) NEW THREAD Latest Rossi Update ... Problems Resolved

4) Updated: Doktor Bob's News Portal
5) Video: ‘Demonstration Experiment on the Transformation of the Radioactive Isotope Cesium-137 into Stable Barium.’


6) Andrea Rossi on his JONP, about progress with his Quark X 

November 21, 2016 at 7:34 PM

Dr Rossi:
I am very pleased that the QuarkX is doing well.
I’m sure there were a few minor problems in the last six months. Could you tell the number of problems?
Andrea Rossi
November 21, 2016 at 8:10 PM

Thank you for your comment.
We had many problems to resolve:
– start and stop the reaction in seconds: done
– harness the overheating caused by the very high temperature: done
– producing direct current: done, even if its use remains confined inside the reactor increasing the heat
– producing a high COP: done
– make it in a way to consent an easy passage to the industrialization in big series: done
– make a very long and uninterrupted operation to collect Sigma5: on course in one of our labs
– make sophisticated measurements: on course
Warm Regards,

7) The Infusion Institute Inc.has a new website 
It says "supporting low energy nuclear reaction research', a lofty mission, which will be interspersed with commentary on the Rossi-Darden trial. (now it is pro Darden-IH)

8) Brilliantlightpower search result

A REMARK OF AXIL (hyperbolizing, but essentially true and in contrast ith my editorial)

The developers of LENR are a jealous and malevolent crew. They hate each other with a passion. They try to put each other out of business, pick over the rotting bones of the weak and bankrupted victims and try to steal each other’s methods from the survivors. Most LENR developers have gone dark to protect themselves. Some LENR developers have gotten their lawyers to issue cease and desist orders warning of impending judicial enforcement of their Intellectual property on anybody who even attempts to replicate their work; others protect their Intellectual property with lawsuits. Currently, there are millions of dollars being spent on lawyers, court cases and propagandists to professionally slander and discredit the competition. LENR is where angels fear to tread. The past is preamble to this sad state of affairs. Remember what happened to Edison and Tesla at the hands of big money. LENR is not a game for the faint of heart or the pure and tender angles of science. LENR is like a prize fight where blood and teeth spray from the ring, but it’s fun for those who like that sort of show. 

New clues emerge in 30-year-old superconductor mystery
Date:November 21, 2016
Source:California Institute of TechnologySummary:One of the greatest mysteries of experimental physics is how so-called high-temperature superconducting materials work. Despite their name, high-temperature superconductors operate at chilly temperatures less than minus 135 degrees Celsius. They can be used to make superefficient power cables, medical MRIs, particle accelerators, and other devices. Cracking the mystery of how these materials work could lead to superconducting devices that operate at room temperatures, and could revolutionize electrical devices.
(you can read the paper)


  1. Axil understates the conflicts within LENR, speaking as one of the insiders the behind the scenes back stabbing is far worse than what Axil describes. The worst of the backstabbers are not the 'usual suspects' rather including many of the most publically 'respected' lenr scientists and of course worst of all the lenr gadflies and pundits. Yes it is and has been since 1989 and remains a despicable rotting trench. That's what happens when humans engage in avarice over wealth and glory. As for the truly dastardly folk no one dares to utter their name.

  2. Bravo Axillary.I kind of gave up Vortex. Stupid personal unfair judgement.
    I am sure Ahern as an Example has great experience and theoretical knowledge in the LENR field. His messages are comparable to those of a priest in 1750 in Europe.
    I think leadership and business acumen needs to be part of a winning LENR team.

  3. "7) The Infusion Institute Inc.has a new website
    It says "supporting low energy nuclear reaction research', a lofty mission, which will be interspersed with commentary on the Rossi-Darden trial. (now it is pro Darden-IH)"

    Thanks for the link. The trial is indeed "pro Darden-IH," as far as the evidence so far shows. The site also linked above "Updated Good prospects for Leonardo Corp./Andrea Rossi lawsuit vs. Cherokee Investment Partners/Thomas Darden" shows only document titles, for the most part, very little more, and that about things that are easy to misinterpret, such as what IH was ordered to disclose, this is all routine and none of that was a serious problem for IH. (the answer to the $89 million cash question is obvious: they didn't have it and don't have it, and that is completely irrelevant though Rossi seems to think it is Very Important. The business plan of the parent company of IH (IHHI) lays it out: they will raise further funds as needed, through additional investment. Had Rossi actually taught them how to make devices that worked, it would have been trivial to raise that money, they were experts at this. Without that, impossible, they would have to lie to their investors.

    Meanwhile, among the "good prospects" on that site is the Judge's Order totally rejecting all aspects of the Rossi Motion to Dismiss the counterclaims. Rossi now has two weeks to answer those claims. He has not provided any new evidence since filing the suit in April. When I report the facts about this, is it "pro-Darden"? Those who become attached to outcomes divide the world up into pro and con, it is part of how we fool ourselves.

  4. Regarding the above point 6) above;
    "6) Andrea Rossi on his JONP, about progress with his Quark X

    – producing direct current: done, even if its use remains confined inside the reactor increasing the heat
    – producing a high COP: done "

    Considering Rossi has previously said his Quack ecat-X produced heat, light and direct electrical energy, with the proportions able to be varied to suit the application, and that the electrical output could be up to 40 percent of the total energy produced, it seems to be an unbelievably short sighted decision to concentrate on heat production rather than the direct electrical energy production, even if the electrical output was as low as say, 15% to 20%.
    The input power was said to be only half a watt.
    An electrical output even as low as 5 watts would give a COP for electrical energy of 10, and as such, would be the invention of the century.
    Also, it would have the immediate advantage of being able to prove the technology by 'closing the loop' by using part of the electrical output to charge a battery and then power the input by way of a very efficient, cheap and readily available inverter system, the same as now used in residential solar power systems. They are reliable and consistent enough that they can power every application in the home so they would be well able to provide a half watt of electrical power to operate the Quack Ecat-x.
    When this was suggested to Mr Rossi on his blog, he replied "It's not that simple."
    Well, I think it is that simple, unless of course, the Quack E cat is not actually producing more electrical energy than it consumes.
    For that reason, it would be very wise to confine the demonstrations towards producing heat rather than electrical energy, and then claim that the electrical energy is being produced but it is being used internally to produce more heat. In other words, it is being produced but you can't see it.
    It's claims like this which give the Rossi blog real comedy value.
    If the Quack Ecat-x can directly produce electrical energy, scrap the heat production and concentrate on the electrical energy production. 'Close the loop' and demonstrate it. That will immediately give the technology world wide acceptance.