Saturday, November 26, 2016



Be the spark—live light! (Laurie Buchanan)

The spread of civilization may be likened to a fire; first, a feeble spark, next a flickering flame, then a mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power. (Nikola Tesla)

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. (Robin Williams)

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. (Albert Schweitzer)

If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature. (Bruce Barton}

The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind ahead even more than teamwork. (Igor Sikorsky)

The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born, the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation. (Auguste Rodin  

You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world. Oprah Winfrey)

Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark. (Amit Ray)


I hope: European Union will be able to find again "the beautiful spark of divinity" from its anthem:

I hope LENR will be able to find the missing spark of discovery and, in the same time will get rid of those negative arsonists who do anything, including very ugly things,  to extinguish the beneficial "better than fire" of LENR+ 


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I also hope, all my LENR friends will finally accept that it is useless and hopeless to trigger the genius spark of Fleischmann and Pons and put it in the known wet place- no fire will start or it will just flicker weakly and for short time.
We need sparks AND fire. We have to discusss more about this!


1) Financial Times Reports on Woodford’s Investment in Industrial Heat and Cold Fusion

2) The same subject at Rossi's JONP

Roslyn Abrams
November 25, 2016 at 7:16 PM

Hello Dr Rossi,

Interesting post about Neil Woodfords investment into ColdFusion – So if it does not work as
IH and Thomas Darden claim then what of Woodford Funds investment?

Andrea Rossi
November 25, 2016 at 10:43 PM

Roslyn Abrams:
Woodford visited the plant during the test in February 2015 and in September 2015: when they invested 50 million dollars in IH the sole license and intellectual property that IH had was the one of Leonardo Corporation. The top level officers that Woodford sent to visit the plant during the test had at their disposal the first and the second quarterly report made by the ERV. The fourth and last quarterly report, as well as the third, were substantially equal to the first and the second. IH has also paid the invoices related to the first, the second and the third report of the ERV. Eventually, they did not pay the fourth report, because they said it was not correct. But it was equal to the former three, related to the period during which IH collected funds from their investors. At the end of the second visit to the plant of 1 MW during the test, in September 2015, the senior officer of Woodford said to me the following precise words: ” Congratulations, Dr Rossi, we saw great stuff here”.
Warm Regards,

3) Russian LENR Seminar Reports

4) By Dmitri Chukichev: Ni, nickel, the stationer theory of the structure of atoms. Rossi, LENR, cold fusion
Ni, никель, стационарная теория строения атома, Росси, LENR, E-Cat, холодный синтез
In order to understand the theory of cold fusion and the Rossi generator, it is compulsory to understand the crystalline structure of nickel, the structure of the atom of nickel and hydrogen. The Static Theory of the structure of the atom is used for the clearing of the fundamental bases of the physical, chemical and nuclear reactions. Overcoming the Coulomb resistance of the electron layers allow axcess to the core and to change it. The crystalline network of nickel is the instrument for influencing the nuclear process in the Rossi generator.

5) From Gregory Goble
NASA Cold Fusion/LENR - Low Energy Nuclear Reaction
NRNF Non Radioactive Nuclear Flight



Theory that challenges Einstein's physics could soon be put to the test
Date:November 25, 2016
Source:Imperial College London
Scientists behind a theory that the speed of light is variable -- and not constant as Einstein suggested -- have made a prediction that could be tested.


Problem-Solving is Over-Rated. Try Problem-Finding Instead!
Anyone can problem solve. But the real talent is in seeing the problems in the first place.


  1. Regarding the statement:

    "Overcoming the Coulomb resistance of the electron layers allow axcess to the core and to change it. The crystalline network of nickel is the instrument for influencing the nuclear process in the Rossi generator."

    LENR has nothing to do with "Overcoming the Coulomb resistance".

    LENR is a "weak force" process that forces matter to decay into a more basic form: strange matter.

    Any fusion or fission based reactions seen in LENR is a result of muon catalyzed secondary side reactions.

    I cannot understand why LENR experimenters are so reluctant to look for muons coming from their LENR reactors.

    1. Dear Axil,

      Future and experiment will show.
      I believe that the key o LENR+ is actionable parameter and this researcher from Ukraine thinks the modification of the crystalline lattice of Ni is essential.
      Do not forget Yiannis has told something very simlar (e.g. at ICCF-17)
      I will try to get in touch with Chkichev and discuss his theory.
      He has videos have to find published ppaers.

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