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According to Pinterest this is one of the most popular quotations today:

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The author is Nelson Mandela


Old scientists can tell you fast what is impossible, old technologists are focused in finding how to make,  convert, metamorphose the impossible in possible and useful.
These days I try to imagine, plan, describe, explain such an action- actionable parameter creation is the key!


1) Great news from Moscow: here are the presentation and videos from the Nov 34, 3026 LENR Seminar at the People's Friendship Univ. of Russia:

Program of the day:
1. 16.00-16.10 Alexander Alexeevich Prosvirnov (VNIIAES- All Russia Sxientific Researh Institute for the Atomic Electrostation)  News in Cold fusion and LENR
2. 16.10-16.50 Stepan Nikolaevich Andreev (Dr. Phys-Math, Inst General Physics, Moscow), Alla Kornilova,(Dr. Lomonosov State Univ), Vladimir Alexandrovich Koshcheev (All Russia Scientific Research Institute for inorganic Materials named after Bochvar) "Non-linear quenching of radioactivity of Cs-137 in biological systems and at laser ablation in liquids"
3. 16.50-17.20 Yuri Nikolaevich Bazhutov(Dr. Phys-Math, Kurchatov Inst, Moscow) Thermal Generator based on plasma elctrolysis giving more than 200% excess energy
4. 17.20-17.50.  Alexander Georgevich Parkhomov  (Dr. Phys-Math, Moscow) Low Energy Nuclear reactions in nickel-hydrogen systems"
5. 17.50-18.20. Anatolii Ivanovich Klimov (Russian Academy of Science, Moscow) Plasmoidal sources of energy and the transmutations of chemical elements.
6. 18.20-18.50. Discussions of the experts


1. the Prosvirnov paper is here:

LENR news from Russia and the world- including BrilliantLightPower

2. The Andreev paper

using laser ablation for quenching the radioactivity of Cs-137

3. The video of the Kornilova presentation, REGNUM license to br cited
biological transmutation of Cesium in Barium (English subtitles)

4. The Bazhutov presentation and video
about the best results ever obtained in plasma electrolysis

5. The Parkhomov paper

Experimental investigations of the nickel-hydrogen reactions with high heat release. 
Besides tha results of the author this is a fine review paper- about results of Piantelli- Rossi-Lugano-problems with high temperature- materials-construction of the reactors-heat measurements-overheating problems-the AP1 and AP2 reactors-results of many researchers- flow calorimetry- ew rectors, isotopic analysis- a must translate paper!

- Many experiments performed in different laboratories in more countries confirm that in nickel-hydrogen systems thermal energy much greater than the possible chemical effects is released.
- During these processes in the nickel hydrogen systems take place changes in the elementary and isotopic compositions- this showing that the release of high thermal energy is due to transformations on the nuclear level.
- The fact that these processes happen at temperatures much lower than for the known nuclear processes as well as the absence of strong radiations show that we need to find unusual, new  explanations for these effects

6. The Klimov et al paper:
Its title is "High-Energetic Metal Nano-Cluster Plasmoid and Its Soft X-radiation" and it is in English- in part

2) An other Russian language video on the official Russian LENR site is
Andrei Olegovich Maklakov About LENR processing of radioactive waste

Маклаков Андрей Олегович (Киев) о ХТЯ и переработке РАО

3) Now discussed on E-Cat World
LENR Introduction Presentation (Marc Ellenbroek)

4) In Italian: How Andrea Rossi has resolved te problem of over-heating of the Quark-X

5) What is the point of a “cold” fusion bomb?

6) Ludwik Kowalski Phd Thesis

7) New THREAD by Alain Coetmeur: 
FT Alphaville : So, Neil Woodford invested in a cold fusion company (by Kadhim Shubber)

8) On the Cooling of the QuarkX

9) Fracking and LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions


For platinum catalysts, tiny squeeze gives big boost in performance


  1. A comment on the The Andreev paper

    using laser ablation for quenching the radioactivity of Cs-137.

    Using laser light conversion to a coherent magnetic field through the interaction of coherent laser photons and gold nanoparticles shows how the LENR reaction works.

    The LENR reaction is mediated by an amplified weak force. The production of a coherent magnetic field through the use of laser light irradiating gold nanoparticles greatly strengthens the weak force.

    LENR is a consequence of the amplified strength levels of the weak force that existed at the beginning of the cosmos where it reaches grand unification strength levels. At these immense levels of strength, protons and neutrons decay into strange matter mesons.

    A.V. Simakin has also produced a full range of laser based irradiation of gold nanoparticle experiments that show accelerated weak force activity including stabilization of radioactive isotopes, fusion and fission.


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  3. Regarding point 7 above.

    The fact that Woodford invested in Rossi's technology via an investment in Industrial Heat is no more a verification of it's validity than Defkalion's investment in the same technology five years earlier, and we all know how that ended.
    On the November 25th 2016 Rossiblog, Rossi describes the circumstances leading up to Woodford's investment.

    "Andrea Rossi
    November 25, 2016 at 10:43 PM
    Roslyn Abrams:
    Woodford visited the plant during the test in February 2015 and in September 2015: when they invested 50 million dollars in IH the sole license and intellectual property that IH had was the one of Leonardo Corporation. The top level officers that Woodford sent to visit the plant during the test had at their disposal the first and the second querterly report made by the ERV. The fourth and last quarterly report, as well as the third, were substantially equal to the first and the second. IH has also paid the invoices related to the first, the second and the third report of the ERV. Eventually, they did not pay the fourth report, because they said it was not correct. But it was equal to the former three, related to the period during which IH collected funds from their investors. At the end of the second visit to the plant of 1 MW during the test, in September 2015, the senior officer of Woodford said to me the following precise words: ” Congratulations, Dr Rossi, we saw great stuff here”.
    Warm Regards,

    Assuming this to be accurate, and I think it probably is, it indicates that up to September 2015, IH was still of the hopeful belief that something real and bankable was going to come from their investment in the Ecat. They may not have wholeheartedly believed it at that point but they believed it enough to facilitate a visit to the plant for Woodford and to let a Woodford representative see it in operation.
    I would think Woodfords investment would have been made on the basis of Dardens descriptions and the IH investment in it, the two ERV reports which were available at that time which no doubt made grandiose and hugely inflated claims, plus of course, Mr Rossi's undoubted charm and enthusiasm for what he was demonstrating. (And why wouldn't he? He was on the verge of raking in another 89 million dollars.)
    I think it was a combination of these factors which prompted Woodford's rep to make the comment as described by Rossi;
    ” Congratulations, Dr Rossi, we saw great stuff here”.
    The fact that Woodford then went on to make the investment would indicate that even if not literally correct, it's probably an accurate paraphrase of the event.
    However, the comments and actions of a person who is an investment manager is in no way a reliable assessment of the validity of the technology. It only means he saw the magic trick and the surrounding hype and he was convinced it was real.
    Unfortunately, in my opinion and the opinion of most others, it was no more real than the disappearing elephant at a magic show.

    From what Rossi says, it seems that by time of the fourth and final ERV report, IH had finally woken up to the fact that their inability to get anything to work themselves was not due to their poor technical abilities but due to the fact that the thing just didn't work. Again, this is the same conclusion that Defkalion came to in very similar circumstances, and they seem to have since done the same trick as the disappearing elephant, and disappeared themselves.
    Mr Rossi appears to be using the fact that IH paid for the first three ERV reports as a justification for demanding they pay for the fourth. No doubt they would have if their conclusion after the fourth report was that it was all genuine. From the little they have said, it is clear that whatever belief or hope they had at the time of the first three reports, by the time of the fourth ERV report it had gone the same way as the disappearing elephant. They no longer had a justifiable belief that the Rossi ecat device worked.

    1. It is not accurate. Rossi seems confused about the history, which is clear from the lawsuit documents and the IH Holdings International, Ltd., official company records. Woodford invested in May, 2015, in IHHI, not in Industrial Heat. That is why Rossi can't go after that money. The second Woodford visit was not in September, but in August, long after Woodford had made the investment. At the time of the first investment, only one preliminary report may have been available. By August, it appears that the relationship with IH had broken down badly. The Woodford reps visited with both Darden and Vaughn, the only time both were there, apparently. At the beginning of December, IH sent a letter to Rossi explicitly denying that the Doral plant was a GPT and that Penon was ERV. The later claims by Rossi that they only came up with this argument when it was time to pay are misleading, for sure. And Rossi was also not being truthful when he wrote, in early March, that there was no problem with IH.

      I don't see Rossi as using that fact as an argument to pay for the fourth. Some of the problems raised by Murray in his questions to Penon would have been quite visible in the first report. I can guess that this might be why Murray wanted to visit the plant in July. Rossi, as he always had, whenever he could, excluded independent experts, and apparently thought he could get away with it again. IH did not immediately confront him, apparently. He went a bridge too far, suing them. Way too far.

    2. To be very clear, Woodford did *not* invest in Rossi technology. Not at all. They invested in Darden and Vaughn and LENR.

    3. Thanks for clarifying that.
      I suppose I should be surprised that Mr Rossi could be publicizing wrong dates and details on matters for which I would have thought he could simply look up his office diary to ascertain the correct information. But I'm not really.
      Actually, I was surprised he wrote anything at all on this because it appears to be regarding something which will almost certainly be discussed in the litigation, and as we all know, having been told umpteen times now, he is under strict instructions from his lawyers not to discuss any matter which might come up in the litigation.

  4. Pweet
    Just more proof that T.D and A.R
    are a pair of idiots when it came to
    working together on ECat project.


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