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Continuing the initiative of my Blog associate Georgina, (her first literature book will be officially launched on Nov.16) I add two septoes re the ideas of a Romanian philosopher, Mihail Ralea who contributed a lot to my meta-professional awakening some 40 years ago:

INTELLIGENCE- the ability to NOT mix viewpoints.

SERIOUSNESS- focusing on essentials NOT irrelevant details.


See the Mottoes and let's make great efforts to think intelligently and seriously about how to build the glorious future of the great LENR realm how to get a holistic-holographic vision of the field. In my discussion of yesterday I missed speaking about Integrative-Disintegrative in research. LENR is broken, fragmented, very difficult to integrate today but this will be changed I am sure. I am convinced thta LENR+- Multiplicative Excess Heat a  la Andrea Rossi is a reality and more, at least three alternative LENR+ i.e. usable on industrial level solutions will be invented and implemented in the coming 7-10 years. Ni will be replaced by other even more active and especially heat resistant metals- W will be the star due to its high melting point
and good hydrogen receptivity. Then comes Integration in more senses; do not forget what Rossi says about integration of LENR energy with other forms of energy
then it is an integration-understanding of the pre-metamorphosis (incomplete. lsrvst forms of LENR) with the "integral" mature forms in which the continuous genesis of active sites assures the normal multiplicative heat release in the conditions of self-sustainment for longer and longer periods.
Then the Integrator- scientist-technologist of LENR will arrive and fulfill his historical Task.


1) Tesla Taking the Lead in Democratizing Energy Production

2) Fusione Fredda - Ultime novità sulla Fusione Fredda e Rossi E

3) from the RTA Instrument site:

Thought for the month“Face the facts of being what you are, for that is what changes what you are.” Soren Kierkegaard, Danish Philosopher (1813-55).

Monday, 3 October 2016

There is nothing new under the sun
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) sounds like a serious new field of study but what if one attaches the more colloquial title of cold fusion? Whatever did happened to Pons and Fleischmann? However with the lure of cheap energy and as potential funding issues surface LENR is attracting debate and major questions relating to fact or fraud being posed.

I believe that one Isaac Newton contributed a few things to science but managed to spend years working on alchemy and the occult, including the Philosopher's Stone. Were his grant applications peer reviewed?
4) www.spazionica.org/ - Italian - LENR Forum

5) A zone of conflct THREAD "FUD on E-CatWorld" https://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/4550-FUD-on-E-catworld/?postID=40724#post40724

6) From Rossi's JONP


A new twist for fusion research
Date:October 28, 2016
Source:American Physical Society
This past year saw the commissioning and initial operation of a new large-scale plasma experiment, the Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) in Greifswald, Germany. And while the device is impressive, the worldwide fusion research community, which aims to develop an environmentally benign and abundant source of energy, is finding W7-X's initial plasma results yet more impressive.




  1. Peter
    You published Hank Mills comment from
    Mr Rossi blog and no replys to it.
    I was surprised as Mr Mills studies and researches A.R. work as much as anybody.
    He seems to be knowlageble as well.
    Anyway I thought I would post it in comments.

    2) From Andrea Rosssi's JONP

    Hank Mills
    October 30, 2016 at 8:08 PM
    Dear Andrea,
    I understand now about how you previously mentioned the pressures in micro-cavities could reach those on the surface of White Dwarf stars. There are multiple scientific papers, some decades old, that describe absorbed hydrogen (even in an amorphous, initially defect free nickel structure) reaching high levels and forming “bubbles” that can reach pressures of a thousand atmospheres or more upon the cooling of the lattice (after being absorbed at high pressures and high temperatures). Then, once subjected to rapid heating, these bubbles of very high pressure hydrogen gas can then reach even HIGHER pressures — powerful enough to induce LENR — before they either migrate away or damage the lattice.
    Interestingly, these bubbles typically stay close to the surface of the metal (not deeper than 50 microns in the papers I’ve read). This would explain why LENR seems to be a SURFACE phenomenon! As the bubbles penetrate deeper into the lattice, they grow smaller and less numerous.
    However, I think it helps if substance already has interior lattice defects or micro-voids, very close to the surface. One way of doing this is probably rapid heating. In another paper I’ve found, ultrasound irradiation of solid metal can produce small defects in the lattice.
    Finally, after all these years of following your technology, things are truly coming together in my mind! It’s like a dozen Eureka moments hitting me all at once.
    But, as always, there’s no easy shortcut. The reason why nickel is such an optimum metal in some ways is because it’s not the best at absorbing hydrogen. But this is a good thing, because we don’t want hydrogen escaping too quickly and the pressure dropping before LENR can be triggered. Also, the tensile strength of nickel is what allows the Rossi Effect to be triggered repeatedly over and over again. Of course, after many, many cycles of thermal shocking, these micro-voids might be damaged. The solution you came up with is electromagnetic stimulation to keep the hydrogen in these cavities stimulated at a decent pressure, but without damaging the lattice!

    Andrea Rossi
    October 31, 2016 at 6:21 AM

    Hank Mills:
    Thank you for your insight.
    Warm Regards,

  2. There was one comment.

    RGOctober 31, 2016 at 1:08 PM
    The comments here are hydrogen bubbles in metals is utterly false and wrong, the bubbles referenced are NOT hydrogen but rather helium. This is made perfectly clear to anyone giving even a casual glance at the papers, that the claims here are that this is a hydrogen phenomenon is not some innocent mistake it is clearly meant to mislead.


  3. Peter,

    Thanks for these 'daily notes'…

    This one struck a note in me, 'it is an integration-understanding of the pre-metamorphosis (incomplete. lsrvst forms of LENR) with the "integral" mature forms in which the continuous genesis of active sites assures the normal multiplicative heat release...'

    Consider not just heat release. Both LENR-T (thermal) providing heat, and LENR-E (electric) providing direct flow of electrons from the nuclear reactive site along with some heat… both are being developed.

    The chords this note struck was of the thoughts found in
    The Fusion-Transmutation Battery
    Liviu Popa-Simil, Ph.D.

    He foresees advanced LENR 'dialing in' production of energy in other forms than thermal and electric. Active radiation shielding is an important application, required for long space missions. Liviu is a leader in the field of active radiation shielding. I've enjoyed researching, reading, and gaining some insights on his works.

    Liviu Popa-SIMIL LENR Nuclear Battery Roadmap
    Jan. 27, 2014 gbgoble Cold Fusion Now

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