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Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success. (Bo Bennett)

Expectation is the mother of all frustration. (Antonio Banderas)

Needing to have things perfect is the surest way to immobilize yourself with frustration. (Wayne Dyer)

It is clear to me that people often want incompatible things. They want danger and excitement on the one hand, and safety and security on the other, and often simultaneously. Contradictory desires mean that life can never be wholly satisfying or without frustration. (Theodore Dalrymple)
When you are angry or frustrated, what comes out? Whatever it is, it's a good indication of what you're made of.  (Jackson Brown, Jr.)

It's a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal. (Steve Maraboli) 


Yesterday I have shown you a very bitter comment about the world of LENR by Axil.
However, reader RG has overruled  it, see what he said;

Axil understates the conflicts within LENR, speaking as one of the insiders the behind the scenes back stabbing is far worse than what Axil describes. The worst of the backstabbers are not the 'usual suspects' rather including many of the most publically 'respected' lenr scientists and of course worst of all the lenr gadflies and pundits. Yes it is and has been since 1989 and remains a despicable rotting trench. That's what happens when humans engage in avarice over wealth and glory. As for the truly dastardly folk no one dares to utter their name. 

OK, dear RG, but the situation not quite so bad at least not always but you reveal a sad truth: LENR people are deeply frustrated

Paraphrasing an othe quotation (Mike Geenberg about golf- a sport inaccessible to me)

LENR is a game of endless failure and frustration.   

Almost 28 years of frustration for classic PdD LENR- long suffering but heroic battles for survival and continuity. 
It is certain that the decision in the Rossi vs. Darden Trial will be frustrating- the question is 
Who will be frustrated: IH-Cherokee or all the people who think that the energy source of the future already works well?

A great truth- frustrated people can be easily manipulated and cheaply corrupted.


1) LENR News from Hungary- Lakatos Erno
Microwave Induced Elemental Transmutation in Compact Flourescent Lamps

2) Rossi on Resolved QuarkX Problems

3) A LENR Event organized by ENEA Historia Magistra Vitae - Reazioni nucleari a bassa energia: L.E.N.R.

translation of the Italian text
Monday, December 19 the Commision for Management of the Nuclear Plants forme at the order of Engineers from Roma Province in collaboraation with ENEA, in the frame of the cycle of conferences with technical-scientific nd cultural character 
 “Historia Magistra Vitae”,offers afree informative seminar on the then
me of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions- belonging to condensed mattr (physics)

Begin                                  Monday, Dec. 19, 10.00 hour
 End                                      Monday, Dec. 19,  16.30 hour
Registration closing                    Friday, Dec 16. 14.00 hour
Tutor Massimo Sapielli

Location: ENEA, Via Giulio Romano n. 41 - Roma 

Those reactions are different fro the known nuclear fission or fusion reactions and the scientific community looks at them with interest and curiosity- including skepticism - however the existence of the effect, was, in a few occasions, demonstrated even by prestigious institutes of research. The scientists working in this field have produced a great amount of papers and have performed extended experimental campaigns.
The aim of this seminar is to facilitate the principal performers in LENR to presnt their results both in theory and in applicative issues. During the seminar there will be
presented the scientific studies and the results thta are characterizing this frontier domain of research.
It will be discussed: the Fleischmannn-Pons Effect, the piezo-nuclear reactions and the Historical-geographical-morphological proofs coming from the composition of the crust of the Earth and of other planets.

4) Argument in Rossi’s favor  (not actually)
Discussed here:

5) The developments and applictions of LENR Tecnology

Die Entwicklungen und Anwendungen der LENR-Technologie
It refers to LENR and to hydrino energy too.

6) Aggiornamenti sullo stato di sviluppo dell'ECat-X

An off-topic THREAD started by Alain at the LENR Firum
Making a better world by making better people


Is a scientific career predictable?
Science doesn’t rely on luck, but success in science can’t do without it


Why the Problem with Learning Is Unlearning

Why Your Problem-Solving Skills May Sharpen with Age


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    1. VOldemort who? I am not a harry Potter fan, and what is strange my grandchildren- 14, 12, 10 also not.


    2. By combining a little "common sensE" to the matter and considering the nuclear structure and "One Force" insights of the Oscillators in a Substance Model, along with Lewis and Usanovich Acid -Basse Theories, a relatively simple explanation can be derived for the "Cold Fusion Phenonenddas. However, "OiaS Model" is not well known. Easiest introduction is probably a book available on Amazon, called, "The Skinny of OiaS: The Small-Print Edition of the Oscillators in substance Model" Cost with shipping is about $13.00. The Author is listed as "Dean Sinclair." Other books by the same author that are available o Amazon might also be of interest.

      (Without the OiaS insights, I would have to agree that there seems no explanation. With them, an explanation is quit obvious.)