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Asked "What have you sacrificed for your LENR Technology" Andrea Rossi has simply answered; "My life!"  

For my Notes here, some form of continuity is a must: yesterday I found a connection of LENR to Sacrifice, now I want to repeat you that working researchig, fighting for LENR is, in a way a form of self-sacrifice. As Peter Hagelstein has emphasized in his MIT LENR course- working in this field is dangerous for your scientific career. Placed at the Far Right of the Medawar Zone, the chances of success are small, however the real breakthrough MEH LENR+  (Multiplicative Excess Heat) will bring glory and a fortune for its achievers. I think the pioneer is already here, has done it, will go commercial with it and his deniers will shut up.We will see a spectacular example of effective self-sacrifice. DAILY NEWS

1) About E-Cat World

2) Lou Pagnucco in the THREAD
New USPTO Patent Application --

United States Patent Application -- 20160322119 November 3, 2016

Least action nuclear processes and materials

ABSTRACT: Methods for loading hydrogen and hydrogen isotopes into a metal hydride lattice are described. Additionally, methods for using such a lattice to stimulate nuclear transformations, whether for energy production, specific isotope production or specific isotope consumption are described. Further, compositions of matter for use in these methods are described.…0322119&RS=DN/20160322119

Additional material from the patent applications order --
(Video) ICCF-19 presentation by Daniel Szumski
ICCF-19 presentation by Daniel Szumski (video )?

Nickel Transmutation and Excess Heat Model using Reversible Thermodynamics - Daniel S Szumski

3) Search results Brilliantlightpower:

4) Scheme of the cold fusion plant (i cannot open it well, please try)
Схема установки холодного ядерного синтеза

5) An image- about Prof Miley's opus copied from

Clicca qui per ingrandire


In atomic-scale manufacturing, less really is more

Sent by Joseph Fine to Andrea Rossi's JONP:
Diamond nanothread: Versatile new material could prove priceless for manufacturing


I have found this paper quite remarkable and relevant for the situation of LENR too...

The real problem
It looks like scientists and philosophers might have made consciousness far more mysterious than it needs to be


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  2. Peter
    Interesting Articles


    1. /news/2016-11-scientists-atoms-single-particle-precision.

  3. Regarding:

    Enigmatic E-Cat of Andrea Rossi and the Unitary Quantum Theory
    by Leo G. Sapogin, Vladimir A. Dzhanibekov, Yuri A. Ryabov

    Did you notice the term “catalyst poisoning”. This is caused when a fermion isotope(Lithium 6) is mixed in with a boson isotope (lithium 7)

    Did you also notice that Rossi did not answer Hank Mills request for info
    November 2, 2016 at 10:13 PM

    This is Rossi's secret to getting his reaction going without meltdown. That is, the proper adjustment of the Lithium 6 to Lithium 7 ratio in the fuel. The proper adjustment is a Lithium 7 percentage above natural abundance. For example, the Lugano Li7 ratio was 94%. Lithium 6 acts as a moderator with too much LI6 in the fuel killing the reaction.

  4. Nytimes: I do find the fact that Internet is becoming more and more untrustworthy very depressing. It is slowly moving into chaos, the lowest state of enthalpy.
    Maybe we need to make a 'system' that holds the Thruth of everything. But how can we assure that it cannot be corrupted?

    1. The only way I see is to began with people You really believe in.
      From life it is Your family (mother and father).
      Regarding LENR first person is Peter. Never mind if he is sometimes mistanken. I fill, he do not meslead us.

    2. Indeed, that would be a nice start, although my parents don't live anymore. Maybe it is better first to indicate those who can't be trusted like politicians, advocates, business men etc. But will anyone be left? Scientist and their scientific method are reasonably trustworthy, but money starts to play a dubious role there too.
      We would need to make a new 'system': Well payed smart scientists separated on an island, checking the Truth and eachother and filling the truth-computer. Everyone can ask the computer for the truth, when they pay for it....A scenario for an interesting new book: The Thuth Machine

  5. Hank Mills
    November 2, 2016 at 10:13 PM
    Dear Andrea,

    1) Have you ever used an isotopically enriched form of LiAlH4 containing a larger than natural percentage of Li7?

    2) Do you think Bose Einstein Condensates form anywhere in or on the nickel powder particles in an active E-Cat?

    3) Would using elemental Li in a sealed reactor with the only source of hydrogen being LiAlH4 result in “competition” for hydrogen between the nickel and lithium atoms? For example, the lithium bonding with some percentage of the available hydrogen at temperatures below 680C to form lithium hydride (LiH).

    4) Would using LiH in combination with LiAlH4 and nickel, instead of elemental lithium, prevent such a “competition” for hydrogen below the breakdown point of lithium hydride?

    5) To produce the maximum hydrogen pressure inside of intergranular hydrogen bubbles during thermal shocking, should the hydrogen pressure external of the nickel particles (in the general atmosphere of the reactor) be lowered so as to increase the interior bubble pressure so it will be out of equilibrium with the environment? Basically, so that before rapid heating takes place, the pressure pushing in on the bubbles will already be less than the pressure inside the bubbles pushing outwards.

    6) When simply using heat for triggering, how many re-invigorations can a typical nickel “charge” endure until the tensile strength of the nickel is overcome and the lattice containing these bubbles are damaged to the point excess heat degrades: tens, hundreds, or thousands?

    7) In terms of consistent operation within desired parameters, which has proven to be reliable: the old style “hot cat” (Ni-LiAlH4) or the Quark?

    8) For those who try to claim that the Rossi Effect doesn’t work, palladium-deuterium LENR is the only system with convincing evidence, and there is no proof that nickel-hydrogen systems can produce more than single digits watts per gram of fuel, do you roll on the ground laughing due to all the periods of self sustained operation you have seen or do you lower your face into your palm in disbelief of their ridiculous statements?

    Thank you for your continued work and labor bringing the Rossi Effect to the commercial marketplace.


    Andrea Rossi
    November 3, 2016 at 4:29 PM
    Hank Mills:
    I am very sorry, but I cannot answer to your questions in positive or in negative,because confidential, with exception of the #8, to which I can only answer that I never comment the work of the competitors.
    Warm Regards,