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Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people. (Henry Thomas Buckle)
Q- discuss, OK. but what they think?


The well known quotation was now taken from David Gurteen's site excellent in Knowledge Management. It is more a slogan than a truth, obviously MINDs have to discuss about reality including how to improve it and how to build new realities- ideas  
More important possibly I think the size (quality) of minds is decided more about how it thinks not about what. You can show a small mind thinking and discussing stupidly about great ideas and you can demonstrate genius by understanding human creativity.
As our colleague Francesco Celani has stated too in his overview presented here yesterday, LENR needs fresh insight and that starts with new ideas, - it also needs events, breakthrough achievements and young dedicated researchers who will  translate the ideas in practise and the achievements in useful applications.
Will this be done on the way of scientific correctness or will be found shortcuts e.g. technological  as Rossi's ?


1) Marc Ellenbroek  LENR Event of yesterday

Marc says: Presentation about LENR/Cold Fusion for members of the ‘KIVI’. 
(The KIVI is the ‘Royal Dutch Society of Engineers’) 
On the 17th of November 2016 I was invited to give an introduction to ‘Cold Fusion’ for the local ‘Region East’ community of the KIVI. About a year ago I had offered to do this in a call for subjects. In the introduction I told my audience of about 20 engineers that I am sure the LENR is a reality and that I believe that it is wrongly not mentioned by the media and suppressed by the science community. I feel it as my duty to bring LENR into the open for the sake of humanity. The presentation is just an introduction to LENR which I have done on various occasions, obviously made up to date every time and slightly adapted to the audience. It starts with an historic overview introducing Irving Langmuir and from Pons and Fleischmann to Rossi. In this case I added a slide about theories of which I explained the basic principles/differences. After stipulating the obvious advances of LENR to other energy sources like no pollution and radiation, the enormous energy density and its potentials as a ‘micro to macro’ energy source I also go through the consequences of introducing LENR. I ended my presentation with details of where to find proper and balanced information on the internet like, and With this audience you can expect discussions about the detail. One of the discussions was about the role of LENR in the sun. I said that I believed that the heavy atoms (beyond 62Ni) can also be formed in the sun through LENR enabled transmutation. It is based on Luis Larson’s view on how LENR transmutes to the right across the rows of the periodic table in the direction of the heavier elements. As I am not physicist I was not able to convince and I had to refer to Larsen’s website (e.g. Another discussion was about Rossi. One of the audience members had prepared himself on Steven Krivit’s site as it seems (I forgot to ask). He said that Rossi had been rightly put in jail for polluting the environment when his ‘green to oil’ process didn’t work (I had said that it worked), as well as that Rossi had sold the knowhow of a ‘high efficiency thermopile’, that didn’t work after all. I wasn’t aware of that event. I have to check on that, but I told him that I am 95% sure that Rossi has what he is telling us and that I am 100% sure that LENR is real. Obviously we talked about why LENR has such a lack of publication in the main media and that it isn’t supported by the governments. I told them about the fact that Cold Fusion became a ‘Pseudo science’ after Pons and Fleischmann and that it was deliberately pushed in that corner for many thinkable reasons. The ‘Reputation Trap’ still rules, but I also believe politicians fear the chaos when LENR breaks through. In general the audience were very pleased with my presentation and they would certainly follow the developments more closely, so I believe I have reached my goal. I hope to do this more often. 
Marc Ellenbroek, The Netherland

The slides of Mrc are here, well written and organized perfectly translatable with Google Translate

2) The official web-site of the Italian LENR scientist Fulvio Frisone

3) At the Miami Court Pacermonitor 

Thursday, November 17, 2016
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A LENR+ like progress for GM plants

Local grid solution for global energy transition
Date:November 17, 2016
Source:Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO
What will intelligent, decentralized energy management look like in the future? A research team is exploring how to efficiently coordinate energy producers, storage systems, and consumers as well as how to test the innovative technologies required. The research parking garage houses 30 charging spots for electric vehicles, Europe’s fastest high-speed charging station, as well as Europe’s first hydrogen storage system based on LOHC technology.


  1. Marc

    Good too see you have the courage
    to stand before 20
    Engineers and discuss LENR.


  2. would it be possible for Marc Ellenbroek to write this presentation in english, we have thousands who would like to view this.

    1. I will do Anonymus and I hope others stand up and tell the story as well.
      It will take a short while. I'll publish it via your site, Peter, is that OK?

  3. Peter, Thank you for putting it so prominently into your blog. I feld really honered when I saw it!
    Kind regards, Marc

  4. dear Marc,

    it is your merit and worth, an excellent and attractive Opus.
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