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What a nasty, unfair question!

A. More about sparks and LENR

Spark- a metaphor for creativity, spark as a real flying mini-object. My instinct of technologist says that single sparks- doing their job -starting fire are more rational than sparks at plural. Sparks are stimuli of th LENR process, possible the real secret is smart use of combinations of stimuli.
If we speak about sparks, we have to mention Defkalion and Yiannis Hadjichristos
whose technology used repetitive sparking stimulation of the process with repeated sparking. Sparks were used to bring hydrogen in its Rydberg form very active.
Eventually the system failed- when spark plugs were replaced with a more aggressive method- due to insoluble material problems. I consider iy counterproductive to discard with hostility their know-how- as much as it is published. They had valuable ideas.
The famous Gamberale Report describes a possibility of error (reverse flow in the flowmeter) but this is an error and only the enemies of the NiH system, are equating a negative, uncontrollable error with a positive, controlled constructive scam- showing positive fake results. Our research work illiterates live in a a-technical or even anti-technical world with a different logic. It is waste of time to discuss with them.
By the way Luca Gamberale- what has he achieved, where does he work for LENR now? No papers, no presentations no patent, he was together with the European Branch of the Widom-Larsen theorists (Widom, Srivastava etc.) at LENR Cities - that ceased to exist. 


A successful Communist leader and dictator who survived miraculously in the very proximity of the greatest democratic and capitalist super-power even after the collapse of the communist system in Eurasia. OK, death is excellent for reputation and popularity but it s obvious that many Cubans loved him despite .. you well know what. A part of the explanation is that dictatorships are in some ways more effective, more efficient, less probletent than democracies; dictatorship destroys  disturbing diversity-, diminishes inequality,and please consider that the decisive keyword and difference is Discipline- on many levels and in a broad game of forms. And decision-taking- a great burden for many people - not an issue in a dictatorship - remember "Der Fuhrer denkt fur uns alle" (Hitler thinks for us all) or "Mussolini ha sempre ragione" (Mussolini is always right). Or "Stalin the Father of the people". We have executed our Ceausescu- so he was not a successful dictator. NOR is Ghaddafi and more of his colleagues removed by the Arab Spring but is the world, are the liberated people happier , much happier than before? Things are more complicated and negative than they seem. It is time to finish this thread here. Each professiom produces a few geniuses, Fidel was a genius dictator.


This actually is aimed to the leading LENR Forum; it is my impression that there is a deepening communication crisis. I wrote many times about the diseases, the 7
deadly sins of the Web Forums

1. Dilutitis- mixing few relevant and important things with increasing amounts of insignicant trivia.

 2. Detailitis- losing the vision of the whole and inflating the sense of small details 

3. Dispersitis- starting and organizing too many uncorrelated decisions in the same time- a damaging waste of times and ideas.

4. Disfocusitis focusing the discussions on invented , false or improper subjects-
a form of manipulating the forumists

5. Defrostitis- the method by which the past sabotages the future and poisons the present- periodically old, already settled or clearly unsolvable old events or ideas are extracted from their graves- or taken out from the memory fridge and thoroughly discussed

6. Disputitis- the gradual conversion of the Forum in battlefields, making conflicts as the standard state of the forum, importing and disseminating hatred, envy, quarrel scandals, offenses in the forum.

7. DIctatoritis- the last, deadeliest one: organized groups trying to divide, dominate and conquer the forum imposing their ideas, methods nad interests as dominant, eliminating anything not conform with what they want. A n]mentality of "who is not with us is againts us and has to go" and who thinks differently from us is idiot, mentally ill or senile.
Should I continue? You know well these people.

D) Saying strange but very interesting things: Dmitri Chukichev

This Ukrainian researcher has an original theory - not published papers found just videos and I need help and some time to understand his ideas. Anyway he thinks 
that the modification of the crystalline structure of nickel is the key to the performances of the Rossi generator. See his presentations here
Compare this with what Defkalion has claimed in their last publication: 
We introduced a method to turn the Ni Face Centered Cubic crystals close to a C4 or a Pm3m structure,  removing all of the face atoms and some Ni atoms in the edges, using a proprietary technique and take advantage of FCCàBCC transitions in situ

The search for a more open structure? The wy to receptive nickel?


Alchemy and electroenergetics Andrea Rossi, Transmutation of elements
Алхимия в электроэнергетике. Андреа Росси. Трансмутация элементов by Aleksei Diavchenko 

November 27, 2016 at 7:43 AM

Dear Andrea Rossi:
Have you been able to resolve the problem of the broken QuarkX?
Will this event delay the presentation of it?
Thank you for your daily updates and your immense work,

Andrea Rossi
November 27, 2016 at 8:28 AM

Yes, we resolved the problem and understood it in full yesterday night. It was a problem in the control system, not in the QuarkX. No delays for it.
Warm Regards,


Ask Ethan: Why Must Time Be A Dimension? (Synopsis)


Are you a blamer or a problem solver?
The Only Difference: Mindset


  1. Cubans loved castro under the threat of sure death and long prison terms. Castro secret service all highly trained in the old eastern europe.

  2. Quote from point 1 above;

    "They had valuable ideas.
    The famous Gamberale Report describes a possibility of error (reverse flow in the flowmeter) but this is an error and only the enemies of the NiH system, are equating a negative, uncontrollable error with a positive, controlled constructive scam- showing positive fake results. "

    Everyone accepts that errors can be made in all sorts of research to produce incorrect results. What they don't accept is that when the errors are pointed out, the so called scientists steadfastly refuse to modify the test or re-work the test procedure to eliminate the point of error. They bat on with the same dubious results, quoting them as if they were proven truths when they are not, until such time as they have either exhausted everyone's tolerance for such stupidity or have distracted them with something new. If none of these options are available they simply pack up and disappear.
    So, if they hadn't surrounded the announcements of the supposed good ideas with so many rash and unproven claims, their supposed good ideas may have been taken more seriously.

    In the case of Defkalion, they really did try to establish their 'good ideas' on a very shaky basis, and that was on the basis of Mr Rossi's e-cat, which by the time of end 2011 had been reasonably well shown in a number of videos to be almost certainly inoperable.
    That was not a good basis to establish any new science or device and then expect it to be wholeheartedly accepted, or even halfheartedly accepted, without very close scrutiny as to whether it actually worked or not.
    Unfortunately for Defkalion, their device worked to a similar level as all of Mr Rossi's , both current and historical, and so were treated accordingly.
    If they or anyone else wants their similar brilliant ideas to be taken seriously they would be well advised to arrange their tests and demonstrations to be conducted in such a manner as to eliminate all areas of possible error before they proclaim to the world that they have the holy grail in their back pocket and expect that we take them at their word.
    Words are cheap and anyone can produce them.
    Working revolutionary ideas and devices are much more rare and difficult to produce.

    1. dear Peter,

      this time I dare to think you are not well documented. But let's focus now on the Rossi stuff.
      Can you predict what will happen during the trial?
      Are you sure?
      Do you have constructive ideas- forget Rossi and tell what has the LENR researcher to do?
      Are you one of them, or just an amateur?

    2. Me? Just an interested onlooker who, contrary to my education in engineering, and advice from friends and associates, once thought that Rossi probably had something spectacular. That was until October 2011 and until I saw the videos.

      The trial?
      I firmly believe Rossi knows he has nothing, and he has always known this, so I believe he will not allow this to go to court and risk this fact being made public by a court ruling.
      However, keeping in mind that Rossi always knew that he had nothing he would have made sure nothing in any written agreement specifically stated that the ecat works as he previously claimed.
      I noticed during the period of the association with IH, he changed his mantra from "a guaranteed COP of 6' to 'the results could be positive or negative.'
      However, from previous tests he also knew what to measure in the test and how to measure it to make it appear as though it worked, and also what not to measure; what to include in the ERV report and what to avoid. So if he thinks he can confine the courts attention to the points he knows might substantiate his case then he could still try his luck and take it all the way.
      My view is he would not win this because natural justice would recognize that the purpose of any paid for agreement would be to obtain the IP rights to a device which has commercial value, not obtain the worthless rights to a magic trick.
      Am I sure? No. Nobody can be sure in any court case because sometimes they come to the most unjust and unbelievable conclusions.

      Am I "one of them'? Gee, that's a bit vague.
      I suppose you mean am I a paid shill or dis-info agent so I will answer that.
      NO! Of course not. If people are being paid, can you please direct me to the paymaster and I will put in an application.

      I don't believe there are any paid dis-info agents in this matter, but if there are, I am certainly not one of them. They are not needed because Mr Rossi appears to be doing an adequate job all by himself of fueling his own demise with his constant utterances on his blog, even though he continually states he cannot say anything about the litigation in progress.

      So, apart from Rossi, do I have any advice on what other lenr researchers should do?
      Yes. First and foremost, when it comes to reporting events and results, keep it real. In this respect the guys at the MFMP seem to do that acceptably well. Even with all their enthusiasm over the years they report it as it is, not as they would like it to be.

      Realistically, the likelihood of success is on very long odds at the moment. But against all the advice of my educated friends who view my interest with great mirth, I still think it's worth researching even if it's only to confirm what is already expected.
      The cost? Well, if it's ok to spend a trillion dollars fighting a war in some far off sand pit just to make a political point then it's worth spending even a billion dollars if there is a small possibility that the end result might save the planet.
      However, from all I have seen I confidently predict, this will not come from Mr Rossi.

  3. Predicting the trial outcome:

    During deposition Rossi will have trouble producing people and he will seek extensions throughout 2017. No ERV report will be released due to non-disclosures.

    People who object to the Rssi show are herein villified due to the hypnotic effect the impressario has over his minions.

  4. Interesting Article

    1. OK, you have made this clear.
      I am waiting with pleasure your next contribution when the trial or lawsuit is over. Till then discussion futile and irrelevant.

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