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"In Science the worst kind of heretic is the one who dares to solve an unsolvable problem using an unorthodox method. (Peter Gluck)  
(I hope this saying was NOT anticipatively plagiarized)


My main three heretic LENR ideas:
a) Today in the LENR field, the quantity of unknowns is much greater 
and more important/relevant than what we know;

b) The Scientific Method alone, without the direct help of Technology is unable to solve the existential, cognitive and developmental problems of LENR;

c) the original standard, model, referential Pd D electrochemical Cold Fusion/LENR method is an incomplete, immature one, with no technological future.


1) Rossi: E-Cat Effect ‘Absolutely’ Fits Within Standard Model of Physics
Very interesting Transmutation by dust Fusion by George Egely

3) A must see/listen to video
Toward the end it speaks (well!) about LENR- our LENR leaders Mike McKubre, Peter Hagelstein as well as Brillouin's Robert Godes, Robert George and also Carl Page are pleading for LENR. 
Discussed here:
Brillouin Energy/Cold Fusion Covered in ‘Century of War’ Video

4)  A THREAD Unified Gravity Corp: New Website, Open for "serious" replications

5) From Andrea Rossi's JONP
Torbjorn Johnsen
November 19, 2016 at 5:26 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi:
Must all good forces protect our Andrea!
My question: what minimum knowledge is required for the operator of a 1 MW E-Cat beyond the specific training from your personnel?
Best regards,
Andrea Rossi
November 19, 2016 at 7:06 PM

Torbjorn Johnsen:
Thank you for your kind wishes!
Answer: the matter of the fact is that the 1 MW plants will be well controlled in automatic, so there will not be a dedicated operator. Any good technician of a factory can be trained to become a certified operator and he will not have to stay in the plant permanently, just check it now and again. We can provide him with an application that sends an alert when necessary and he will know what to do case by case.
Warm Regards,

6) Not new but tis model is remarkable, cannot be ignored!
Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev
World Institute for Scientific Exploration, USA
Title: Physical Models of LENR Processes Using the BSM-SG Atomic Models

7) About Brilliant LIght Power in German


There is a new slant on reality taking hold in physics that started about a decade ago which will eventually show the way on LENR. This change in the way science sees the cosmos is a slow process. For example, it took general relativity a century to become foundational in the logic of science. Looking at reality as information will also take a century to become firmly planted in the general perception of reality. The catch phrase in LENR, “be patient”. 

"For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay."


Sent by AXIL- thanks!
Why quantum mechanics might need an overhaul

Renewable Energy on Google +

From Cold Fusion's arch-enemy:
Ask Ethan: What’s so ‘spooky’ about quantum entanglement? (Synopsis)


Make solving problems your business


  1. In reference to point 1. above;
    "1) Rossi: E-Cat Effect ‘Absolutely’ Fits Within Standard Model of Physics"
    This statement by Rossi is very true, and it's true because the heating effect in all of his so far demonstrated devices is generated by way of the electric heating elements. These most certainly work within the standard models of physics. Nobody disputes that.
    What we are still waiting for is a device which can be proven to be generating energy from a LENR process.
    Had the supposed COP of 50 been truly obtained in the recent 1MW tests, we would now have a factory spitting out 1MW plants at a very rapid rate. Rossi reported soon after the test ended, that three more had been sold, the same type as that tested, to be delivered within three to six months.
    We are still waiting.
    Instead we are fed a daily update about a 20 watt version with uncertain attributes on an indefinite approach to sigma-5, as if that achievment in itself would be some worthwhile destination. It isn't. It's certainly just another step in an ever lengthening string of stepping stones of further 12 month delays, waiting for this, waiting for that, waiting for ???.
    If the 1MW plant in it's present form really did exhibit a COP of 50 as per the ERV report, as claimed by Mr Rossi, it is eminently suitable for immediate production, even if the model is superseded in another year or two.
    Rossi had previously said as much himself. Now he ignores that previously stated aim. For myself, I would only do that if I knew the results were unreal and fabricated.

  2. Rossi's IH litigation attempt was predicted in advance by those he calls "The Snakes", and follows a fairly standard scam path. I am stunned they gave him any money in the first place.

  3. Cold Fusion/LENR… wet cell <dry cell <solid state < ??? art evolves… Humanities first drawings were not a dead end…

    Always room for improvement, no?

    I love scientific dissertations…

    This was sent by a friend who peruses dissertations for an international corporation. Sort of like a talent scout...

    I enjoyed reading it. This dissertation is like soaking up a great science lesson. I also see it as an example that scientific theory is progressing along many fronts. In this dissertation the author exhibits knowledge of many different theoretical models and utilizes many of them. I believe that theorists will provide keys to mastering the low energy nuclear reactive environment in ways that are hardly imaginable at this time. As the field enters advanced research and applied engineering LENR theory will then begin to manifest through the advanced application of many existing theoretical nuclear models being used today.

    "Hyperon Interaction in Free Space and Nuclear Matter Within a SU(3) Based Meson Exchange Model"


    zur Erlangung des Grades eines
    Doktors der Naturwissenschaften
    (Dr. rer. nat.)

    by Madhumita Dhar
    aus Cooch-Behar, Indien

    Institut fu ̈r Theoretische Physik
    Justus-Liebig-Universit ̈at
    Gießen, Germany
    June, 2016


    To establish the connection between free space and in-medium hyperon-nucleon interactions is the central issue of this thesis. The guiding principle is flavor SU(3) symmetry which is exploited at various levels. In first step hyperon-nucleon and hyperon- hyperon interaction boson exchange potential in free space are introduced. A new parameter set applicable for the complete baryon octet has been derived leading to an updated one-boson- exchange model, utilizing SU(3) flavor symmetry, optimizing the number of free parameters involved, and revising the set of mesons included. The scalar, pseudoscalar, and vector SU(3) meson octets are taken into account. T-matrices are calculated by solving numerically coupled linear systems of Lippmann-Schwinger equations obtained from a 3-D reduced Bethe-Salpeter equa- tion. Coupling constants were determined by χ2 fits to the world set of scattering data. A good description of the few available data is achieved within the imposed SU(3) constraints.

    Having at hand a consistently derived vacuum interaction we extend the ap- proach next to investigations of the in-medium properties of hyperon interaction, avoiding any further adjustments. Medium effect in infinite nuclear matter are treated microscopically by recalculating T-matrices by an medium-modified system of Lippmann-Schwinger equations. A particular important role is played by the Pauli projector accounting for the exclusion principle. The presence of a background me- dium induces a weakening of the vacuum interaction amplitudes. Especially coupled channel mixing is found to be affected sensitively by medium. Investigation on scattering lengths and effective range parameters are revealing the density dependence of the interaction on a quantitative level.

  4. Eric said: “Your community doesn’t shift resources into following up each others’ “breakthroughs,” even as they tout each one as being so great that it will remake society in a mere few years. This is a pretty reasonable sign that even cold fusion *supporters* don’t believe what other cold fusion supporters are shoveling. Its more like the homeopathic industry; multiple efforts to run the same shill in parallel, rather than a scientific community slowly converging on new knowledge.”

    The developers of LERN are a jealous and malevolent crew. They hate each other with a passion. They try to put each other out of business, pick over the rotting bones of the weak and bankrupted victims and try to steal each other’s methods from the survivors. Most LENR developers have gone dark to protect themselves. Some LENR developers have gotten their lawyers to issue cease and desist orders warning of impending judicial enforcement of their Intellectual property on anybody who even attempts to replicate their work; others protect their Intellectual property with lawsuits. Currently, there are millions of dollars being spent on lawyers, court cases and propagandists to professionally slander and discredit the competition. LENR is where angels fear to tread. The past is preamble to this sad state of affairs. Remember what happened to Edison and Tesla at the hands of big money. LENR is not a game for the faint of heart or the pure and tender angles of science. LENR is like a prize fight where blood and teeth spray from the ring, but it’s fun for those who like that sort of show.

  5. Tyler Bozak
    November 21, 2016 at 12:43 PM
    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
    I have the sensation that the QuarkX results are “too good to be true” and for this reason you are so conservative before introducing it. Am I correct?

    Andrea Rossi
    November 21, 2016 at 3:05 PM
    Tyler Bozak:
    You are correct.
    Warm Regards,

    1. Well, that's encouraging. And there was me thinking it was all just another sham.
      But to be consistent with all the priors, I think I might just go with the description "Too good to be true".

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