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There's a difference between fair game and playing games. (Hillary Clinton)

Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not to destroy an opponent. (Maxwell Maltz)

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a) Legacy of Cold Fusion/LENR ACS mode

See please 1) a release from the American  Society, a  sequel of the Ritter paper that  stated "cold fusion died 25 years ago"

The legacy is not  a happy one and it is our duty to explain what it is false in this-

"Since the initial claim imploded, the general consensus in the scientific community has been that the phenomenon simply isn't possible. But a few researchers have independently reported similar experiments that have produced excess heat, if in underwhelming amounts. But consistently reproducing results has been an elusive goal. No one has put forth an accepted theory that would explain such energy generation. No commercial product based on the effect has successfully made it to the market. And those pursuing commercial opportunities have often come off as hucksters, further dampening interest in low-energy nuclear reactions or similar research."
Let's take the things as they are this comes from the American Chemical Society not from physicists, hot-fusionists, oil merchants and despite this it is pretty discouraging. Can we, our community organize discussions with these chemists in order to demonstrate that the legacy is not quite so bad? What do you think?
The release speaks about Randy Mills too in the context of LENR. Randy does not like to be associated with us, he says CF is impossible. I think hydrino is a different beast, a cousin, not LENR at all. We have to explain this too to ACS.
Enter Brilliant Light Power (BLP). The New Jersey-based company claims that it has found a way to shrink hydrogen atoms into "hydrinos," a term it has coined and trademarked. The process generates a huge amount of energy, says BLP founder Randell Mills, and the company is poised to release a commercial device next year that can harness this reaction to power homes and businesses at a fraction of the cost of current energy technologies. Many scientists harbor serious doubts about the device and expect yet another disappointment
b) The name of the game

So Donald Trump (does this name  rhyme with Ronald Reagan?) has surprisingly won the election game - see my explanation of yesterday. What was the name of the game? Was it similar n some respect with chess, Go, poker or other known games?  It is over my head- I just received the 'Economist' saying with kind of wordplay "demography was destiny for democrats."

In LENR land we will learn the name of the game for the legal conflict called  Rossi vs  Darden.
Who will win? And what will win- great technology or great money? History written or history re-written? Ask the Mottoes too, please!


What the 'cold fusion' debacle has revealed

1a,b) American Chemical Society News Release on Cold Fusion
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Experiments and Methods in Cold Fusion Proceedings of the first French Symposium RNBE-2016 on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (Réactions Nucléaires à Basse Énergie), March 18–20, 2016 VOLUME 21, November 2016


A Tribute to Georges Lonchampt 1 Jean-Paul Biberian 

An Historical Experiment of Neutron Detection Near an Electrolytic Cell 7 Michel Buxerolle and Jacques Kurkdjian 

Characterization of Energy Fluxes in LENR Reactors –Excess Heat, Coefficient of Performance and Conditions for Self-sustained Operation 13 Jacques Ruer 

Proton Conductors: Nanometric Cavities, H2 Precipitates under Pressure, and Rydberg Matter Formation 26 François de Guerville 

Relativity and Electron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom 40 J.L. Paillet and A. Meulenberg The Dark side of Gravity and LENR 59 Frederic Henry-Couannier 

Investigations of the Lugano HotCat Reactor 81 Mathieu Valat, Alan Goldwater, Robert Greenyer, Robert Higgins and Ryan Hunt

How much money was invested in LENR research since F&P

4) Chinese LENR Theorist Li Switches to Weak Interactions

5) Andrea Rossi: l’E-Cat QuarkX verra’ presentato sia in Svezia che negli USA

6) KELEA (Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction) Offers an Alternative Explanation to Existing Concepts Regarding Wave-Particle Duality, Cold Fusion and Superconductivity
Journal of Modern Physics, 2016, 7, 1995-2007

Existing explanations for several major phenomena in physics may need to be reconsidered in light of the description of a natural force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction). Three examples are selected for discussion in this paper: i) The proposed wave-particle duality of electrons; ii) cold fusion; and iii) superconductivity. The current interpretations of these enigmatic concepts are incomplete and not fully validated by scientific methods. The observations underlying these processes are seemingly consistent with KELEA acting as a repelling force between opposite electrical charges. Relatively simple experiments can be designed to either confirm or exclude KELEA in these and in various other currently perplexing physical phenomena. 
Keywords KELEA, Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction, LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, Wave-Particle Duality, Double Slit Experiment, Cold Fusion, Deuterium, Palladium, Superconductivity, Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, Brown’s Gas, Electrolysis, Activated Water

7) A German LENR Forum is here:

8) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Italo R.
November 10, 2016 at 12:21 PM

Dear Dr. Rossi, have you had fun reading those 1000 pages? I hope so.
Kind Regards,
Italo R.
Andrea Rossi
November 10, 2016 at 2:37 PM

Italo R.:
I did. This morning I delivered and discussed them with my Attorneys, and got the good news that next days I’ll get 20 000 ( twenty thousands ) pages to go through.
I can’t wait to get all that fun.
Warm Regards,


An important quotation:
Distinguishing the signal from the noise requires both scientific knowledge and self-knowledge.” -Nate Silver  
from  a good paper about statistical error written by an enemy of Cold fusion
The Science of Error: how polling botched the 2016 election (Synopsis)

Yes, subjects as weaknesses of statistics are important beyond elections:
Pollsters struggle to explain failures of US presidential forecasts
Most surveys did not predict Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton.

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