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DEC 01, 2016 LENR


Image result for quotation winning is habitImage result for quotation winning is habit

So, Magnus Carlsen has won he World Chess Championship. With a splendid last move.


I inform you with sadness that my question of yesterday regarding the organization of ICCF21 by IH, seems to be a victim of Derailitis- a standard sickness of the forums (not necessary o define) - the discussion was deviated up to e.g. the intellectual virtues and performances of Mary Yugo and to a exercise in meta cognition. Some forumists wanted to correlate the answer Y/N- when? with the potential winner of the Rossi vs Darden lawsuit

I was captivated by the title (not the content) of a paper- in Russian BTW:

 Is the complete reconstruction of history is it necessary?
Two ideas;
a) I sincerely think history of classic LENR  needs re-construction, I have explained mny times why and how.
b) I see the efforts of the IH part to reconstruct/rewrite the history of the 1MW test as futile, there are too amny data, mesurements, facts, witnesses, proofs supporting the true history of it.


1) More details about the ENEA Meeting for LENR:


Opening Ore 10:00- 10.10 Apertura Ing. Carla Cappiello Presidente dell’Ordine degli Ingegneri della provincia di Roma 

Greetings Saluti dell’Agenzia ospite Ing. Aldo Pizzuto - Direttore Dipartimento Fusione e Tecnologie Sicurezza Nucleare ENEA 

Greetings Ore 10:10 –10:20 Saluti ed introduzione ai lavori Ing. A. Taglioni / E. Vocaturo Presidenti Area Nucleare e Commissione Ricerca Innovativa dell’Ordine degli Ingegneri 

Why a seminar about LENR? Ore 10:20 – 10:30 Perché un seminario sulle LENR Ing. M. Sepielli - Vice-Presidente della Commissione Ricerca e Reattori innovativi Ordine degli Ingegneri 

Col,d Fusion-state of research and the main scientific risults Ore 10:30 - 12:30 La fusione fredda: stato della ricerca e principali risultati scientifici Ing. Vittorio Violante (ENEA) 

LENR triggered by instability and nanomechanical vibrations, from yje geochemical evolution of the Planet to Cold Fusion. Ore 14:00 - 16:00 LENR indotte da instabilità e vibrazioni nanomeccaniche: dalla evoluzione geochimica del pianeta alla fusione fredda Prof. Alberto Carpinteri (Politecnico di Torino) 

Ore 16:00 Q&A

2) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

November 30, 2016 at 7:26 PM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
We noticed that you are answering with a delay of many hours to the comments of the readers in these days. Any particular reason?

Andrea Rossi
November 30, 2016 at 8:28 PM

Yes, you are right and I am sorry.
The problem is that in these days, in particular this week, the activity with my Attorneys is enormous, we are going through thousands of documents and I am working for this most of my time, reserving the night for the QuarkX. This is a period of enormous effort in the context of the litigation. At the same time the work on the QuarkX has to be made. Anyway, I answer late, but still answer every day to all, with great pleasure, as soon as I have some free moment.
Warm Regards,

3) Now discussed here:
Water Behavior Surprises — Freezing at High Temperatures in Carbon Nanotubes

4, 4a 4b) Parkhomov- long term test & flow calorimetry
Длительные испытания никель-водородных теплогенераторов в проточном калориметре А.Г. Пархомов
Commented here:
Parkhomov: New Long Term Test Paper Published

New Reports from Alexander Parkhomov: Excess Heat Production and Isotopic Shifts in E-Cat Replication Attempt

5) From Gregory Goble
Interesting to note that this LENR article was the November 2016 'Cover Story', published in the American Chemical Society journal 'Chemical and Engineering News'.
you can compare the two variants of the paper

6) Thanks to Sam North for this paper (that I have missed, it's from June):
Randell L. Mills – A Living Legend, Greater Than Einstein and Tesla Combined

7) Abstract of this paper:
Excess Thermal Energy In The Cell Loaded With Mixture of Ni Powder And Li[AlH4]
Authors: Nguyen-Kuok, Shi; Malakhov, Yury; Korotkikh, Ivan
APS Gaseous Electronics Conference 2016, abstract #MW6.027
Publication Date: 09/2016
Interest has significantly increased in the study of Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions. Especially after the publication of the test results from Andrea Rossi's high-temperature heat source that operates on a mixture of Nickel powder and Lithium Aluminum Hydride. Initial experiments showed that the reaction is unstable; occurring in a narrow temperature range (in practice, it is outside the melting temperature of the fuel materials). In this work we describe the design of the heat generator, the calorimetric method for measuring the amount of heat energy. The results demonstrate excess heat during heating the powder mixture of Ni and Li[AlH4] to temperatures ranging from 1030-1140 °C. The generator did not expose an X-ray photographic emulsion.

Superconductivity is central to the LENR reaction because it brings coherence as an indispensable catalytic factor to the LENR reaction. 

The LENR reaction is produced by a greatly amplified weak force interaction with matter that destabilizes nuclear matter through coherence. 

Like any other subatomic particle, protons and neutrons are inherently unstable. They just appear stable because of their long half lives. The supersymmetry (SUSY) prediction of the grand unification theories, such as the SU(5) Georgi–Glashow model and SO(10) is on the order of 10e34–10e36 yr

Particle physics is based on finding supersymmetry to complete the standard model. Not finding proton decay would mean that the standard model was wrong.

To produce proton decay through coherence, it is important to find the conditions where superconductivity persists at high temperatures up to 7000K where some instances of the LENR reaction have been observed. 

In this system, an interesting observation about how the weak force is operating in LENR

"Spectrometer X-123SDD records soft X radiation (0.1 - 30 keV) in heterogeneous plasmoid. X-receiver is arranged at different cross sections of PVR testing section and cross sections behind nozzle at L = 1 ÷ 100 cm from it. 

• Heterogeneous plasmoid behind PVR nozzle is γ-radioactive. Soft X-radiation 100 - 10000 eV from this plasmoid. X-radiation decrement is very small (radiation intensity decrease is about 20% at L = 100 cm)"

At the very tip of the reaction nozzle, there is gamma radiation produced by the weak force decay. But over a very short time as the plasma moves away from the reaction nozzle at supersonic speeds, even though the reaction temperature is initially 7000K or more, the level of radiation is reduced in stages until at L = 100cm, the x-ray energy level is nominal at 30 keV. This nominal 30 keV x-ray level is the level reported by Defkalion in their system using spark discharge.

Other systems using laser irradiation of various transition metal nanostructures show both the formation of tritium and its rapid decay as a simultaneous operation. The laser brings coherence to the LENR reaction as a catalyst for weak force amplification.


"Tritium is another unstable isotope with half-life of 12.2 years. It would be interesting to induce its beta-decay by exposure to laser radiation, as it was done previously for other nuclides. In this work we demonstrate for the first time the nuclear synthesis and decay of Tritium under laser exposure of various targets in D2O."
I like these laser based experiments that reveal in the most basic terms what is happening in the bare bones LENR reaction. 


First signs of weird quantum property of empty space?
Neutron star may confirm 80-year-old prediction about the vacuum
Date:November 30, 2016
Source:European Southern Observatory - ESO
By studying the light emitted from an extraordinarily dense and strongly magnetized neutron star, astronomers may have found the first observational indications of a strange quantum effect, first predicted in the 1930s. The polarization of the observed light suggests that the empty space around the neutron star is subject to a quantum effect known as vacuum birefringence.
Physics, photosynthesis and solar cells
Date:November 30, 2016
Source:University of California - Riverside
Researchers have combined quantum physics and photosynthesis to make discovery that could lead to highly efficient, green solar cells, outlines a new report.

For completion of the Editorial of yesterday
What to Do When You’ve Made a Bad Decision by Dorie Clark

And also about decisions and a book:
Visual Intelligence: Make Better High-Stakes Decisions



    1. Very nice, dear Sam@I know well the games and lifes of the great Chan=mpions sa
      tarting with Steinitz.It is demoralizing that computer programs can defeat the best human players in chess and now also in Go (I wrote about this)
      Now chess is a collateral hobby for me.
      I am focused on this Blog- using it also as life organizer- it keeps me busy. And living

  2. Peter
    Computers will not replace a great pianist.

    Gould and Fischer where similar oddball
    Geniuses and both had balls.


    1. Dear Sam,

      In morepeacful conditions, we could discuss bout genius and madness. Not if our focus is LENR- a collection f very nasty insolvable WICKED problems.
      best wishes,

  3. Peter
    2 Bobbys,Glenn and Martin
    Research Lenr
    Chess and music to keep your mind sharp.
    A good healthy balance.
    When I think of it even A.R. took a night off
    from the Doral one year test to listen to music.

    1. Dear Sam,
      yu are a clairvoyant- yesterday I made a muicla discovery- see in the blog



  4. Peter
    Interesting find and also interesting that
    your wife and you just stumbled across it.
    Reminds me of how i find information on the internet.
    sometimes I find interesting information when not
    even looking.



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