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The word TROLL - Internet troll is younger than me Before learning about the nasty trolls my immediate reaction-connection to the ord was this musical piece by Edvard Grieg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci9DbTn6b9E


 a) Russ George  teaches me to use a better word

Regarding the 4th column that attacks LENR, Russ advised me: 

like most basically good people you ignore the really dastardly. Your list of the kinds of people in your column leaves out the most dastardly those being the TROLLS... Trolls behave the way they do simply to garner any attention... there is no deeper reason behind them other than that they are pitiful twisted malcontents who hate their own lives and live only to poison other peoples lives... we all recognize who are the troll of lenr to be. Social media is Troll heaven. 

He is right- those a aggressive and noisy denialist-negationist-conspiration theorists are, at least functionally speaking- trolls.

b) A returning angry Anonymous dislikes what I wrote yesterday (too)
However he completely misunderstands me. He wrote

Just can't stop bashing Pons and Fleischmann, can you. YOU are doing more damage to LENR than your supposed "fifth column" of "classic cold fusionists" by creating a divide where none exists. THE factor inhibiting ALL cold fusion research is lack of funding, and has been ever since the hot fusion types tried and almost attempted to strangle CF in its cradle. Look at the efforts in your beloved "LENR+" (which doesn't exist....LENR is LENR). Badly funded efforts run in garages and living rooms, or bootlegged outside normal hours at professional labs. Wake up and smell the coffee!

It has been the efforts of those "classic LENR" types that have managed to keep the field alive AT ALL, and built up a solid background of sound research data sufficient to convince non-standard sources of funding to provide some small grants, but compared to funding for comparablly understood things (for instance "high temperature superconductivity") that is about as close to non-existent as it can get and still exist. 

Telling that somebody had no luck is not a negative opinion. The weakness of Pd D is in no way due to some error or lack of creativity of the Founders. On the contrary discovering LENR in very bad and hostile circumstances, in a place where it barely exists, is a supplementary proof of their genius. Lack of funding is only an aggravating factor- I have made bets here that even with billions of dollars funding, the essential problems of he cradle system will NOT be solved because they cannot be solved at all, THERE- (Djinn in the Bottle) I had the privilege to discuss with Martin Fleischmann himself (at ASTI-1997) what has happened at IMRA-FRANCE. It is obvious that the Founders were oppressed and attacked unjustly however with solid reliable experimental results they could win. And it was not a problem of lack of funding only. Today ENEA and SKINR are not poor and where is the awaited PdD breakthrough. 
We will see if LENR+ exist or not. I have predicted it.
I think researchers insisting to work with the PdD electrolytic system, wet, dirty, cool
who do not accept the high temperature, deep degassing and stimulation systems, not using technology in combination with Science are sine qua non conditions of a working productive system- have no future. It is also counterproductive to deny the possibilities of the transition metal-hydrogen systems a la Pianteli and a la Rossi . NiH is an industrial possibility but it is- in historical vision also a pilot or a technical guinea pig- better metals can be W or, why not , Fe. Watch the field for 30-50 years and you will see.


1) New at the Miami Court Pacermonitor

Monday, December 05, 2016
84 misc Transcript Mon 3:41 PM 
TRANSCRIPT of the Motion Hearing and Status Conference held on 10/14/16, before Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga, 1-60 pages, Court Reporter: Stephanie McCarn, 305-523-5518 / Stephanie_McCarn@flsd.uscourts.gov. Transcript may be viewed at the court public terminal or purchased by contacting the Court Reporter/Transcriber before the deadline for Release of Transcript Restriction. After that date it may be obtained through PACER. Redaction Request due 12/27/2016. Redacted Transcript Deadline set for 1/5/2017. Release of Transcript Restriction set for 3/6/2017. (smn)
83 order Order Mon 3:24 PM 
ORDER denying as moot69 Joint MOTION TO DISMISS50 Answer to Complaint, Third Party Complaint, Counterclaim, FOR FAILURE TO STATE A CLAIM as to Counts III, IV, and V filed by Henry Johnson, United States Quantum Leap, LLC, Fulvio Fabiani, James A. Bass, J.M. Products, Inc. Signed by Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga on12/5/2016. (ps1)

2) The collection of all the legal papers in the Conflict
Rossi v. Darden case files downloaded by Abd ul-Rahman Lomax

3) Rossi Interview in Italian Elements Magazine http://www.e-catworld.com/2016/12/05/rossi-interview-in-italian-elements-magazine/


5) Fleischmann Project Makes an Intriguing Statement

Nature Article - Effect of Ni on Magnesium Hydride Performance

6) Philosophical Storm: the E-Cat of Andrea Rossi was replicated by Russian Scientists

Философский штурм e-cat Андре Росси повторен российскими учеными-2

7) Philosophical Storm: Randell Mills and Simon Brink

Философский штурм "Гидрино: Randell Mills и Simon Brink"

8)Simon Brink "Method and Details for Creation of a Spectacular Brilliant Light Flash Potentially Resulting from Hydrino Formation"


9) Does exist a plausible theory of cold fusion? (English)

Есть ли правдоподобная теория холодного синтеза


10) Vyacheslav Golovanov:" Cold Nuclear fusion: experiment generate energy that do not need to exist"

Вячеслав Голованов "Холодный ядерный синтез: эксперименты создают энергию, которой не должно быть"

Translations of more papers from English in Russian

(NOTE- on the SEPLM.LENR,RU. site, there are links to papers known by us:  
11) Novel Role of Superfluidity in Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions 
Piotr Magierski1,2 , Kazuyuki Sekizawa1 , Gabriel Wlaz lowski1,2 
1-Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, Ulica Koszykowa 75, 00-662 Warsaw, Poland and 
2-Department of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195–1560, USA

We demonstrate, within symmetry unrestricted time dependent density functional theory, the existence of new effects in low-energy nuclear reactions which originate from superfluidity. The dynamics of the pairing field induces solitonic excitations in the colliding nuclear systems, leading to qualitative changes in the reaction dynamics. The solitonic excitation prevents collective energy dissipation and effectively suppresses capture cross section. We demonstrate how the variations of the total kinetic energy of the fragments can be traced back to the energy stored in the super- fluid junction of colliding nuclei. Both contact time and scattering angle in non-central collisions are significantly affected. The modification of the capture cross section and possibilities for its experimental detection are discussed.

12) About an Olafsson-Holmlid presentation in 2015:

8:00am EN+AS+EM+SE+SS-TuM1 Ultra-dense 
Hydrogen and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, 
Sveinn Olafsson, Science Institute, Physics department University of Iceland, 
L. Holmlid, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 

For over the last 25 years the science of cold fusion/LENR has been researched around the world with slow pace of progress. Modest quantity of excess heat and signatures of nuclear transmutation and helium production have been confirmed in experiments and theoretical work has resulted in a flora of possible theoretical scenarios. [1-2] Here we present energy production in several stages of surface processes that result first in the formation of Rydberg matter of Hydrogen [3] that can later condense in a new ultra-dense Hydrogen phase with 2.3 pm short bond distances. This phase is nuclear active showing break-even fusion reaction [7] under 100mW laser pulsing and slow spontaneous fusion occurring without laser pulsing[4,5,6]. The experimental work in around 30 publications is briefly reviewed and latest experimental results presented and discussed. In that work high-energy particles are detected from the spontaneous processes using scintillation and other similar detectors. Both spontaneous line-spectra and a spontaneous broad energy distribution similar to a betadecay distribution are observed indicating detection of particles such as muons. The broad distribution is concluded to be due to nuclear particles, giving straight-line Kurie-like plots. They are observed even at a distance of 3 m in air and have a total rate of 107 -1010 s-1. In the talk the link of these observation to Low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) or so called cold fusion will be discussed experimentally and theoretically. 
1. The science of low energy nuclear reaction. Storms E. World Scientific Publishing Company; 2007. 
2. The explanation of low energy nuclear reaction. Storms E. Ienergy Press; 2014. 
3. Review paper: Experimental Studies and Observations of Clusters of Rydberg Matter and Its Extreme Forms Leif Holmlid. J Clust Sci (2012) 23:5–34 
4. Spontaneous ejection of high-energy particles from ultra-dense deuterium D(0) Leif Holmlid and Sveinn Ólafsson Volume 40, Issue 33, 7 September 2015, Pages 10559–10567) 
5. Charged particle energy spectra from laser-induced processes: nuclear fusion in ultra-dense deuterium D(0) Leif Holmlid and Sveinn Ólafsson submitted 2015.
6. Muon detection studied by pulse-height energy analysis: Novel converter arrangements Leif Holmlid and Sveinn Ólafsson. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 86, 083306 (2015); 
7. Heat generation above break-even from laser-induced fusion in ultradense deuterium Leif Holmlid. AIP Advances 5, 087129 (2015);

13) The first paper in Lithuanian here:
Cold Fusion- the controversiaal science-technology returns
Šaltoji sintezė: kontroversiškiausia mokslo technologija grįžta

14) And a paper in Czech)
LENR- Cold fusion-non fusion
LENR je studená fúze-nefúze



An interesting new path opening up all about special quantum states found in Nature both in natural crystals and synthetics varieties. Quantum ‘spin liquids’ where there is a vast amount of entanglement going on… now of course such massive entanglement has always been what cold fusion required as Julian Schwinger commented on in 1989! 


Sent first by Sam North-thanks!
Tests confirm that Germany's massive nuclear fusion machine really works
Date:December 2, 2016
Source:Tokyo Institute of Technology
In nanotechnology, control is key. Control over the arrangements and distances between nanoparticles can allow tailored interaction strengths so that properties can be harnessed in devices such as plasmonic sensors. Now researchers use dendrimers that mimic the electron valency of atoms and link them into arrays using molecules that coordinate with the dendrimer as they would form a covalent electron pair in their valence shell - "electron pair mimicry


A leader's key to solving problems



    Russ George is very perceptive in identifying Quantum spin liquids as a major new field of study that the LENR theorist should become familiar with to understand what is going on in LENR.

    Over the last century, a theory of superconductivity has evolved that is wrong at least for high temperature superconductivity. Quantum spin liquid theory might be a better start in understanding how the theory might be made right.

    High temperature superconductivity is the bedrock that LENR is built upon. When you look into these obscure fields of study, you will understand why a theory of LENR is so far off.

    The LENR theorist is confronted with a new collection of correlations that the quantum spin liquid is bringing to the surface. The first is long distance entanglement. Even though in a quantum spin liquid, the spins are random locally, they are coherent at long distances with other patches of random spins in the far field.

    The spins become spinons, which are spins that can exist separately from the electrons and photons they are associated with. These spinons generate fractional spin.

    The spinons produce a newly discovered kind of magnetism, called spin liquid magnetism.


    This spin liquid magnetism produces magnetic monopoles.


    Finally, there is a theory that says that the vacuum is a quantum spin liquid. That is how the cosmos is connected together through entanglement and makes the vacuum a superconductor. This superconductivity of the vacuum produces mass in certain types of particles. It explains how light travels through the vacuum as a medium of support. It also explains the origin of the electron as emergent from strings of quantum spin.


    For an overview see


    It took a century for the understanding of General Relativity to become pervasive throughout science. It might take another century before the understanding of Quantum Spin Liquids become pervasive throughout the new enlightened science going forward. When that happens, then high temperature superconductivity will be better understood and with it so will LENR.

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  3. You betcha I'm angry. The idea that those who choose to examine the original P&F approach are somehow antagonists to your beloved but non-existent LENR+ is simply asinine. Do you expect someone who has, often out of their own pocket, invested a great deal of money to build up an infrastructure to do sophisticated science on an aqueous system to simply throw all that investment out their back door and start over??? That is simply not a realistic expectation. And solid-state LENR (an accurate term for the subject) is, because of the stranglehold of physicists on funding sources, suffering exactly the same fate as electrolytic LENR has to date for precisely the same reason. Do you actually think that Ed Storms wouldn't raise a gigantic cheer if solid-state LENR was successfully replicated in a convincing manner??

  4. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/its-not-cold-fusion-but-its-something/

  5. As an early Internet user, I remember that the way "troll" was originally used, was referring to the way a fisherman who leaves a line in the water as he slowly moves his boat, hoping a fish would take a bite at the bait. This was in response to forum users who would make stupid, nonproductive statements whose sole purpose was to entice others to foolishly engage him in a discussion, a discussion that you would regret, a empty argument that could never be won. Later, this meaning was lost and it evolved into a troll, like the type that live under bridges.

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