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 LENR Miracles are also basic, open, important Questions

As my good friend Bob Cook's Answers below demonstrate it...

I again got generous and expert help- from AXIL and from Greg Goble, see please the comments here:

I aded to the list:

37. LENR and magnetism, stimulation methods

38. LENR and geology, Tarasenko's ideas


1) LENR poetry by Greg Goble:
All cutting edge research is ‘outside’ of the mainstream like a fetus is ‘outside’ its mother.

2)  From Andrea Rossi's JONP
December 17, 2016 at 2:50 PM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
About the defense of your intellectual property: you are totally right. I have never seen an important technology given graciously away; this also could be a breach of contract toward all your investors.

Andrea Rossi
December 17, 2016 at 5:10 PM

I agree.
Warm Regards

3) Sympathy for the Devil, part 1 (it is about Doug Morrison)

4) Discovered by Alain Coetmeur- thanks! It is about Wodford and LENR

The most Bizarre Article I’ve read this year.

- many echo papers of the Scientific Amaerican article about LENR- not collected..


1. Why is so much hostility, in fight, segmentation, contradiction, dispute in the LENR field?
A: No herd instinct among the researchers that are at odds with each other--only greed avarice and sour grapes drive those that are vocal--maybe even cash payments are involved at being out spoken in a nasty way.  It's what might be call "cut throat competition."
2. Why is the progress in the field so slow, incremental, based on diversification?
A: Governments have classified the science of LENR as well as technology developed using the understanding gained with sophisticated and expensive instruments over the last 25 years.  

3. a. Why re the technological applications of LENR so far in the future and b. why are those which are claimed to exist- denied with hostility?
A:          a. Development costs a lot and is held back/complicated  by government controls involving safety.   I think secret technology is functional is functional at this time however. 
              b. To delay new energy given its promised impact on existing energy developments--solar. wind, etc. and an emotional reaction of sour grapes. 

4. What is the general definition, identity, nature of LENR? What is in, what is out, what is related?
A:          a. I think that a synthesis of slow neutrons from D and H in a coherent QM system with kinetic energy releases via spin coupling to electronic structure of the system defines LENR.   Lattice assisted nuclear reaction is more descriptive of LRNR.   (Fermi claimed that with a supply of neutrons he could create any atom in the periodic chart. ) 
              b.  Plasma reactions are not included since a coherent QM  system is not available that allows spin coupling--Holmid is probably a two or three body reaction with production of energetic muons.   Mills sun cell is likely what he claims it is--not LENR as I have suggested above.  The Pd-D system that produces energetic alphas does not qualify, since it does not involve neutron synthesis to begin with. 

5. Is the Scientific Method- Galileo's 4 Rules- able to solve alone without the help of technology all the problems of understanding and developing LENR? 
A:          No. Sophisticated instrumentation--technology--is necessary to understand resonant coupling which occurs without the production of high energy radiation--particles and/or EM--per my definition of LENR  in 4 above.

6. Does it exist absolute certainty that in Pd-D electrochemical cells excess heat was obtained, the reactions is D+D = He? Will this reaction (process be perfectly reproducible and even upscalable?
A:          No.  However, it may be well reproduced with proper resonant conditions being applied to the Pd lattice and with associated nano Pd fabrication to create the necessary coherent QM system or NAE as Storms would say.  In this regard I consider that 1 or 2 dimensional features in  the lattice structure of the nano system may allow D fusion to He WITHOUT  the generation of an electric field needed to provide KINETIC energy to the newly created alpha/He atom.  (This refinement  of the Pd-D reaction would then be considered LENR IMHO even though the production of slow neutrons would not happen.)  

7. Will be ever demonstrated and accepted my idea that PdD is an underdeveloped, incomplete for of LENR and will not be used for applications because it is missing the actionable parameters?
A:          No.  I think it may already be working in dark (secret)  technology.

8. From the great and diverse offer- which LEN theories can be considered as correct and which are ab ovo defective, erroneous?
A:    Any theory that adequately addresses the transition of a coherent QM system to a lower potential energy state and a higher kinetic energy state without the production of particles with high linear momentum/energy may be correct.   IMHO such a theory will include a higher thermal or phonic energy--spin energy.
8 a. W-L theory to be dismissed?
A a. No.

9. Where in the Nature appear forms of LENR and how are they related to our experimental forms of LENR?
A: The energy production on the icy moons of Saturn and Jupiter.
9a. Special interest biological transmutations
A: Probably.  I consider that most macro molecules in biological systems constitute coherent QM systems that could allow energy changes that would not destroy the macro molecule.  Neutron production from H would be such a reaction. 

10. How can be judged the rare, extremal phenomena- as melting downs explosions, unstoppable heating etc. possibly related to lENR or forms of it? (note: David Fojt seems to be specialized in these)
A: Any increase in resonance coupling in nano systems caused by increased phonic energy of the nano particles could create a chain reaction from one nano particle to the next as the temperature increased in the mass.  It would be like a positive temperature in a fission reactor.  However the time scale of the reaction would not be so fast as seen in a fission reactor, since the latent heat of the nano particles involved would retard  the rapidity of the  spread of phonic energy compared to the speed of neutrons in a fission reactor.

11. Why and how exactly has Francesco Piantelli and NICHENERGY not succeeded to create a LENR technology and not published a seminal theory paper about their Ni-H process?
A: They are constrained by the Italian Govt. and operating under a dark R&D program, IMHO.
12. What are the similarities and distinguishing differences between the Piantelli and the Rossi NiH processes?
A:          One is being done in the United Ststes under private secrecy and the other in Italy under partial (90%) secrecy administered by the Italian Govt. IMHO.

13. Does LENR+ exist- i.e. has Rossi indeed achieved multiplicative not additive heat excess; will he win the Trial with Darden et al?
A:          a. Yes
              b.  I think after discovery there will be a settlement much in Rossi's favor, but no formal trial.

14. What is, what signifies and how does work the Quark-X of Andrea Rossi?
A: Rossi has developed a good control system involving the creation and/or destruction of resonant conditions, including temperature, magnetic fields and nano particle--coherent system--designs.  The blue light may be decay of highly energetic phonic states of a single nano particle to a lower, cooler state.  The direct production of electricity may be achieved through an electric produced by heating an anode in the quark -X cell of by a simple thermo-electric couple.

15. How and why exactly has failed the Defkalion Technology? 
A:  Not enough money or motivation and to many head strong people in charge.

16. What is the motivation and abilities of the Swedish professors and Giuseppe Levi, are they unable or unwilling to make a working device a la Lugano?
A:  They all want to further understand the mechanism of the Ni-H system they tested and are working on that understanding.  Levi may be under the thumb of the Italian Govt.  The others are doing their own research and merely do not want to be hassled by the entities that have an agenda of hampering LENR theory and development.

17. What should we think about the chances of success of the Russian, Japanese, Chinese, italian, India's almost national LENR research strategies- near future included?
A:  As I have indicated above, I think all these already have working systems.  They certainly have the necessary scientists, funding and technology to do the R&D in a period of 25 years.

18. Is AIRBUS taking LENR seriously indeed, their efforts seem to be half-assed: will JF Geneste get strong internal support?
A: Maybe he already has the internal support.  I would guess Airbus is in competition with Boeing for application of LENR to aircraft and are in partnership with an engine manufacturer to develop the capability. 

19. Is ETIAM in Finland worth of attention?
A: I would guess they are.

20. Is the Brillouin technology inherently limited in performances?
A: In so far as it is Ni-H, I would guess it has the same potential as Rossi's technology.

21. Will Parkhomov, MFMP or other Rossi-Lugano replicator make a breakthrough- achieve self-sustaining regime, multiplicative excess heat?
A: Yes

22. Will any research team funded by Industrial Heat make a significant breakthrough?
A: I think it depends upon the outcome of the suit and a change of IH strategy in energy development.  Their conflict of interest in marketing of other energy sources such, as solar would have to change before a "break through" would come to light IMHO.

23. Is the Rossi process based on nuclear reactions or it involves too nuclear interactions, collective phenomena, nuclear reorganization?
A:  See my answer to item 4 above.
24. Has Randy Mills done it really? (not LENR anyway).
A: It seems he has.  Yes.

24a. When will he distribute hydrino compounds to the many analytical labs?
A: When his backers allow him to do so and in way of promoting the product for marketing, including the approval of safety issues, including the potential contamination of biological systems.


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  1. Indications that the weak force is affected by broad based influences on a cosmic scale as witnessed by this long standing and controversial effect as follows:

    Radioactive decay rates vary with the sun's rotation: research


    The mystery of the varying nuclear decay

    "Meanwhile, the Purdue researchers have just found yet another example of the decay-rate annual modulation — this time by a US paediatrician who was investigating the decay of plutonium–238–beryllium in 1990. “What our data are showing is that the half lives, or the decay constants, are apparently not fundamental constants of nature, but appear to be affected by solar activity,” says Fischbach. “To summarize, what we are showing is that the decay constant is not really a constant.”


    Old textbook knowledge reconfirmed: Decay rates of radioactive substances are constant

    This shows that the cause of fluctuations are not due to solar neutrinos

    "The result: The measurement results of PTB clearly show fewer variations and do not indicate any seasonal dependence or the influence of solar neutrinos. "We assume that other influences are much more probable as the reason for the observed variations", explains PTB physicist Karsten Kossert. "It is known that changes in the air humidity, in the air pressure and in the temperature can definitively influence sensitive detectors."

    Meanwhile, the data of another measurement series − this time for the strontium isotope 90Sr − have been evaluated and submitted for publication. Here too, even sophisticated analyzing methods give no indication of seasonal variations. It can thus be assumed that an influence of solar neutrinos on the radioactive decay does not exist − at least not in the order of magnitude postulated."

    In a recent study, something is going on but it doesn't not look like neutrinos are the correct causation.

    The Radioactivity of Nuclei & Solar Oscillations: New Experiments

    "6. Conclusions
    1) The sensitivity of the neutrino sensor is estimated (tested).
    2) The principles of neutrino detection are analyzed.
    3) The new principles of the neutrino beam emitters are suggested.
    4) The pilot experimental setup for studying the interaction between the elementary particles of solar origin
    (neutrinos, monopole) and a powerful magnetic field is developed.
    5) The interaction between the solar particle flux of (neutrinos, monopole, etc.) with the strong magnetic field
    is detected. This interaction is accompanied by the γ-radiation acting on the radiometer. As was previously
    observed, this flux is modulated at the periods of the free oscillations of the Sun."

    If the weak force can vary, then what is causing this effect. I have looked into all the possible causes that I could think of and have rejected a 5 force, axions, dark matter, and I am now looking into entanglement and coherence moderated effects on the weak force by unusual forms of magnetism.

  2. Is this the Cook who has worked with A Rossi ? or someone else ? He seems to strongly support the importance of 'resonance' in LENR. Has he written moe on the subject ?

  3. I think Bob Cook is not really informed about the italian situation and plays bad affirming conspiracy theories, of course without proofs. Secrecy in Italy historically happened for so called state slaughters (terrorism acts or accidents favored/hidden by corrupted officials) and political murders. It's true that in the early '90s, many research funds where shifted from alternative clean energy sources (like solar and wind) to "gray area" sources, like incineration. Even assuming A.Rossi was in good faith, the work from that period (waste -> oil apparatus) that caused him environmental crimes accusations was actually in that "gray area". Italy is energetically dependent from other countries and would greatly benefit from LENR, if real.


  4. I appreciate the contribution by Bob Cook, good work, a lot to think about.

    The most advanced LENR technology and applied engineering is emergent from U.S. defense and NASA labs. The importance of non-radioactive nuclear dense energy was not overlooked by the government. These labs and research programs are tasked with ensuring U.S technological advantage. No one would say that the Manhattan Project was a conspiracy and I think it is wrong to say these advanced LENR works are the results of one.

    My favorite LENR Mystery SPAWAR - GEC

    The Small Modular Generators (SMG's) using Hybrid Fusion (LENR) technology. The patent is US 8419919 B1 "System and Method for Generating Particles". It was filed in 2007, sequestered for a number of years and then granted in 2013. This is a cold fusion/LENR energy patent and it's inventors are, Pamela A. Boss, Frank E. Gordon, Stanislaw Szpak, and Lawrence Parker Galloway Forsley. Each are well known experts in the field of LENR. The original assignee is Jwk International Corporation, also The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy.

    The SMG reactor patent is WO 2009108331A2 - A Hybrid Fusion Fast Fission Reactor. It is held by the Chief Scientist of Global Energy Corporation (GEC), Lawrence Parker Galloway Forsley. He was recently authorized, granted permission, by the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency to publish a paper (along with his co-authors), covering 23 years of LENR research at Naval labs, entitled 'Investigation of Nano-Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter'. This paper does not mention these patents, never-the-less the technology is a result of this research. The reactors transmute nuclear waste to benign elements while producing high process steam, which can run the turbines at existing nuclear power plants.

    A few months ago Global Energy Corp. remodeled their website which now states, "GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world".

    Another LENR Mystery for the list…

    Who are the Global Energy Corporation 250MWe to 5GWe SMG Hybrid LENR fusion fission GeNie reactor construction contracts with and where will they be built?

    For further reading, links and references, see the Linked In article…
    'Pondering LENR Energy and the Global Energy Corporation GeNie Reactor' - October 17, 2016 gbgoble

    1. Further reading… U.S. LENR Manhattan Project and U.S. Advanced LENR Technology

    2. If one of these reactors does eventually get built, it would be interesting to see if the neutron flux correlates well to the power produced. There may be a large amount of reactions produced in the transuranic fuel by muon catalyzed fusion and fission in lieu of neutrons.

      Under LENR, Th232 can fission directly without the need to transmit to U232 which can take up to a month via protactinium decay.


      Initiation of nuclear reactions under laser irradiation of Au nanoparticles in the presence of Thorium aqua-ions
      A.V. Simakin and G.A. Shafeev

      If thorium were used as fuel and neutrons were the means for its enrichment to U233, a significant proliferation risk would be the result.

      Muons are the proliferation risk free road to thorium burning.

    3. One more issue about this LENR fusion hydbid reactor as follows:

      It takes billions of $ to get a reactor through NRC certification. A small company cannot do that sort of thing.

    4. The reactor may already be certified through the Naval NRC certification program…

      Frank Carlucci is on GEC board of directors. He was head of the Carlyle Group and still a major shareholder.

      GEC was ready to build the reactor on Guam with $250 million of their own money. Strange story… future historians will have a fun time investigating this.

      Keep in mind… the Navy is the licensor of this technology. JWK is a military contractor, among other things, running naval research labs.

      The Kenneth Kok report shows that nuclear waste is a resource, which when fissioned out completely, is worth trillions. The Carlyle Group wants it all.

      H.R. 3448 (111th): Streamline America’s Future Energy Nuclear Act

      Streamline America's Future Energy Nuclear Act - Directs the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to establish and implement an expedited procedure for issuing a Combined Construction and Operating License for a nuclear reactor.

      Directs the NRC to: (1) reduce by one-half the time necessary for reactor design certification; and (2) outline to Congress an approach that will allow the NRC to develop technology-neutral guidelines for future nuclear plant licensing.

      Instructs the NRC to request additional funding and personnel resources from Congress to implement this Act without delaying consideration of applications for Combined Construction and Operating Licenses or reactor design certifications not subject to expedited procedures under this Act.

      Requires each national laboratory with expertise in the nuclear field to dedicate personnel to support expedited licensing and design certification procedures.

      Used Nuclear Fuel/Depleted Uranium: Is it a Waste or a Resource?
      by Kenneth D. Kok

      The purpose of this paper is to examine the energy and economic value of used nuclear fuel and depleted uranium. In the USA these materials are considered to be wastes. As such they are candidates for permanent disposal. The disposal of these materials in a manner that isolates them from human contact is a scientific, engineering, economic and political problem. Isolation can be defined requiring no potential human contact during a stated period of time due to failed containment. The period of isolation is expected to be in excess of one million years.

      The uranium in the used fuel and the depleted uranium left over from the enrichment process represent about 99.5 percent of the uranium that was removed from the ground by mining uranium ores. If these materials can be utilized they would not be considered to be wastes. In addition they would carry a positive economic value. The value of these materials, based on the energy that can be extracted from the uranium, exceeds $100 trillion. Based on this the conclusion is that the material is a very valuable resource and definitely is not a waste

  5. Axil - thanks for the back-up data on the variable decay rates. I might have expected that you'd have a list for these, since you collect a lot of pieces that are puzzling.

    My reasoning for the electrostatic potential being a possible cause of this was initially based on Hammack. Although we generally regard the Earth as the ground potential, against which we measure all other potentials, it's somewhat difficult to measure this absolute potential in relation to an "absolute" ground where we have exactly equal numbers of positive and negative charges; in addition to this that absolute equality is likely not even considered since we connect to the Earth and regard that as our zero point. This is unlikely to be true, given the changing polarity and strength of the solar wind and the changing distances between astronomical bodies. In the majority of tests for decay rates it also seems likely that the sample under test would be pretty well at ground potential. Maybe one of those things where we assume it's not going to be an issue and thus don't consider it.

    If we put a process that has a certain probability of producing electrons (beta decay) in an environment that is low in electrons (positively-charged) then it seems reasonable that the probability of producing an electron could be increased since the edge-cases (where an electron was almost freed) may have that little bit extra energy available. Though this effect must obviously be pretty small and need very high (relative) potentials to be unmistakeably measured, it really ought to be there.

    This could be a reason for the rapid decay of the Thorium under laser irradiation in the presence of nanoparticles of Gold - that will produce very high local electric fields. There may also be a link to fractofusion there, since a propagating crack in an ionic solid will also generate very high local fields at the apex of the crack.

    I do not think that this relates to LENR as such, since we're really talking about known reactions here that are triggered by high electrical fields. It may still have some bearing on how to induce nuclear reactions for cheap power generation though.

    Peter - you've been spammed by Natalie Ball (at least that's his/her tag) quite a few times recently. Maybe delete them as irrelevant to the articles?

    1. I beleive that LENR causation is related to a special type of magnetism (anisotropic magnetism) that is produced by rare earth magnets amongst other things. The Sun is a huge source of bent up and intersecting magnetic field lines, especially during sunspot generation and solar flares.

      If someone can show that a powerful rare earth magnet can stablized a radioactive isotope, that will sell the case for magnetism with bent up and disordered magnetic field lines.

    2. Axil - pretty-well by definition magnetic field lines (or electrical field lines) cannot cross or intersect. That would give two equally-probable orientations of the hypothetical test dipole (or two directions for an electron in the case of electrical field) and is thus logically excluded. If such lines appear to intersect, you need to increase the resolution of the measurement.

      At atomic scales, any magnetic substance must have some high magnetic fields, even if we measure at macro scale and see no field. The fields are simply in smaller loops than we can measure.

      As such, the presence or absence of a large measurable magnetic field is probably irrelevant at the NAE itself. Above the Curie point, there will still be powerful fields acting and they should be also rapidly changing since the thermal energy is such that the tiny magnetic loops will be continually reforming in a different configuration. Maybe there is also a "superwave" where a larger than normal field is achieved for a short time.

      Given the relativistic transform between electrical and magnetic fields depending upon the frame of reference used, whether we talk about one or the other really depends on how we can most easily achieve the required conditions. Maybe a powerful rare-earth magnet would be easier than high voltages in our frame, but also it's likely that such a magnet would not need to have a macroscopically-measurable field, and that a powder or similar would be as good - maybe even better since all field orientations would exist in such a powder.