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" if it does not make you happy it is not wisdom" (Gapinvoid) 

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LENR already is stories too- very interesting ones, a few selectively incredible...


The list of LENR Miracles continued?

The first variant - for distribution, discussion and reviewing will be ready next Tuesday, I am receiving a lot of help from good friends who really care for LENR see please:
My deep gratitude to them. See please the comments to my yesterday posting- a lot of must-read contributions which make the list great and smarter! 

25.  The strategy of Industrial Heat during the 1 MW-1 year Test ad its strategy after the start of the Trial

26. Muons and/LENR (to be formulated better)

27. BEC and/in LENR (to be formulated better(

28. How can we create "LENR convergence?"

29. What and how can learn LENR from its cousins - catalysis, HTSC, photosynthesis, sonoluminescence...? Do not forget sonofusion and cavitation!

Plus two ideas from Gregory Goble
30. LENR with Zeolites - Iraj Parchamazad, Melvin Miles, George Miley

31. LENR Golden Ball Reactors of Dennis Cravens

32. The role of Quantum Resonance in LENR?  (Why have you died so early, dear Giuliano?)

33. The role of the weak force in LENR?

34. NAE- nanovoids, nanostructures, nanoplasmonics. nanodynamics, whatever?

35. The role(s) of Fano resonances in LENR?

36. What can LENR learn from fractofusion - Italian style (Albertini)?


1) Would using a Dummy Make for an Effective QuarkX Presentation?

2) Revelations regarding the immediate future; See what we may expect:

RIvelazioni sull'immediato futuro: Ecco cosa ci aspetta

It speaks about LENR and Rossi's generator

3) About the Dec 19 LENR event at Rome, yesterday it was in Wnglish, now it is in Italian:
Seminario su Reazioni nucleari a bassa energia: L.E.N.R.

6) More from the Sonoluminescence book
Understanding Sonoluminescence by Thomas Brennan
More related phenomena
 6.1 LENR and the Fleischmann–Pons effect ... 6.1.3 The Focardi, Levi and Rossi experiment The
LENR experiments of Focardi, Levi and Rossi are very closely related to the Fleischmann–Pons
effect, except that they use a dry catalyst enclosed in a chamber Figure 6.1. ...

7)  Gregory Goble NASA Fractal LENR

8) A very interesting remark about Ni by Jones Beene
[Vo]:"Pressure Hydrometallurgy" of nickel refining


Scientists boost catalytic activity for key chemical reaction in fuel cells
New platinum-based catalysts with tensile surface strain could improve fuel cell efficiency
Date:December 16, 2016
Source:DOE/Brookhaven National Laboratory
New catalysts containing platinum and lead could improve the efficiency of fuel cells -- a promising technology for producing clean energy.

World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That's Cheaper Than Wind


What is design thinking?

About the Ockham's Razor much discussed in LENR circles
Why simpler is better?
Sometimes it is not better nd sometimes simpler is not possible.

The Fourth Transformation

Ten years from today, the center of our digital lives will no longer be the smart phone, but device that looks like ordinary eyeglasses: except those glasses will have settings for Virtual and Augmented Reality. What you really see and what is computer generated will be mixed so tightly together, that we won’t really be able to tell what is real and what is illusion.


  1. Post 1 of 2

    31. LENR Golden Ball Reactors of Dennis Cravens

    See vortex post below: SmCo magnet is a monopole magnet that concentrates its magnetization axially in the Z direction.

    On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 8:20 PM, Russ George wrote:
    Give Kiril a call, he is in Utah and generally a friendly guy, though he has
    his quirks as opposed to quarks.

    From: Axil Axil Sent: Monday, March 7, 2016 5:08 PM
    To: vortex-l
    Subject: Re: [Vo]:RE: An experiment you never heard of

    SmCo5 has the magic hexagonal crystal structure of active LENR promoters like metalize hydrogen. The Sm rare earth configures the Co atoms to take on the hexagonal configuration which directs the preponderance of its magnetic spins along the Z axis.

    Was there a secret magnetic preparation process involved in the production of LENR active SmCo5? If so I will know what it was.

    On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 7:31 PM, Russ George wrote:

    I had the privilege of standing in the parking lot of the hotel where Chukanov had his demo running for several hours in the company of Martin Fleischmann fusing some of our little grey cells over that device. Chukanov answered or at least responded to every single question we posed to him and we sent many his way. It was a fascinating and captivating demo. Martin was the kind of man who had insatiable curiosity and not a mean molecule in his body and showed it in his sincere interest and professorial manner. Chukanov sent us both away with several large chunks of his metal.

    Meanwhile the hundreds of ICCF conference attendees almost entirely shunned the ‘parking lot demo’ and Chukanov, especially the self-appointed high priest insiders of cold fusion. There was little but derision and snide attacks behind Chukanov’s back at the meeting.

    After a couple hours in hot afternoon sun with Chukanov and his machine Martin and I adjorned to the beach and floated for a long time like basking whales chatting about this and that.

    Somewhere in my collection of ‘cold fusion’ holy treasures I have some of Chukanov’s SmCo5 metal. I think I will dig it out and see if some of the recent ‘activation’ ideas make it work even better!

    From: Jones Beene Sent: Monday, March 7, 2016 2:14 PM
    Subject: RE: [Vo]:RE: An experiment you never heard of

    Aha – so that’s where Dennis Cravens probably got the idea to use SmCo in his famous NI Week Demo. Notably, samarium has a high percentage of radioactive isotopes which could be activate by fractional hydrogen.

    From: Russ George

    What about the demo of Chukanov at the ICCF meeting in Hawaii many years ago. In large cylinders crushed and powdered SmCo5, magnetic metal, was cycled with hydrogen loading and deloading and produced kilowatts of apparent excess heat!

  2. Post 2 of 2

    From: Jones Beene

    … but wait, there’s more… (best Billy Mays’ tin cup plea)

    In another experiment you may not have heard of - from Bockris and
    Sundaresan in 1994 - it was shown that magnetic stimulation boosted excess heat substantially in a Pd-D electrolysis cell. This line of work leads up to the Letts-Cravens effect – wrt understanding the influence of a magnetic field on LENR.

    “After the cathode had been charged with deuterium for 48 hours at a current of 80 mA, the cell was placed in the field of a permanent magnet of 200 Gauss strength. The cell electrolyte temperature rose to 5°C above ambient after 230 seconds. After 576 seconds, the magnet was replaced by two Neodymium magnets with a 800 Gauss field. The temperature immediately started increasing and reached 13.5 °C above ambient in about 15 minutes and remained constant. The temperature returned when the magnet was removed…
    [end of Bockris quote]

    The $64 question - why isn’t a magnetic field fully employed in the
    glow-stick experiments? By “fully employed” it is meant that: yes, the heater wire does provide a minimal field but increasing the field strength by an order of magnitude could be beneficial.

    … relevant comment: those who do not remember the past cannot benefit from its insight- paraphrase of famous Santayana quote, which is the logic behind the LENR-CANR library.

    More in the post below...

  3. In this video

    at about 19:00, there is mention of the first order correction of the phase space related to rapid change of states and resulting eigenvalue crossing. This is called Berry Phase. This first order state is an electromagnetic force which turns out to be a magnetic force described as a dirac monopole.

    It has been shown experimentally that the Surface Plasmon Polariton(SPP) produces a magnetic monopole field. This may indicate that the SPP is a LENR capable bose condinsate that projects it entangled property using this monopole Berry phase field.


    Half-solitons in a polariton quantum fluid behave like magnetic monopoles

    In general, any Bose Condensate that is changing with eigenvalues overlap being in a state of nonequilibrium will produce a Berry phase direct monopole field.

    Based on symmetry, from what has been seen in LENR experiments like the golden ball demo by Cravens that a anisotropic magnetic field produced by a rare earth magnet can produce a state of bose condinsation and a LENR effect.

    To check this posit, I would like to see an experimenter place a strong rare earth Neodymium magnet on a short half life radioactive source and see if the radioactive source is stabilized more quickly than would be expected by standard theory.

    1. Thank you Axil… I always learn from your posts. A mystery to me is what is the common energetic requirement that drives the different systems found in 30. LENR with Zeolites and 31. LENR Golden Ball Reactors.

  4. Part of my continuing education is magnetism… attracted to these.

    'Magnetic Anisotropy' by Günther Bayreuther

    'Electric Anisotropy, Magnetic Anisotropy, Uniaxial and Biaxial Materials, Bianisotropic Media (Definitions)' by Prof. Mojahedi

  5. Peter - one thing to add to the variables is the electrostatic potential of the sample under test. The early work on modifying the rate of beta decay by electrical fields was done by Ron Hammack, but references to this seem to have disappeared from the net, at least with a quick search. There is however work being done on the cyclical changes of beta-decay rate, for example though I remember that NASA also did some work on this.

    This effect of the electrostatic potential having an affect on the stability of the nucleus is of course against the theory I was taught, in that no chemical or physical conditions could affect the nucleus. However, that seems to be not quite true in extreme conditions.

    An electrically-isolated sample could be at a different potential than the rest of the experiment, and this may have an unexpected effect. Also worth noting is that the electrical potential of the whole Earth is not constant, but varies with the seasons as the we move through the solar wind.

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