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My muse at shopping, not kissing my 1sq.m forehead so I borrowed this shamelessly and desperately from Harold Jarche
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Sometimes I am scared - losing agility?


Polaritons, Phonons, Chain Reactions, Cascade, Vacancies, and so on..
tomorrow I will try to write a complete list, in alphabetical order- I need it for the yearly review (Synthesis)


1) Intensive, hard work at Phonon Energy:

2) Le LENR al Quartier Generale dell’ENEA

3) A video by Claudio Pace- Alberto Carpinteri at the ENEA Meeting of Dec 19 about fractofusion; then more videos re discussions
Alberto Carpinteri all'Enea Roma 19 dic 2016 Effetto Lenr da fratture?

Alberto Carpinteri risponde a Maurizio Angeloni Enea di Frascati
Il dibattito si infuoca interventi di Angeloni, Carpiniteri, Santandrea, Celani e Sepielli
Davide Crippa M5S ad Alberto Carpinteri all'Enea Roma 19 dic 2016   it continues...

4) NEW THREAD at the LENR Forum- by Mr. Self Sustain
POWER UP NOW MR ROSSI! - (Or what I learned in 2016 about making a working E-Cat.)

4a) It goes with the already existing:
The Nickel-Hydrogen Brain Trust

December 22, 2016 at 10:12 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
Are further tests on course for the evolution of the low temperature E-Cats?

Andrea Rossi
December 22, 2016 at 11:02 AM

Warm Regards,

6) The famous Scientific American paper now in Spanish 
No es fusión fría ... pero es algo


 (he answers re one LENR Miracles)
7. Will be ever demonstrated and accepted my idea that PdD is an underdeveloped, incomplete for of LENR and will not be used for applications because it is missing the actionable parameters?"

No, because Pd/D2 is not the source of the problem(s). The source of the problem(s) is the fact that electrolychemistry is DIFFICULT, given the large number of variables to be identified and controlled, but that doesn't prevent it from being widely used by society. 

I would take a large bet that any electrolytic attempts using Ni/H2 would have even larger difficulties.

I have not said that Pd per se is the fault- it is: low temperature, unremovable alien gases (not deuterium), very limited adjustments- not actionable parameters available. I have worked in great chemical factories with chlor-alkali electrolysis plants- if well managed  they work impeccably.

Anyway, thanks to Anonymous.

Vladimir Vysotskii
The successes of South Korean Physicists in nuclear fusion
Успех физиков из Южной Кореи и реальные перспективы термоядерного синтеза

Thanks to Mark Iverson
Laser pulses help scientists tease apart complex electron interactions

Bright future for energy devices
Date:December 20, 2016
Source:Michigan Technological University
A new material embeds sodium metal in carbon and could improve electrode performance in energy devices. Scientists ran tests on the sodium-embedded carbon and it performed better than graphene in dye-sensitized solar cells and supercapacitors.


‘Falsification’ ruled 20th-century science. Does it need revision in the 21st?

9 Things Truly Passionate People Do Differently


  1. From Lenr forum


    15 hours ago
    Nice write up! But
    MrSelfSustain wrote:
    Q: Have you performed any testing yourself?

    A: No.
    Are you planning to do some testing yourself?
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    15 hours ago
    Hello Barty,

    I wish I was able to perform testing myself. I'd love to have my own lab to perform research. However, I do not have the space (small home) or funds

    A shame people like this can't get working at research

  2. Always nice to see something from fellow Ukrainians on LENR. At the end of his article prof. Vysostskiy sounds very much like Krivit on hot fusion. I feel that we all slowly moving to the right direction.

  3. Comment from Ecat World

    Omega Z

    We ALL tend to forget the reason for this being in court.

    It's been said that Rossi offered to return the original $11.5 million in return for Industrial Heat/Darden INC rescinding all rights/claims on Rossi's IP.

    It's also been said that Industrial Heat/Darden INC counter offered with offering Rossi a substantial sum tho much less then the $89 million in the agreement.

    SO, this all boils down to Industrial Heat/Darden INC wanting to retain all rights to Rossi's IP without paying the $89 million even should Rossi return the original payments involved. It seems Industrial Heat/Darden INC are willing to expend large sums of money to retain the technology IP they "Imply" doesn't work.

    A Woodford representitive said it best. This is merely an IP war. People don't fight over something that doesn't work. If it has other issues such as reliability or just not ready for the market, you tend to negotiate those issues.

    1. Not quite correct. It all boils down to "Can you really believe anything that is being said?"
      What some people have said is clearly self serving and provably wrong. That means you cannot reliably base any further arguments on it.

  4. "I have not said that Pd per se is the fault- it is: low temperature, unremovable alien gases (not deuterium), very limited adjustments- not actionable parameters available. I have worked in great chemical factories with chlor-alkali electrolysis plants- if well managed they work impeccably."

    And yet you persist in saying precisely that (as you did in the sentence I quoted directly). The correct term is "electrolytic LENR".

    I have EXACTLY the same background that you do, only from the perspective of an analytical chemist than a chemical engineer. I've spent plenty of time on chlor-alkali electrolysis cells.

    All the problems you refer to can be addressed. Higher temperatures can be reached by operation under pressure (electrolysis works just fine under pressure), and any impurity can be removed. It is just a question of doing sufficient research (which takes money) and engineering, and lots of both. Using gas phase/solid state is much, much simpler and straightforward. But there is nothing inherently insoluble about an electrolytic Pd/D2 system.

  5. Alan Smith (LENR forum) found another interesting article, which Axil will like:

    1. Really interesting but please look here:

      EDGE ORg is asking questions for the coming =year
      I wrote about this to the Forum but was not noticed.

    2. Yes, I saw it a bit too late. I tried to delete the article here but that did not work somehow. The article below about superconductivity was the one I intended to put here. Just imagen: superconductivity above 300C!

  6. Anonymuous ( found another interesting article which Axil wil like: