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Carl Sagan died 20 years ago

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No, dear Carl- it wants to interesting     To be incredible- must be a transient state!
at any price, and many times we pay it



The list is still under scrutiny and needs a much better taxonomy

1. Why is so much hostility, in fight, segmentation, contradiction, dispute in the LENR field?

2. Why is the progress in the field so slow, incremental, based on diversification,

3. Why re the technological applications of LENR so far in the future and why are those which are claimed to exist- denied with hostility?

4. What is the general definition, identity, nature of LENR? What is in, what is out, what is related?

5. Is the Scientific Method- Galileo's 4 Rules- able to solve alone without the help of technology all the problems of understanding and developing LENR?

6. Does it exist absolute certainty that in PdD electrochemical cells excess heat was obtained, the reactions is D+D = He? Will this reaction (process be perfectly reproducible and even upscalable?

7. Will be ever demonstrated and accepted my idea that PdD is an underdeveloped, incomplete for of LENR and will not be used for applications because it is missing the actionable parameters?

8. From the great and diverse offer- which LENR theories can be considered as correct and which are ab ovo defective, erroneous?
8 a. W-L theory to be dismissed?

9. Where in the Nature appear forms of LENR and how are they related to
our experimental forms of LENR?
9a. Special interest biological transmutations

10. How can be judged the rare, extremal phenomena- as melting downs
explosions, unstoppable heating etc. possibly related to lENR or forms of it? (note: David Fojt seems to be specialized in these)

11. Why and how exactly has Francesco Piantelli and NICHENERGY not
succeeded to create a LENR technology and not published a seminal theory paper about their NiH process?

12. What are the similarities and distinguishing differences between the
Piantelli and the Rossi NiH processes?

13. Does LENR+ exist- i.e. has Rossi indeed achieved multiplicative not additive heat excess; will he win the Trial with Darden et al?

14. What is, what signifies and how does work the QuarkX of Andrea Rossi?

15. How snd why exactly has failed the Defkalion Technology?

16. What is the motivation and abilities of the Swedish professors and Giuseppe Levi, are they unable or unwilling to make a working device a la Lugano?

17. What should we think about the chances of success of the Russian, Japanese, Chinese, italian, India's almost national LENR research strategies- near future included?

18. Is AIRBUS taking LENR seriously indeed, their efforts seem to be half-assed: will JF Geneste get strong internal support?

19. Is ETIAM in Finland worth of attention?

20. Is the Brillouin technology inherently limited in performances?

21. Will Parkhomov, MFMP or other Rossi-Lugano replicator make a breakthrough- achieve self-sustaining regime, multiplicative excess heat?

22. Will any research team funded by Industrial Heat make a significant breakthrough?

23. Is the Rossi process based on nuclear reactions or it involves too nuclear interactions, collective phenomena, nuclear reorganization?

24. Has Randy Mills done it really? (not LENR anyway)
24a. When will he distribute hydrino compounds to the many analytical labs?

25.  The strategy of Industrial Heat during the 1 MW-1 year Test ad its strategy after the start of the Trial

26. Muons and/LENR (to be formulated better)

27. BEC and/in LENR (to be formulated better(

28. How can we create "LENR convergence?"

29. What and how can learn LENR from its cousins - catalysis, HTSC, photosynthesis,sonoluminescence...? Do not forget sonofusion and cavitation!

30. LENR with Zeolites - Iraj Parchamazad, Melvin Miles, George Miley

31. LENR Golden Ball Reactors of Dennis Cravens

32. The role of Quantum Resonance in LENR?  (Why have you died so early, dear Giuliano?)

33. The role of the weak force in LENR?

34. NAE- nanovoids, nanostructures, nanoplasmonics. nanodynamics, whatever?

35. The role(s) of Fano resonances in LENR?

36. What can LENR learn from fracto-fusion - Italian style (Albertini)?

37. LENR and magnetism, stimulation methods
38. LENR and geology, Tarasenko's ideas

39. What is the truth and value of Jecques Dufour's picnuclear phenomena?

 40. What is the connection beween working LENR systems and radio-frequency emssion?

I wanted exactly 40 miracles due to my admiration to the TRIZ creativity method, but please ignore this and add the important issues i forgot- I am efficient in making errors and even gaffes!



Synergy, Catalysis+Active sites (NAE, defects),  Morphology, Nano(voids, structures, plasmoncs, dynamics); Magnetism, Weak force, Coherence, Resonances, Collective nuclear phenomena, Nuclear interactions, reorganizations, Cavitation, Fractofusion, Sonoluminescence, Stimulation methods, Anharmonicity, Muons, Bose-Eistein Condensates, hydrinos, slow neutrons, Rydberg Hydrogen....  

Scientific Method; Extreme events.    please add the other ones!
Remarks, additions, answers, half-answers and questions re the LIST
Some sugggestions from LENR friends 

- by AXIL: re muons
Small Reactor with Big Potential by Michael Abrams 

- by AXIL re Ed Storms' ideas re LENR theories triage:
This experiment shows that there is two simultaneous reactions going on at the same time that may be confusing Ed Storms as follows:
Laser-induced synthesis and decay of Tritium under exposure of solid targets in heavy water

- by Russ George re organic chemistry cold fusion?
In the realm of organic morphology ponder the means by which Donald Cram, Nobel laureate in chemistry, managed to produced cold fusion by placement of deuterons in organic molecular morphologies. Keep in mind he was most famous for his work on 'crown ethers.' 

- by Jones Beene
high pressure hydrometallurgy dense hydrogen impregnation of Nickel

- by AXIL- LENR and the fundamental force new theory, 

- by AXIL
I believe that LENR causation is related to a special type of magnetism (anisotropic magnetism) that is produced by rare earth magnets amongst other things. 

- by Alan Smith
Jacques Dufour's piconuclear


1) Monday, December 19, 2016
90 motion Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim Mon 8:38 PM 
Joint MOTION TO DISMISS78 Answer to Complaint, Counterclaim,,,,,, FOR FAILURE TO STATE A CLAIM as to Counts III, IV, and V by James A. Bass, Fulvio Fabiani, J.M. Products, Inc., Henry Johnson, United States Quantum Leap, LLC. Responses due by 1/3/2017 (Leon de la Barra, Francisco)

2) editor Jean Paul Biberian, co-editor Jed Rothwell
This paper added now, it was lost first at editing:
Electromagnetic Emission in the kHz to GHz Range Associated with Heat Production During Electrochemical Loading of Deuterium into Palladium: A Summary and Analysis of Results Obtained by Different Research Groups 325 Felix Scholkmann, David J. Nagel and Louis F. DeChiaro

3) no direct access
Detection of high energy particles using CR-39 detectors part 1: Results of microscopic examination, scanning, and LET analysis
P.A. Mosier-Boss a, F.E. Gordon b, 1, .P. Forsley c, Dazhuang Zhoud, e, f, , ,
a GEC, 5101B Backlick Rd., Annandale, VA 22003, USA
b SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, San Diego, CA 92122, USA
c JWK International Corp., Annandale, VA 22003, USA
d National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China
e NASA-Johnson Space Center, 2101 Nasa Parkway, Houston, TX 77058, USA
f Universities Space Research Association, 3600 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058, USA
Received 17 May 2016, Revised 7 September 2016, Accepted 23 September 2016, Available online 12 December 2016
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Dec 2015 corrected proof

4) From Gregory Goble
Its not often that a comment on my little blog sends me off down a cold fusion rabbit hole! - quote ADI Australian Dividend Investor

5) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

December 20, 2016 at 1:11 PM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
1- Which was the timing of your presence in the plant during the 1 year test of the 1 MW E-Cat?
2- when you were not there the guys of Industrial Heat were there alone?
Thank you if you can answer,

Andrea Rossi
December 20, 2016 at 1:52 PM

1- I was in the plant every day from 5 P.M. to 10 P.M. of the following day: I covered the night.
2- Yes: Mr Barry West was there every day from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. and Mr Fulvio Fabiani from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.
Warm Regards,

6) Republished today, why?
Cold Fusion Ready for Commercial Production?


The link between LENR and Hydrino.
I am not sure that Mills agrees with the suggestion that the hydrino might be single hydrogen atom Rydberg matter. Rydberg matter (RM) can be formed using photons. Once the first (RM) is being formed using high currents, the generated photons may induce further forming of RM thus causing Self sustained Mode (SSM) as Mills claims. The energy of the hydrino's may be high enough to cause fusion with neighbouring atoms (Ni, H, Li, Al). That looks like LENR. The question is: What process generates most of the energy, fusion (LENR) or the forming of the hydrino? Forming hydrino's KeV energy excess levels are approached, LENR (H-7Li fusion, Be splitting ->He) generates MeV energies. Rossi was asked if he thought RM plays a role in LENR, but his answer was 'No'. Nevertheless also in LENR SSM can take place, which may be the same as Mills has observed. Time will tell whether or not there is a link between the hydrino and LENR. 


Ultra-thin solution to primary obstacle in solid-state battery development
Date:December 19, 2016
Source:University of Maryland
Researchers have announced a transformative development in the race to produce batteries that are at once safe, powerful, and affordable
The path towards sustainable energy
Steven Chu, Yi Cui & Nian Liu
Nature Materials 16, 16–22 (2017) doi:10.1038/nmat4834Received 13 November 2016 Accepted 24 November 2016 Published online 20 December 2016


Civilization continues to be transformed by our ability to harness energy beyond human and animal power. A series of industrial and agricultural revolutions have allowed an increasing fraction of the world population to heat and light their homes, fertilize and irrigate their crops, connect to one another and travel around the world. All of this progress is fuelled by our ability to find, extract and use energy with ever increasing dexterity. Research in materials science is contributing to progress towards a sustainable future based on clean energy generation, transmission and distribution, the storage of electrical and chemical energy, energy efficiency, and better energy management systems.

Suggested by Sam North- thanks!
Antimatter hydrogen passes symmetry test


  1. https://www.slashgear.com/cern-sees-antimatter-spectrum-for-first-time-in-history-

  2. http://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2016/12/20/5-scientific-myths-you-probably-believe-about-the-universe/#3283685225d6

    5 Scientific Myths You Probably Believe About The Universe

    Regarding the statement in the article as follows:

    “But in the idea of entropic gravity — as well as some other scenarios (like qbits) — gravitation or even space and time themselves might emerge from other entities in a similar fashion.”

    Our understanding about how the fundamental forces of nature work could be wrong.

    Erik Verlinde not only postulates that gravity emerges from entropic forces, but also the other erstwhile fundamental forces such as the electroweak force. The electroweak force is what LENR revolves around.

    Just like gravity can change in strength based on phase space imbalance, so too can the weak force change in strength by an imbalance in phase space. Entropy might turn out to be the primal mover in the cosmos from which all force emerges so that what we now consider as fundamental force emerges as a derivative reaction to minimize the entropic phase space imbalance between regions in space/time.

    What is phase space imbalance? An example of phase space imbalance is an inflated balloon where the pressure inside the balloon is greater than the pressure outside the balloon. When the balloon is deflated, there is a force generated that pushes air out of the balloon to the outside so that the entropy of the air can be minimized.

    In LENR, there is a phase space imbalance that increases the weak force. That phase space imbalance is produced by the existence of a Bose condensation or superconductive state that develops in which the incoherent outside environment seeks to destroy the coherent state though the minimization of entropy.

    In the video below, Erik Verlinde identifies this type of entropic force as “Adiabatic reaction force”. This is the force that develops to minimize entropy when phase space becomes imbalanced.

    In LENR, there are coherent processes that develop which enhance the strength of the weak force when the entropic imbalance is being stabilized.

    Here below is Erik Verlinde’s explanation of phase space and the how force is produced from it.


    Erik Verlinde - The Hidden Phase Space of Our Universe

  3. Another LENR Mystery for the list…

    Who are the Global Energy Corporation 250MWe to 5GWe SMG Hybrid LENR fusion fission GeNie reactor construction contracts with and where will they be built?

  4. Coherence is fundamental

    The throughout the vacuum, electromagnetic fluctuations are produced at a constant average rate under the purview of the uncertainty principle. The name that tags these fluxuations is virtual particle production. These fluxuations in the fabric of space-time is called “quantum spin liquid”.

    Quantum spin liquids may be considered "quantum disordered" ground states of spin systems, in which zero point fluctuations are so strong that they prevent conventional magnetic long range order.

    More interestingly, the vacuum as a quantum spin liquid is a prototypical example of ground state with massive many-body entanglement, of a degree sufficient to render these states distinct phases of matter.

    The vacuum is completely entangled at long range as identical patterns of virtual particle emerge throughout the vacuum, with each pattern strongly entangling other identical patterns.

    Just by chance, patterns of virtual particles come into existence at wide spread locations in the vacuum and become connected.

    Quantum entanglement, a phenomenon in which virtual particles as fluxuations in the electromagnetic field, shed their separate identities and assume a shared existence, their properties becoming strongly correlated with one another. The virtual particles act identically no matter how far away they are separated. Normally physicists think of these correlations as spanning space, linking far-flung locations in a phenomenon that Albert Einstein famously described as “spooky action at a distance.”

    Even harder to accept, there is a growing body of research investigating how these correlations can span time as well. What happens now can be correlated with what happens later, in ways that elude a simple mechanistic explanation. In effect, you can have spooky action at a delay.

    These correlations seriously mess with our intuitions about time and space. Not only can two events be correlated, linking the earlier one to the later one, but two events can become correlated such that it becomes impossible to say which is earlier and which is later. Each of these events is the cause of the other, as if each were the first to occur.

    But perhaps most important, researchers are working towards a new way to unify quantum theory with Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which describes the structure of space-time. The world we experience in daily life, in which events occur in an order determined by their locations in space and time, is just a subset of the possibilities that quantum physics allows.

    Some physicists take this as evidence for a profoundly nonintuitive worldview, in which quantum correlations are more fundamental than space-time, and space-time itself is somehow built up from correlations among events, in what might be called quantum relationalism. The argument updates Gottfried Leibniz and Ernst Mach’s idea that space-time might not be a God-given backdrop to the world, but instead might derive from the material contents of the universe.

    In this view quantum entanglement is more fundamental than space time because quantum entanglement generates space time. Quantum entanglement is not sensitive to the constraints of space time, that is, quantum entanglement connects events without regard to distance or the past and future.

    The key to control space time and the forces that operate in space time is the control of entanglement and coherence. This is what LENR engineering is all about.

    1. Yes, if entanglement is not an rare situation but happens everywhere (as Erik Verlinde seems to say), then our understanding of matter and how it behaves requires a full update. Then we are only at the beginning of our understanding of the universe as well as of what matter is. I am worried that science, having too much inertia, will explore this further soon, so I am not sure that I will witness the New Understanding of Matter. But let's hope for the best.

  5. ​How coherence manipulation produces force.

    In the EmDrive, microwaves setup standing electromagnetic waves inside the metal cone that disturbs the coherence in the vacuum so that virtual particle coherence is reduced. This application of energy to the vacuum is similar to inflating a balloon by increasing the air pressure inside the balloon. There is a unbalancing of the vacuum between the inside of the cone and the outside that remains neutral. This is like a balloon that has a higher air pressure on the inside of the balloon than the outside. An adiabatic inertial reaction force is produced to rebalance the imbalance setup in the vacuum generated by the microwaves. This inertial force attempts to rebalance the uneven vacuum energy distribution that exists between the inside and outside of the cone. The cone is configured to focus this adiabatic inertial reaction force in a desired direction.

    The balloon is not very good. The air pressure inside the balloon is equal throughout the volume of the balloon, but in a metal cone, the standing wave pattern of the standing waves produced by the magnetron are unequal throughout the volume of the cone so there will be less force generated in one given section of the voluum than in another. The unequal distribution of vacuum energy will resolve into a force vector in a preferred direction. The key to optimizing the force produced by the cone is to maximize the imbalance in the emf standing wave distribution inside the cone.

    One way to test this theory, is to demonstrate the reduction of the half life of an radioactive isotope in the regions of positive vacuum energy against the result produce in the regions of negative vacuum energy. The positive vacuum energy should produce a reduction in the half life in the radioactive isotope.

    This experiment can be done in a home microwave with a turntable. Find the zone of maximum microwave resonance and place the isotope there. You should see a reduction of the half life as a result in the amplified strength of the weak force at the point of maximum microwave strength.

    By the way, this amplification of the weak force through injecting energy into the vacuum is how George Egely produces LENR in his microwave reactor.


  6. "7. Will be ever demonstrated and accepted my idea that PdD is an underdeveloped, incomplete for of LENR and will not be used for applications because it is missing the actionable parameters?"

    No, because Pd/D2 is not the source of the problem(s). The source of the problem(s) is the fact that electrolychemistry is DIFFICULT, given the large number of variables to be identified and controlled, but that doesn't prevent it from being widely used by society.

    I would take a large bet that any electrolytic attempts using Ni/H2 would have even larger difficulties.