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Knowledge is never absolute Nothing is absolutely certain, including this statement
How I came upon this idea now?

See please paper1)- actually it is/was a live transmission from an ENEA LENR Meeting from Rome today. I watched in good audio-video conditions  a presentation of Vittorio Violante about the status of the field and the main scientific results- the vision and mainly the results of his team actually.Very good quality and high level of the presentation, impressive intelligence and a good dose of charisma. I hope the slides (in English) and the transcript will be very soon available- my hope/guess is tomorrow.
It is an entirely/only PdD electrolytic paper - cell calorimetry, results in one case 000% excess heat is obtained- and it tries to give the definitory characteristics of the active sites- influenced by crystals orientation, morphology, impurities- activity is a property of the material. Not much to inspire or make happy a LENR theorist and nothing yet to give hopes to a technologist.
A wonderful study of the morphology of the palladium metal- Violante is world class metallurgist. The word morphology was kind of refrain in the presentation and I became very nostalgic- my PhD (1971-83) was about "the correlation of suspension polyvinyl chloride morphology and processability"- actually about technology in toto- and for many years MORPHOLOGY was a magic word, part of my intellectual life, a name for deep dedication to a problem.
 So were later"Cold Fusion- LENR" and "Web Search"

I wanted to see what do we know about "PVC morphology" today- some 15+ years after my forced departure of the subject. Are we now omniscient? The rersponse is NO , I show you only one typical answer:

"Because of this multiscale complexity, the relationships between suspension polymerization conditions and morphology have yet to be well-understood"

Research and invention for PV morphology still continues and not everything is well understood.

LENR has the same problem in a specific form: multiscale complexities- see LENR+ Six Pillars and forget about the primitive useless tool called Ockham's Razor!


1)Vittorio Violante's presentation
Cold Fusion: status of the research and the main scientific results
La fusione fredda: stato della ricerca e principali risultati scientifici

2) Seminar for Cold Nuclear Transmutation and globular lightnings at the People 's  Friendship University of Russia will take place Thursday, Dec. 29  2016 at 16.00 in Room no1 of the Engineering building- coordinates in the text.

Семинар Холодный ядерный синтез и шаровая молния» в РУДН состоится в четверг 29 декабря 2016 г. в 16:00 в зале № 1

Program of the day
1. 16-00 – 16-20 -congratulations, celebration of jubilee (D.S. Barabnov 70 years, V.P. Bushlanov-70 years, V.L. Bychkov 65 years, A.A. Kornilova- 70 years)
2. 16-20 – 16-30 V.A. Zhigalov (National Research University, Zhurnal of Unconventional Science(, Moscow)  presentation of of the "Incognitum platform.
3. 16-30 – 17-00 V.I. Vysotskii (Dr. Phys Mat, Professor Kiev State Univ Shevhenko, Kiev), A.A. Kornilova(Dr. Phys-Mat. Univ. M.V. Lomonosov, Moscow): "About the mechanism of biological transmutations of nuclei.
4. 17-00 – 18-00 V.A. Chizhov (laureate of the SOVMIN Prize of the USSR), F.S. Zaitsev (Dr. Phys-Mat, professor at the State Univ. M.V. Lomonosov) Critical Nalysisof the possible processes in the cell of Rossi)
5. 18-00 – 19-00 Miscellanea
3) From Gregory Goble
I appreciate the LENR contribution by Bob Cook, good work, a lot to think about
4) Rossi: Independent Expert to Take Measurements at QuarkX Presentation

5) Bill Gates’ League of Billionaires will spend $1 Billion on Energy Research

6) Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)

7) In Italian: Waiting for the public presentation

- The standard text of many recent echo papers:
Scientific American Column: 'It's Not Cold Fusion...But It's Something'

An anonymous reader writes: Scientific American magazine has published a guest column on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) [putting] into context the history of what was mistakenly referred to as cold fusion and what happened. The bottom line is that there is compelling cumulative evidence for nuclear reactions taking place, including shifts in the abundance of isotopes, element transmutations, and localized melting of metals. Furthermore, those reactions do not have the characteristics of eit... read mo


let's examine what needs to be explained about LENR without discussing a theory.  (addressed to serious theoreticians)
1. The effect produces heat energy in excess of any plausible chemical source.  The rate of energy production occurs across a wide range values from mW to hundreds of watts when relatively small samples of a few grams are used.
2. The effect produces He with a He/energy value consistent with D-D fusion. The location of helium production is in the near surface region of the electrolytic cathode.
3. The effect produces tritium with a T/n ratio near 10^6. The location of tritium production is in the near surface region of the electrolytic cathode.
4. The effect produces transmutation products that are detected in the near surface region.
5. The effect can be initiated in Pd, Ni, and in various alloys.
6. The effect is not common and the material requires special treatment before the effect will occur.
7. The effect does not produce significant detected radiation of any kind, although some energetic radiation is occasionally detected at very low level.
8. The effect does not produce significant radioactive products, although some are detected in addition to tritium.
9. The effect is increased by increased temperature and can occur over a wide temperature range above room temperature.
10. The effect can be initiated by causing a chemical reaction between D and the host material produced by electrolysis, ion bombardment, gas pressure, and sonic effects.

I suggest an effective theory must explain and be consistent with each of these behaviors, In addition, the theory must not predict behaviors that are in conflict with these observations or with well-established natural law. 

Do you agree this list represents the known behavior of LENR?  In addition to these behaviors, we could list plausible assumptions we might use. The list of assumptions can be addressed later if anyone were interested in this approach.

I suggest some theories can be immediately eliminated by their conflict with one or more of these behaviors or with conflict with natural law.

Would people who contribute to this discussion group be interested in applying these observations to an objective triage of present theories? 


 Peter Hagelstein, . is on the right tract trying to develop the theory of Lattice Assisted NR in a coherent QM system to understand the spin energy transitions.  However, fast acting instruments to verify the time constants associated with the transitions are not developed yet (and MAY never be).  The evidence for such transitions will be only by indirect  means associated with the application of proper, accurately applied, EM resonant fields with resulting phonic energy observed later .  It will not be like experiments with chemical reactions where time constants can be measured.   Heisenberg will raise his problematic voice. 

However, accurate generation of resonant fields should help a lot in the R&D.  I think secret/private programs have developed the tools to accurately manage the resonant conditions.  I think it –resonant control-- was first accomplished relative to the Pd-D system and, hence, applied to other systems based on theory.  I would guess accurate tunable lasers are involved in creating such conditions, since they involve both electric and magnetic fields—particularly the magnetic field.   Cravens’ work early on used lasers (two) to  accomplish resonance cond


24. Has Randy Mills done it really? (not LENR anyway)

Yes. Given what his theory is capable of, and despite the difficulty many have accepting that QM is wrong (as a description of reality), Mills GUTCP's predictive ability and simple formulas that give the right answers using only integer values and fundamental constants indicates the underlying physics are correct. The hydrino is almost certainly a reality, is the identity of dark matter, the power source of the Sun's corona and is also likely the principle cause of excess heat in LENR experiments.

The failure of the LENR community to account for hydrino based heat in their experiments is also a cause for confusion and infighting in the LENR community. How can the truth about LENR ever be properly ascertained if what may be a primary source of heat is not accounted for? 

Mills latest silver boiler mode- which generates intense heat from hydrinos for extended periods in the absence of input energy (excluding the electrolysis that provides the hydrogen) is clear evidence that he is on the right track.

Note that Mills theory does permit hydrinos to result in fusion for D and T, but his calculations indicate that reaction rates even for small hydrinos are low- lower even than muon assisted fusion which itself is not viable. Mills could be wrong about that- but he does not appear wrong about hydrinos and the massive source of non-nuclear heat he is generating. 

To progress, the LENR community should read GUTCP, should account for the existence and energy release from hydrinos AND only then determine if LENR is occurring.

24a. When will he distribute hydrino compounds to the many analytical labs?

Such labs can do the same experiments as detailed by Mills, using getters to trap formed hydrinos and applying one of several analytical tests published by Mills that indicate the electron is more tightly bound to the proton.


Fundamental solid state phenomenon unraveled
Universal behavior detected in Mott metal-insulator transition

Date:December 16, 2016
Source:Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
Whether water freezes to ice, iron is demagnetized or a material becomes superconducting -- for physicists there is always a phase transition behind it. They endeavour to understand these different phenomena by searching for universal properties. Researchers have now made a pioneering discovery during their study of a phase transition from an electrical conductor to an insulator (Mott metal-insulator transition).


I think that Jim Rohn was a genuine great philosopher
Rohn: Why Successful Habits Breed Success


  1. Regarding Ed Storms' points to theory as follows:

    2. The effect produces He with a He/energy value consistent with D-D fusion. The location of helium production is in the near surface region of the electrolytic cathode.

    3. The effect produces tritium with a T/n ratio near 10^6. The location of tritium production is in the near surface region of the electrolytic cathode.

    8. The effect does not produce significant radioactive products, although some are detected in addition to tritium.

    This experiment shows that there is two simultaneous reactions going on at the same time that may be confusing Ed Storms as follows:

    Laser-induced synthesis and decay of Tritium under exposure of solid targets in heavy water

    The primary cause of LENR is the amplified weak force. That reaction produces muons as a by product. The weak force will reduce or eliminate tritium to its decay product which is He3.

    The secondary reaction is muon catalyzed fusion which will produce tritium from deuterium fusion. So what the muons of generating, the amplified weak force is stabilizing as a parallel process.

    When the strength of the weak force reaction is marginal, some tritium remains to be detected. But when the amplified weak force is strong, no tritium remained since all of it has been decayed to its stabilized decay produce by the weak force.

    In summary, the amplified weak force produces mesons as a decay product of protons and neutrons decay. The byproduct of meson decay: Muons will produce fusion produces that are stabilized by the amplified weak force.

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  3. Peter, In the realm of organic morphology ponder the means by which Donald Cram, Nobel laureate in chemistry, managed to produced cold fusion by placement of deuterons in organic molecular morphologies. Keep in mind he was most famous for his work on 'crown ethers.'


    A compendium of papers about Leif Holmlid, his ideas, his research, and the current leading LENR theory from RexResearch

  5. The link between LENR and Hydrino.
    I am not sure that Mills agrees with the suggestion that the hydrino might be single hydrogen atom Rydberg matter. Rydberg matter (RM) can be formed using photons. Once the first (RM) is being formed using high currents, the generated photons may induce further forming of RM thus causing Self sustained Mode (SSM) as Mills claims. The energy of the hydrino's may be high enough to cause fusion with neighbouring atoms (Ni, H, Li, Al). That looks like LENR. The question is: What process generates most of the energy, fusion (LENR) or the forming of the hydrino? Forming hydrino's KeV energy excess levels are approached, LENR (H-7Li fusion, Be splitting ->He) generates MeV energies. Rossi was asked if he thought RM plays a role in LENR, but his answer was 'No'. Nevertheless also in LENR SSM can take place, which may be the same as Mills has observed. Time will tell whether or not there is a link between the hydrino and LENR.