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2016 was a year of profound renewal and disruption-and in 2017 pretty much anything can happen.  (Otto Scharmer, Presencing Institute)

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The plan is very clear and simple and I warn you- this is not an optimist joke!

I am declaring  MMXVII- ANNUS MIRABILIS for LENR i.e we will see more progress next year in applications and in understanding than in each year from 1989 up to now, and - that's somewhat more- more than in all these years together..

This plan is the result of my irreversible and irrevocable decision to solve the root problems of LENR before starting to smell the flowers from the part where the roots are; therefore I have to contribute both to applictions9 Will ave to find  aconsultant job for experiments) and for understanding- you see that I am trying already to build a logical frame for that.

Today only a first observation for the Plan- in the spirit of negative things first - see my Problem Solving rules etc. we must start by removing the greatest obstacle to LENR progress and that is LENR fundamentalism. The literature re fundamentalism is huge but fundamentalist mindset is always and everywhere the same (read please te Otto Scharmer paper at LENR IN CONTEXT-2)
We know the absolute Truth, they oppose to it and we have the sacred right to kill
- the idea and/or the people who support that heresy and/or infamy.
(Fundamentalism: One Truth, One Us vs. Them, One Fanatical Will)

The expected and due progress in LENR in MMXVII will come only from dry, clean, warm actionable transition metals- hydrogen systems so the fundamentalist who oppose and want to stop these systems must be calmed down first. Many of them are only pseudo-fundamentalists.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016
96order Order on Motion for Leave to File Tue 3:40 PM 
ORDER denying without prejudice95 Motion for Leave to File due to the failure to provide a proposed order, as is required by the Local Rules. Signed by Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga (CMA)

#1 Failure Mechanism - Lack of Hydrogen Absorption (Backed up by Classic Post from JONP)

3) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Steven N. Karels
December 28, 2016 at 6:54 AM

Dear Andrea Rossi,

With reports that your newest technology can produce an effective COP of around 200, then why would it not be possible to demonstrate a self-contained unit that produces heat and then electricity (via Carnot or thermo-electric generation), stores the produced energy within a suitable battery and then use the battery output as a stable and constant source of power to control the ecat unit? The purpose of the battery is to decouple the ecat input form the output for safety purposes. If a demonstration like this were held, where only external power was applied to first start the reaction, and then the unit runs continuously for several months. this demonstration would be hard to discredit. With an effective COP in excess of 20 or more, the combined losses in the conversions and storage should still produce an excess amount of energy. I have never understood the claim that for safety reasons, suitably buffered, that the ecat output cannot (indirectly) feed its input. Please clarify.

If you are going to sell this technology commercially and eventually residentially, there must be no doubt it works. First adopters may except it under very favorable contract terms but the general market will require a conversion in their belief about LENR technology.
Andrea Rossi
December 28, 2016 at 11:43 AM

Steven N. Karels:
I did not say yet which is the COP of the QuarkX. About the other characteristics, they too will e disclosed during the presentation.
Thank you for your insight.
Warm Regards


You noted: 

"In my experience shifting from wet to dry and to fine particulate materials as in nano Pd powders the diminished ‘loading’ when using gaseous species along with the dimensional constraint of the particles essentially chops the reactive metal into such small domains that large number reactive pairing, aka NAE’s, is also chopped having the benefit of diluting the nuclear heat." 

I agree with this observation. Designing a stable coherent system (a quantum mechanically connected system of kinetic and potential energy and angular momentum, spin) has been accomplished in the application of nano particles of an otimum size and significant magnetic susceptibility. Only one nano particle reacts at a time, but it is ready to react again as soon as the correct resonances, considering the configuration of the daughter particle, occurs. The tendancy of a coherent system to reduct its potential energy by increasing its temperature (phonic energy) IMHO is a key understanding associated with LENR science. You further stated: "It’s not at all analogous to fission reactions where the reactions distribute their energy via all the normal thermal and more energetic nuclear emission channels." I agree with this observation. Fission if a two body reaction of a resonant (thermal) neutron with a fissile nuclei-Pr-229, U-233-U-235, U233, Np-237, Pu-239 etc. IMHO LENR is a reaction-- change--that happens in a coherent system such as a nano particle of Ni and H and other nuclei and there atomic electrons with conservation of energy and angular momentum. Conservation of linear momentum is not a parameter requiring conservation, as it does in two body reactions. However, insofar as resonant conditions are required to initiate a fission reaction, they are also required to initiate a LENR. With the fission reactions temperature and neutron velocities (kinetic energy with respective wave frequency, including the distributuin of kinetic energies within a population of neutrons) is a property which allows designing fission reactor control. (Reactor temperature in combination with neutron population or flux and fissile nuclei concentration.) IMHO with respect to LENR, temperature and its pertinence to phonic vibrations of a coherent system are key to controlling the initiation of LENR in any given coherent system. I consider that the magnetic B field present in the coherent system at any instant also is necessary to effect the conservation of angular momentum via nuclear spin and electron orbital spin, which is another name for phonic energy or thermal energy of the coherent system lattice. You further noted: "Cold fusion’s unique channel is sans energetic emissions, even the abundant alphas that form are born effectively ‘cold’ as no alpha knock-on secondary emissions are observed and believe me in the presence of the production of copious 4He, aka e17 atoms, such knock-ons would surely have been observed if present in the abundance of instrumentation used to seek such ephemera." I agree that energetic alphas will cause major lattice disruptions and some observeable energetic EM radiaction. This occurs in Pd-D "LENR" cases--see the SPAWARS tests and other NRL research. The LENR that involves the production of Be-8 and the decay to 2 energetic alphas is also a case where a two body reaction without a multibodied coherent system seems to be possible. It should also entail energetic EM radiation. The EM radiation however is not a gamma ray, since it is not associated with an excited nuclear energy state transition to a lower more stable state. The case of the production of low energy (cold) alphas IMHO involves a coherent system reaction in which alphas are created separately (at some distance from each other) but within the same cohereny system. The "fusion energy" is released as phonic energy of the lattice in the form of increased orbital spin energy. The resonant lattice vibration happens at the same frequency throughout the nano particle lattice. The B field plays its necessary role in creating necessary resonant energy states and particle spin orientations to allow the coherent system to change its configuration. 

Bob Cook

Thanks dear Bob!


David Eagleman - Is Time Real? (Closer to Truth)


By Otto Scharmer
2017—Trump—Are We Ready To Rise?

Whatever you think, you don’t necessarily know your own mind


  1. Bob Cook's musings in reply to my observations is nice to read but better would be some proposed methods, or even better - results, that might confirm his musings. The production of 8Be is far from established for example, it's merely a hypothetical pathway which is immensely secondary to the D+D to 4He which is in fact quite produced with good agreement to the energy yield observed, at least in my observations. Ever since day one of cold fusion Schwinger et al have agreed on the phonon concept for distribution of large amounts of energy over a great many 'phonons' as opposed to a few highly energetic photons, aka gammas. What is vital in this field is more seeing and less reading, sorry if this makes the readers unhappy. It's the same in all of science there are far more spectators than performers. Don't be shy what it takes to be a real part of cold fusion science is astonishing little

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