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“The ideal is the enemy of the real.”  ( Susan BlockThe Bonobo Way)

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a) Ideal or real what's the way to LENR's solutions?

My life: I got older and older while different things bad (80%) and good (20%) have happened to me- in part according to my ideas, actions and plans and I have tried to learn something useful and transmissible from them. Obviously I have learned all the time from many people and a lot of sources/. I had mentors, teachers and examples have developed some unbreakable prejudices however later I get rid from them by the erosion effect of the winds of history.
One general trend was - mainly because I was living in a society claiming its perfection- idealophobia; looking with extreme suspicion on anything called ideal-
political, social, moral. spiritual- and that went over even in the domain of science.
Here at EGO OUT you could follow my almost Dostoyevskian problems with the scientific high ideal of the the Scientific Method- how can/must it be applied to the opposite-of-ideal systems of Cold Fusion LENR when do you not own the adequate means and tools to ask Nature and to hear Her whispers mixed with noise.
Reality's interestingness, complexity and internal contradictions- make voracious  
mix with appetite for for ideals. 
I still feel guilty for not being for the Scientific Method at any price but I think we must find BUILD shortcuts to it.

b) The only cause of our problems in the LENR field.

My issue of yesterday Notes about the promising nano-gaps electrodes- a possible blessing for Ed Storm's Theory and questions regarding the causes of ourr 22 years delay in LENR- went unnoticed. One exception, a reader called Anonymous is angry with me for my bashing of the PdD wet faithful people. I have nothing with the people, I think the system is very weak to use the superlative euphemism.
Anonymous explains our troubles in an ideal mode: 

 The ONLY problem with research in LENR is the sabotage and denial of funding of any and all LENR research by the "true believers of the Coulomb barrier". 

What will happen if Bill Gates and his group will donate a billion of $ to PdD?


1) 1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #39 — ‘No More Demos’ if Test Succeeds]

2) The Nature of Thermal Anomalies During Electrolysis of Light Water: The reversible hydrogen-neutron cycle ( B. A. Sidorov, and N. E. Nevessky)

3) Cold Fusion- a year later:

3) From Andrea Rossi's blog

Frank Acland
February 6th, 2016 at 4:16 PM

Dear Andrea,

You have mentioned that there have been many repairs required on the 1MW plant over the course of the year so far. This is of course understandable running a machine that has never been built before constantly for a year.

You have also said that there needs to be a redesign based on things you have learned from this test. Once you have redesigned, do you expect another long-term test, similar to the one you are now doing will have to be done for the next model?
Many thanks,
Frank Acland

Andrea Rossi- OK!
February 6th, 2016 at 4:23 PM
Frank Acland:
Leonardo Corporation will pass to the industrialization of the E-Cat.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi daily report
February 7th, 2016 at 10:20 AM

At 10.20 a.m. of Sunday February 7 2016:
1MW E-Cat: stable, after some leaks reparations
E-Cat X: still very promising, in operation
Warm Regards,
4) About energy, the quantum vacuum and Orbo by Fernando Cobacho

5) At the jubileum of the unlimited free energy, 5 years

У "неограниченной бесплатной" энергии юбилей, 5 лет! Google-translatable, not bad questions!

6) Competition to Achieve Viable Nuclear Fusion Heating Up
Eric Worrall

7) Russ George guides us to high level science

8) Jed Rothwell LENR librarian emeritus about the access to the field's scientific journal
See JCMNS vol 18
Here is the index for all volumes:

9) Video 
La  Fusion Froide Interview with Jean Paul Biberian


"Disturbing" with D from Dunning
How Too Much Education Can Result in Ignorance


Energy 2050 Apocalypse - The Road to Exhaustion (Part 3)
LENR not considered


  1. Peter,
    You should keep in mind that not all Pd-D has to be wet or low temperature. There is nothing to prevent Pd-D in gas phase from being a useful producer of high enthalpy (high temperature) heat. With Pd's higher melting point than Ni, it has good opportunity for high temperature operation.

    Like Mills' use of Ag in his latest reactor, the extra cost of the Pd and the D could prove to be incidental compared to the value of the energy produced.

    1. Dear Bob,

      If you read EGO OUT yyou will see that I am taking in consideration PdD at higher temperatures both high pressure electrolysis- despite risks and dry high temperature LENR - here Vitalii Kirkinski is the strahe has an EU Pat.
      To NOT consider a problem in its context, to NOT develop an integrative holistic-holographic vision of your research problem that is amateur-like and I have lead more research project so I dare to claim that my vision is both serious and professional.
      I take responsibility and I put my reputation at stake
      when I assert - with no pleasure but based on facts that wet Pd D the Fleischmann Pons cellhas already played its historical role- to show with certainty that LENR exists HOWEVER due to its inherent weaknesses is an uncomplete form of LENR not adequate to understanding and scale up. I have explained tens of times why this happens and what differentiates LENR and LENR+, the later with enehanced NAE genesis and excess heat release.
      It is a truth that hurts, but it does not diminish the merits of the Founders.

      I have tried to convince Vitalii Kirkinski to tell us more about his LENR ideology in Russsian as have done my friends Urutskoev, Parkhomov, Bazhutov, Vysotkii but had no success. Can you help?

  2. "One exception, a reader called Anonymous is angry with me for my bashing of the PdD wet faithful people. I have nothing with the people, I think the system is very weak to use the superlative euphemism."

    The use of the term "wet faithful" is incredibly insulting to those very few dedicated scientists who kept the entire field of LENR alive during the period when the real "faithful" (physicists and their skeptopath allies) were trying to strangle it in the cradle. And who did many times did the work funded out of their own pockets.

    The reason "wet" systems are still used is that the cost of entry is very low (see previous comment about "lack of funding"), and the safety factor is high. "Dry" approaches are neither, involving both high pressures and high temperatures.

    "What will happen if Bill Gates and his group will donate a billion of $ to PdD?"

    We will very quickly have high-power systems, both "wet" and "dry". There is precisely nothing unique about nickel systems. See the original NASA work on gaseous H2 and D2 using palladium "molecular separators" in a "dry" PdD configuration.

    1. dear Anonymous,

      It is a virtual comma between wet and faithful- and the prroblem with wet is de facto "temperature impaired"
      I would never deny the historic merit of the F&P Cell it had demonstrated the very existence of LENR and indeed it has generated hope. However timee is ripe to create an island of rationality- the system has limits and these were attained- no possibility to make it really reproducible or to scale it up.
      I explain this on a casal basis- at low temperatures no active sites are generated. See my Topology is the key ppaer from 1992.
      Dry hot systems are a mjust, you can play with the cool ones but this does not lead to technology and, as we see sadly not to theoretical understanding.
      The CF system was oppressed indeed but think about notable exceptions as IMRA Japan SKINR, ENEA.
      Do not think I am happy assserting these statemens.