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The same is true for Research Project Leaders- see below an example. Or more.

A minimalist presentation of the BLP Demo

Impressive, well done. Serious professional. Design thinking in research. Focused on Engineering and Materials Science- chicken soup for my soul and my LENR Atomic Model. Very high Power values, no Energy Balance (lab people call it calorimetry). Randy -stratospheric IQ. Has alternative view of Quantum Mechanics.. Angrily rejects Cold Fusion. Anti-fan of Andrea Rossi- probably motivation in both cases on theoretical basis- he knows what is possible and also what is impossible. "We" can learn from him, he will not learn us what we want. My best friend Mike Carrell was sure up to his end that hydrinos "make" LENR. I suspect parallelity'
Demo's central certainty- continuous energy- coming, not obviously here yet.
BLP competitor of Rossi - good! High temperatures- inspiration for E-Cat X that became today even more complex than it was. It can be worse!
Best wishes of success to Mills and Andrea Rossi.


1) The slides of the BLP presentation:

About the Randy Mills's Brilliant demo:
2) Russ George:

3) Edmund Storms- in the spirit of fairness- but sad for LENR, says:
"Mills has clearly demonstrated a new and useful source of energy based on his explanation. His theory and his demonstration can also be used to explain how the Papp engine works.  Clearly, he has won the race for providing a source of clean energy for the future. 

 Unlike how LENR was advocated, Mills used his considerable smarts to develop a useful theory and then convinced wise investors to support his ideas. This approach was not used to advance LENR because no one could agree on how to proceed.  In addition, the explanations were too flawed to be useful in any case. Mills did it right. In addition, unlike Rossi, he is making the information known to the world.  Anyone can test the idea and see the effect. In contrast, Rossi has kept his method to cause LENR secret. Mills is on the right track. We in LENR are now being left in the dust to quarrel among ourselves about what to do next." 
Followed by many comments pro and contra demo.

3) Doug Marker has said:
The BLP demo and claims are stunning !. It looks like Randy Mills had it right about his hydrino theory. Amazing !.

The incredible part about the claims is that Einstein's opposition to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle seems to be vindicated !. Again, a stunning development if true.

In fact, Mill's claims essentially bypass the uncertainty principle and obsolete it. 

The next step if this is as it appears, is that Mills GUT (Grand Unification Theory) gains enormous credibility.
In total the claims and his GUT theory are a Science and Energy game changer !.

This deserves in-depth scrutiny and analysis.

4) Brian Ahern has expressed his negative enthusiasm re the Demo:
Mills showed nothing. He had a camera on an arcing system. He gave no quantitative data for output or input.

He relies on PV cells to capture the energy. Why not store the energy as hot water and then convert that source?

The answer is that would be too simple for him to carry out his long con. Godes and Rossi are working with oversized systems without showing any INDEPENDENT data on a laboratory scale.

A straightforward test would confirm the lack of energy production. Mills has proven nothing! 

5) Jack Cole has published a while ago Sun Cell Testing:

Broad spectra of opinions re the Demo at Vortex, CMNS, LENR Forum, E-Cat World etc.

6) From Rossi's blog

Andrea Rossi
Jaf Madeira:
06.00 p.m. of Thursday Feb 4 2016
1 MW E-Cat stable
E-Cat X becoming more complex.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
Frank Acland:
“Complex” means that the E-Cat X is getting more complex technologically: this is positive. We are marching toward a product. F9.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
Thank you. The day I received the US Patent has been one of the most important of my life.
Update at 09.33 of Friday February 5th 2016:
1 MW Plant stable, an important leakage has been repaired few minutes ago.
E-Cat X: 2 in regular operation, one testing a new system to make electricity after what we learnt in the last experiment.
Warm Regards,

7) Gennadiy Tarassenko looking for instruments and physicists for experiments
8) TOPIC: How risky is too risky? Evaluating the expected impact of high-risk/high-reward research 
LENR mentioned (Brillouin)

9) A short nice LENR just now video:

From Google Scholar

10) Paper Title:
Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) – Sustainable and Green Energy: A Review

In this paper a review on recent development in Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) is presented along with scope and challenges. As the name suggests Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) is a phenomenon of nuclear reaction occurring in metal hydrides at ambient temperature. The products are generally Helium & significant amount of useful heat energy. During the process Transmutation of metal (host) occurs; occasionally producing some charged particles and neutrons. The LENR are successfully carried out with various elements namely; nickel, gold, palladium, platinum, titanium, certain superconducting ceramics, etc. LENR poses itself as a source of pollution free and inexhaustible energy source. It produces tremendous amount of heat energy during the reaction which surpasses all the available energy sources by a factor of hundredths to millions. Besides this it is also useful in transmutation of nuclear wastes. To initiate LENR there are various views floating around in scientific community. The purpose is to bring together two nuclei at low energy to fuse together as a single nucleus. A large amount of force is required which is generally obtained through plasma arc or accelerated high energy ions. But in case of LENR all the nuclear reaction occur at low energy thus saving excessive amount of energy required for activation. One of the most studied LENR involves palladium. The palladium is used at a loading between 0.9 and 0.94 to produce optimum results. It is a source of Energy which is more eco-friendly and productive than all the available energy sources known to us. Statistically 1% of the total Ni production can power the World that too at one-fourth the cost of burning fossils. Models are being developed with Carbon replacing Ni, thus it will convert carbon to nitrogen. LENR is also being developed for using nuclear wastes as fuel, transmuting them into non-radioactive elements. This will tag LENR as much greener and cleaner source. LENR is being also developed to be used as an alternative and richer energy source to radioactive fuels (like Pu-238), currently being used to power space probes. Thus it helps reduce the generation of hazardous nuclear wastes.

Chapter 8: Renewable and Alternative Energy System
Edited by
Mazlan Abdul Wahid, Syahrullail Samion, Aminuddin Saat, Nor Azwadi Che Sidik, Normah M. Ghazali, Nazri Kamsah, Azhar A. Aziz, Farid N. Ani, Haslinda M. Kamar and Mohsin Sies
M. Z. Akhter, M. A. Hassan, "Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) – Sustainable and Green Energy: A Review", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 819, pp. 507-511, Jan. 2016

Online since

January 2016



Harold Jarche- we don't need bettter leaders


  1. I am ecstatic that Ed Storms has become an R. Mills admirer. As one of the most competent researchers in these associated fields, Ed is ideally positioned in terms of equipment and expertise to verify the hydrino theory. Mills being constrained by the doctrinaire of this hydrino theory, Ed can go further than Mills in this line of experimentation by testing the ash produced by the Mills arc reaction for transmutation products. If Ed finds those products that will discredit the hydrino theory and place the experimentation and product development that Mills is doing into the LENR camp. I look forward to any Mills replications that Ed takes on.

    Furthermore, there has been experimentation done using arc discharge through both carbon and tungsten electrodes and transmutation products were found in the ash in those experiments. I suspect that what Mills is doing is really related to a LENR process. There is also the vast experimental experience produced by Ken Shoulders to support transmutation in arc discharge which includes a patent application for transmutation using arc discharge to stabilize nuclear wastes.

  2. Regarding the statement:
    "The purpose is to bring together two nuclei at low energy to fuse together as a single nucleus. A large amount of force is required which is generally obtained through plasma arc or accelerated high energy ions. But in case of LENR all the nuclear reaction occur at low energy thus saving excessive amount of energy required for activation."

    I believe that the LENR reaction involves the decay of the proton through the catalytic reaction of a monopole magnetic field.

    This is seen in the Holmlid experiments where Kaons are produced in the reaction. Any electric production in LENR requires Kaon production as a first stage of a subatomic particle decay chain that results in the production of one or more electrons as the final step in the chain.

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  4. When someone says that there's no PV data to compare input vs output therefore it is not acceptable as being genuine. It make me wonder where this person's eyes/ brain was focusing on while watching the demo video. I'd like to hear this person to provide any kind of plausible reason . But I would see a real quandary before hand. How can anyone dispute the excess energy seen ? I'd question as to how many MEGA Watts can 4 Caps can supply for how many fractions of seconds ? After all there wasn no other electric power source other than those 4 super caps on the demo unit. Oh sure, It was all camera trick you say . And I should believe you . Really ?

    1. Gregory, Brian Ahern is a very smart researcher who was merely playing 'Devil's advocate' in regard to ED and my comments as to what the Mills video shows.

      While Brian has taken a stricter view as to what was 'proven', Ed viewed the demo from what his experience and research tells him (including a respect for Mills prior theories and research) and I was viewing it from what I see as ground breaking potential.

      Brian's POV was perfectly valid within his frame of reference. He will be delighted when more 'proofs' are presented. But, like you, I was a little disappointed that he didn't comment on the potential.

      It is all our varying perspectives that make this field so interesting.

      Doug Marker

  5. Peter. I dislike your cowardice.

    1. This seems an insult- why I am I a coward?
      In principle I am not answering with insults to insults, I have stated many times that the most rude people are the most sensitive in the same time.
      Who knows what feelings are driving you, Timo?

    2. Deleting comments without explanation. That is a way of a coward.