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The expert evaluator of the 350 days test has to be competent not a worldwide known genius.

Rossi deniers in potential deep trouble- they start to invent "killer" conditions:

"Any report from Rossi will be worthless unless it includes the names of the claimed independent referee which Rossi refers to as "ERV". If this person is an unknown, without flawless credentials, the report is unacceptable. If the detailed methodology isn't given or isn't credible, the report is unacceptable. In any case, because Rossi ran the test, it won't be credible."

So, a no great name nuclear/thermo/electro engineer with decades of practical experience, not expert in trace heat calorimetry but able to make a heat balance
would create a report with No value? If he has no great prizes won and not over a hundred of publications in strictly peer- and super-peer  reviewed international journals. If he has no stellar IQ and is not member of the Mensa, not an obvious genius,- we have to ignore the Report? 
He has to be simply competent for the task, not prestigious or perfect. If the Report is positive, convincing, unassailable- what can say, for example Mary Yugo or Gary Wright? I don't know. But I can predict exactly what will say Steve Krivit and Brian Ahern whom I know quite well. Losing with elegance is more noble than winning in a rowdy manner.


Be surprised only if this is not a Surprise...
MFMP: “Prepare . . . The End of the Carbon Age is Nigh”

French Newspaper La Tribune Features Cold Fusion

Discussing the 350 days test Report:

From Rossi's Blog
February 21, 2016 at 1:10 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi,
Are you still studying and replicating the work of your competitors, as you said in past you did?
Andrea Rossi
February 21, 2016 at 3:45 PM

Yes, we have a team of specialists dedicated to this job. I never comment the work of our competitors, but monitor them carefully to check what they do and to understand what they eventually can do. We have a library pretty complete about this issue and we keep it constantly updated.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
February 22, 2016 at 10:54 AM

No, the production line of the 1 MW industrial low temperature E-Cats will be totally independent from the R&D on the E-Cat X, as well as its commercial strategy.
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi
February 22, 2016 at 10:52 AM

Feb 22 at 10.50 a.m.:
The E-Cat X are operating well. Now I am focused exclusively on it, during this “period of grace” between the end of the 1 MW E-Cat test end and the dlivery of the report by the ERV.
Warm Regards,

LENR is Real- a continuing discussion- in some places interesting:


How Big Data Is Changing Disruptive Innovation


  1. When Rossi first said that he was more interested in making working energy devices than convincing unreasonable skeptics, I thought he was being rather odd, but over time, and after seeing how those with opposing viewpoints exercise their opinions without concern for truth or reason, I now feel that Doctor Rossi is correct in doing it this way. He can concentrate on placating useless squabblers or chose to focus on useful buyers, only one of these groups will be purchasing his devices in *mass quantities, so why not concentrate on the path that bypasses the nay-Sayers while simultaneously going into full commercial production? Dr. Rossi seems to be ready to deploy the first generation of his LENR+ technology while continuing to improve and invent next generation devices. This tactic should keep him in the game as the LENR hardware leader for at least the next five to ten years. If the first E-Cat works, it makes sense to assume that the 2nd generation X-Cat is real and just as revolutionary as he has claimed, (probably even more so!) A two to five-year lead in this new technology is formidable and won’t be overcome easily. More likely, offshoot inventions like Brilliant Light Power will appear and form separate tracks of development and research. The physicists and scientists will have to discover what is happening inside these devices before they can even begin to write a research grant or ask for investment capital, all while Rossi and Industrial Heat have factories churning out mysterious energy boxes they say are impossible!

    *(reference; See “coneheads”.)

  2. LENR is real, but Rossi is a talented scammer. He has conflicting statements that cannot align with truthful operation.

  3. The physicists and scientists will first need to discard 50% of what they assume about the cosmos. The entire edifice of their reality will be painfully exposed as a fanciful dilution. Many in science will not be able to cope with such a large shock to their world. I will look with interest to what will happen next.

  4. If I were Mr Rossi I would have M.Y.
    Steve,Gary,and Brian do the ERV.
    That would clear up all doubt and if
    F9 positive really get the show on the

  5. I'm interested to see what MFMP will be revealing tomorrow.

  6. Since the E in ERV means EXPERT, whomever it is, they must be an EXPERT and must be INDEPENDENT - i.e. make their own measurements and not dependent on Rossi's or anyone else's measurements, equipment, or data: and must have had access to the device during the entire run. But I am afraid such a person does not exist.