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For the first Motto I apologize- I know it is stereotypical and over-abused but it is the best about TOTAL COMMITMENT.

I dislike metaphors based on anatomy for their lack of elegance however we must be aware that monobuttockular efforts lead nowhere.

Commitment is only a necessary virtue it must be associated with real seriousness
Mihail Ralea has defined seriousness in the following way:

"To be serious means to be be focused on the core of the things and not on the undefined halo of trivia hovering around them"

This is awfully difficult in this case- I am promoting my opinion. A basic idea: 
without technology any LENR theory is just pure intellectual beauty , without guiding principles and a sketch of a theory any LENR research is just tinkering


Can EURO-LENR be created?

This is a question and I am not the best person to answer it, I have lived so mny years in a part of Europe outside the European spirit. And now I am discontented and unhappy with the acute Euro-Probletence- the way of choosing solutions that are worse than the problem itself just now it has inspired me a new Septoe;
"Multiculturalism is for individuals for communities"- and I adore multiculturalism.
The Internet is excellent for it.

Anyway, there are some specific problems with the building of EURO-LENR. Like LENR (and despite EU) Europe is very fragmented, scientific dogmatism and "correctness" are very influential- but with good research project leaders, committed and focused, even miracles- including competition for Rossi and his groups - are possible.
What do you think LENRphile inhabitants of the old continent?

DAILY NEWS  temporary LENR Info strike today?

The paradox of E-Cat the almost free energy, before making you good, makes you so much bad things.
Il Paradosso di E-Cat. L’Energia (quasi) Gratis, Prima di Farvi del Bene, Vi Farà tanto Male

Andrea Rossi what should a young LENR-ist learn
February 14, 2016 at 10:13 PM

Thank you for your kind attention. Suggestion: what you learn and the way you learn how to learn during these years of your life in the High School will remain the most important pillars of your future life. I strongly suggest you to dedicate all your efforts to learn from your Professors the maximum you can. Personally, I think that LENR are not a matter idoneous for the High School, because in this period you must learn as well as it is possible the fundamentals of Physics. Consider LENR an interesting thing to be better understood later, when you will have solid bases of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
Warm Regards and Good Luck !


Science has such a huge inertia, it is likely that any single person can strive to turn this unwieldy juggernaut only slightly if at all. In the years since 2011, when the fame of Rossi first began to take hold, I have tried to popularize three important closely related LENR based concepts that I felt pivotal in the synthesis of LENR: the Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) and nanoplasmonics, metalized hydrogen, and the monopole flux tube. The origin of these concepts is not unique to me; I have only acted to highlight and sponsor them as foundational in LENR. Like so many others in this brotherhood of LENR, we can only hope that we can see the truth in our field of interest and inspire others to broaden and deepen that truth if those beliefs deserve such devotion. 


Attention to this lady author! Why you need to learn people


  1. Unzicker On Robitaille's Solar Model

    I am interested in the liquid sum model because it is inextricably connected to the production of nuclear energy from cold fusion. In like fashion, the plasma solar model is connected with the hot fusion paradigm of nuclear physics.

    The recent deployment of many high quality solar based data acquisition tools makes the observation and understanding of liquid sun a forgone conclusion. But the current state of professional science makes that countervailing and antitypical model of the suns nature impossible for the professional scientist to swallow; a poison pill that leads to a revulsion deeply ingrained in their nature.

    If one accepts the liquid sun as reality, then logic forces a complete rejection of accepted cosmology and its allied scientific underpinnings. If one accepts the truth of the liquid sun, one rejects the dominance of the hot fusion model of reality and the ascendency of cold fusion as the driving force that powers the universe.

  2. Peter,
    One idea that may help advance LENR would be a portal to ease the language barrier between experimenters. I read the discussions on LENR-FORUM and see difficulty in clear expression. Two peoples that do not have a great command of English trying to collaborate seems difficult.

    1. Dear Friend

      THIS is a very important issue and I WANT to help.
      Please write me to for a relevant discussion and for some solutions.