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Only for my friends- time is running irreversibly- we cannot dwell in the past- 1966 was a great year for Judith and me:  
We celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary today great family gathering

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Yesterday I did not want to demoralize you so I have not spoken about a third missing link in LENR, that between theory and experiment in the field (I have to admit that Ed Storms tries to build this link. A good theory will say us how to generate much more excess heat.

a) the executive summary of the 350 days report

It is about some > 8000 MWhours energy a great bill for electricity. The bill of the Customer vs the bill of Industrial Heat. Daily, weekly, monthly, global, maximum, minimum values of COP.
The Report - probably somewhere between 1500 and 2000 pages is for the parts of the deal and for accountants. We LENR-ists are much more interested in the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY that is already circulating 1 front page plus appendices but the essential is shown in less than 20 sentences.
My prediction is that this executive summary will appear on the Web in less that 12 days.

My friend Abd asks for a better demonstration of the heat- Helium connection; I consider this useless as long as heat/He cannot be enhanced and made reproducible.
PdD LENR has a strong culture and great basic values- change and progress seem to be missing from the list.

b) it is good (?) to see things that never change

LENR clasic was plagued by endless Disputitis and one episode of fierce attack by the arch-enemy Kirk Shanahan- is now repeated on the LENR Forum. Shanahan is immune to logic and facts so the outcome will be...continuation.


Rossi: ‘Exponential Progress’ at Leonardo Factory In Florida

Brian Ahern's radical message re Rossi:
Rossi has just announced his plan to continue the delay until the end of 2016. I predicted this months ago. It is his modus operandi. If he does not disappoint, he continues to receive a tidy monthly stipend.

Anyone buying into his scam deserves ridicule and derision. You quiet LENR folks should be ashamed of yourselves. 

In contrast with this one, by Anonymous:
I can think of a number of reasons that the report will take a month to publish. Consider that the reputation of the expert and his company are on the line, especially if the results are positive. I would imagine that the data will be analyzed in multiple ways not just for over all performance but for trends, variability, and other aspects that would concern a manufacturer much more than the general public. The resulting report will then likely be sent around to other experts within the company for review and suggested changes. That review/change process can take a significant amount of time depending on how well the original report was written and the internal politics of the company.

Remember, if this report comes out as substantiating the E Cat as producing more energy than it consumes everybody and his dog will be looking to poke holes in it. It will be subjected to world class criticism by all the skeptics and those who stand to lose by this new technology. The group that stands to lose is very large and has huge resources available. This is going to make the efforts the cigarette companies made to deny and delay the link to cancer look like child's play.

If this turns out to real, then we are about to witness a new industrial revolution.

Industrial Heat the Only Remaining E-Cat Licensee?

I agree with Ed Storms that the many experiments in LENR show that this strange process is basically produced among other things by imperfections in the lattice structure of transition metals: cracks as Ed terms these imperfections.

Ed Storms is postulating that a new form of hydrogen is central to the LENR process. I suspect that this is correct.

The way this newly recognized type of hydrogen is produced is through the application of high pressure. Hydrogen has a complex state diagram that shows how hydrogen can evolve from a dielectric gas into a metal through the application of high temperature and/or pressure. More broadly, I suspect that there is a yet undiscovered mode of chemistry that exists at high pressure which produces LENR active chemical compounds.

The pressure exerted by the chemical bonds surrounding the voids in the lattice structure of transition metals could become high enough to produce high pressure formed chemical compounds that demonstrate the LENR effect. Other quantum mechanical based mechanisms add to this probability that high pressure LENR compounds will form. One such added pressure amplification cause is a pressure shock as suggested is required by Piantelli.

In a completely independent line of evidence, one indication that high pressure chemistry is active as a source of heat is the evidence of the completion of a number of NASA planetary mission probes that has shown unexplained heat sources in the cores of celestial bodies of sufficient mass to produce high pressure chemistry at the centers of these objects. These include the Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Ceres, and various other less massive bodies in both the Kuiper belt and asteroid belts. Such chemistry might even be at work within the Sun as indicated by the new solar probes fielded by NASA.

In addition, evidence derived from the high pressure conditions produced by collapsing cavitation bubbles indicate that other high pressure chemical compounds besides hydrogen might also produce LENR effects. These compounds include but not limited to water, liquid metals, and molten salts.

There is also a theory that high pressure chemistry might be the basis of the effects expected by dark matter. Holmlid, Mills, and Shoulders have speculated that the chemical compounds produced by high pressure/EMF are dark matter. The characteristics of these compounds indicated that they absorb EMF energy in a dark mode and gain mass/energy through the absorption of catalyzed nuclear binding energy to form WIMPS (in particle physics and astrophysics, weakly interacting massive particles are among the last hypothetical particle physics candidates for dark matter) These particles convert catalyzed energy derive from nuclear binding energy into thermal energy through quantum mechanical means.

These particles in their natural state have not yet been detected as dark matter because they are only produced by the high pressure conditions inside large celestial objects and exist in a metastable condition. Because these particles are metastable, these exotic neutral particles (ENP) will decay in time if their stores of energy are not replenished in an ongoing process.


Researchers demonstrate 'quantum surrealism

Signalled by Andrew Meulenberg- perhaps useful when searching for NAE
Water Splitting

Placing the catalyst where it's needed

  1. Jake Yeston
Science  19 Feb 2016:
Vol. 351, Issue 6275, pp. 828-829
DOI: 10.1126/science.351.6275.828-f
Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen is a potentially useful means of storing the energy in sunlight. The key is to develop cost-effective devices that harvest the light and then accelerate the chemistry. Sambur et al. used super-resolution imaging techniques to delve deep into the workings of a titanium dioxide–based sample device, in order to develop an optimization framework. By studying individual nanorods, they pin-pointed the most chemically active sites, as well as those that most effectively harnessed the potential supplied by the light. This allowed them to deposit a catalyst at the sites most in need of a boost for making oxygen from the water.


  1. Any report from Rossi will be worthless unless it includes the names of the claimed independent referee which Rossi refers to as "ERV". If this person is an unknown, without flawless credentials, the report is unacceptable. If the detailed methodology isn't given or isn't credible, the report is unacceptable. In any case, because Rossi ran the test, it won't be credible.

    By the way, Peter, how is your friend Hadjichristos doing on Hyperions and HENI? What happened to Defkalion? It was doing so well, wasn't it? Where are they now?

    1. Hello Brian
      If the report is credible to
      you will you be satisfied.

    2. Brian Ahern is such a looser having wasted years of research we ashamed to be associated with him.


    3. I have a published EPRI report from August 2012 that showed real excess heat from NiH. Rossi will not release any INDEPENDENT data!

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  3. Who has seen this new report? If nobody can be named, it's probably Rossifiction.