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Yes, a technologists thinks in functions created by technologies- both desired positive and secondary, undesired- negative functions..
I hope the 350 days report will allow us to understand better the functionality of the generators.
In the very spirit of first-negative thinking- see my FQXI essay the most urgent task in technological development is the ruling out of the negative functions first.
A wonderful example is the Bazhutov paper - see below. The two deadly functions of the F&P electrolysis cell- coolness and blocking of active sites by alien gases are eliminated by plasma electrolysis.


1) Announced by Rossi- published now in his Journal of Nuclear Physics

Plasma Electrolysis as Foundation for Russian E-Cat Heat Generator

Yu.N. Bazhutov-1 , A.I. Gerasimova-2 , V.P. Koretskiy-3 
1 Pushkov Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation Institute (IZMIRAN), RAS, Troitsk, Moscow, Russia,; 
2 Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University (RGAZU), Balashikha, Moscow region, Russia,; 
3Retired, Moscow, Russia, 

After Andrea Rossi's Heat Generator (E-cat) presentation with demonstrations of excess heat up to 600 % [1, 2] we have repeated such experiments with similar cell in Russia. As a result by us it has been received the considerable exit of neutrons (~500000) in serial and x-ray radiation [3, 4, 5, 6]. We presented them at the Russian annual Conferences on Cold Nuclear Transmutation [3, 4] and at the International Conference in Korea [6]. However we didn't find excess heat on these installations. Therefore we decided to return to a previous study of plasma electrolysis on the Fakel-1 installations [7] and the Fakel-2 [8,9], where we already had indications on existence of nuclear radiation and excess heat in this cell mode. On the modernized installation Fakel-3 with plasma electrolysis the convincing evidence of nuclear processes was obtained. It was provided by Erzion catalysis [10] with the large excess heat. The received results have provided the positive decision on our International patent [11]. Here we present the investigation results of plasma electrolysis with anode gas discharge in usual water. In our experiments there have been used different nuclear & calorimeter diagnostic methods. Numerous demonstrations of their nuclear nature have been obtained in full accordance with Cold Nuclear Transmutation Erzion Catalysis model predictions [12-17]. In much series there were regularly demonstrated large excess heat generations (< 700%). This can provide creating of ourself Russian E-Cat (Erzion Catalyzer) Heat Generator & new perspective nuclear energetics. 

See also for discussions:

 2) At the LENR Forum- a new idea:

Possible Role of the Gailitis Resonance in Low Energy Nuclear Fusion Experiments
By Chi-Yu Hu 
California State University Long Beach, United States 

The physical mechanism for the formation of the Gailitis resonances has been established in a recent precision calculation. According to the condition described in the low energy nuclear fusion experiments, the likelihood of Gailitis resonance induced low energy nuclear fusion exists. In this note, the properties of Gailitis resonance, the compound nuclear resonances, the conservation laws of energy, parity and the nuclear angular momentum will be used to support the possibility of Gailitis resonance induced low energy nuclear fusion. Keywords: resonances, low energy nuclear fusion. 

Gregory Goble 
Energy Environment Think Tanks and LENR Energy

Andrea Rossi about company strategy:
February 27, 2016 at 7:18 PM

Byron Mc Donald:
I comfirm that, obviously, Industrial Heat is the exclusive Licensee of Leonardo Corporation also in all the Americas. What I answered to Frank Acland is that Leonardo Corporation is not intentioned, so far, to give a global license to a single entity. Global means in the whole world.
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  1. For those seeking it, try this link to the Bazhutov paper ...


    1. Plasma electrolysis has been reported by more than a few experimenters. However, they have all failed to accurately measure the input power. The plasma is really just a sequence of random arcs and measuring I(t) x V(t) is challenging for even the best equipment.

      Nobody has ever exceeded a COP of 1.0 when measuring the power going into a battery bank that isolates the plasma source.