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Nothing is built on stone; all is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone. - Jorge Luis Borges

Reality is not always probable, or likely. (Jorge Luis Borges)

My undertaking is not difficult, essentially. I should only have to be immortal to carry it out. (Jorge Luis Borges)

The 1-st Motto has stimulated me to think if there can exist the antonym of an earthquake? Metaphorically perhaps-  a wonderfully  constructive Event . LENR is so broken, in many senses that we need something like a reverse quake creating solid, unshakable ground.

The 2-nd Motto adds  to a recent series describing LENR Reality.

The 3rd Motto is in the very spirit of EGO OUT ( see definition) 


a) Libraries

A most remarkable thing about Borges is his idea that the Paradise is an Infinite Library. A recent discussion about LENR 's library, the creation of Jed Rothwell- an informational treasure- has stimulated me to re-think (again) how the Internet has changed Borges' idea- at the surface but not in depths- making it more powerful and realistic. I have to invest in a good Wifi connection for my grave
that's elementary..

b) Bob Higgins 's explanation of Andrea Rossi's patenting strategy

I have found Bob's comment-idea as wise and relevant and I want to share it with you:
Given the USPTO's LENR policy at the moment, the Rossi/IH patent strategy may be to patent around the core LENR technology. For example, if you invented a gasoline engine powered car, but the USPTO would not allow patent claims on the gasoline engine, what can you do? You create instead a patent portfolio around everything else about the car: the wheels, the steering wheel, the brakes, etc.; which the USPTO will allow. The goal is to prevent unlicensed duplication of your technology once it has gone to product and becomes susceptible to back-engineering. Having a patent portfolio surrounding that which the USPTO will not allow, you can still protect your product. Obtaining a defining patent around the core of your technology is highly desirable because a single such patent can provide relatively broad protection. But, in the end, a business of any size will need a patent portfolio anyway to protect its products.
With such a strategy, it is not necessary to teach or claim the essence of the core. 

Thanks dear Bob! It will be easier to understand why Rossi speaks about so many tens of patents in his future portfolio. 
Bring given that you know the Russian language so well, you will have no problem with this Bulgarian proverb: "Не питай старило, питай патило!"- it explains why we have to ask people with a vast professional experience.

humans have an unhealthy trend to oppose things

c) Disgusting!

See please paper no 5) below- Sterling D. Allan was accused of crime, pedophilia or pedophobia or both and this converts him instantly in an "associate" of Rossi who is criminal by definition. A contemptible form of journalism- deontology is dead?


1) Q & A with Andrea Rossi on E-Cat X Stress Testing (Update: “Tremendous Step Forward for Massive Production” Made Today)

2) Terraforming and LENR (Axil Axil)

3) From Andrea Rossi's website:

Andrea Rossi
February 9, 2016 at 5:52 PM

Today we had a very good step forward that makes me hope to give soon not just more data, but information about the massive production of the Ecat X.
What I have seen today with my eyes was not expected so soon. We got some exponential.
Warm Regards

Andrea Rossi
February 10, 2016 at 8:08 AM

At 08.10 of Wednesday, February 10 2016:
1 MW E-Cat: stable
E-Cat X: in operation, good standing, very promising.
Warm Regards,

4) Video: About the LENR theory in Plasmoids
О теории LENR реакций в плазмоидах

5) Guilt by association
Sterling D. Allan Partner of Andrea Rossi is being Investigated by the FBI and Local Sheriff


From Serge Lebid- Nanospire
This shrimp is carrying a real-life working stun gun

Interesting info from Vortex:\
Dynamical Casimir effect for surface plasmon polaritons


From Tanmay Vora
Pitfalls To Avoid During Organizational Transformation

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