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The 350 days test is over, however Andrea Rossi still does know if it was positive or 
negative- only the Evaluator will know it after 1 month. OK, I always had an attraction to the absurd drama- it is so realistic sometimes. It could have been much worse with the test a multiple of the number i (i2 = −1)
If negative means- "still not ready to massive commercialization due to unsolved technical problems as control" but the test has proved good energy production, high COP values- let's it be negative- then the future can be made bright and everything is OK.
Now let's suppose- this test will be absolute, undeniable, indisputable even for the fiercest Rossi deniers- WHAT will happen, will change then? Changes start with thinking, the vision of the problem, approach, focus , mentality- a complex and difficult process, slowed down by psychological barriers and inertia.
My personal opinion is that if Rossi had indeed succeeded this is in great extent the result of good engineering and not of Rossi's science.
So this possible event has to lead directly to the advent of the LENR engineering discipline.Enough told, please take in consideration the two awfully tendentious Mottoes chosen today.


1) Rossi Test Complete, What is Next?

2) End of test discussed at LENR Forum:

3) Inside an LENR Reactor, Improving Outcomes for Replicators (Alan Smith)

4) LENR validated? 350 day test concludes
[link to]
Now we wait for the third party validation report.
Be interesting to watch oil prices over this period.
More analysis here as well:

Rossi: 1MW plant test is finished

5) Comment by Brian Ahern:
There will be no report in one month. There may be some notes and misinformation, but no data will be forthcoming.
Take that to the bank! 

6) Comment  by Daniel Rocha:
I think it is practical to assume that Rossi will never come up with anything. I mean practical because:

1.We won't waste time reading his stuff, unless he releases anything, and think for ourselves

2.He may not be able to release anything, due a large number of reasons, even excluding completely that he is luring people and investors. Or even that he is self deception.
3.Not filling his ego may help him come up with something anyway.

7) From Mats Lewan's Blog
Historic event: 1 year 1 megawatt E-Cat trial completed

8) More positive and/or negatives from Rossi's website
Andrea Rossi
February 18, 2016 at 11:15 PM

I cannot know the results of the test since the report of the ERV is not delivered.
About Fleischmann and Pons: their work consisted in an electrolysis, I do not make any electrolysis. There is nothing in common between their work and mine, albeit they have the merit to have sparked the idea that atoms could generate anomalous heat with reactions that are not chemical.
Warm Regards,

February 18, 2016 at 3:09 PM

Dear Andrea,

You posted my questions, but forgot to answer. Here they are again:

1. If Leonardo Corporation is now “100% focused” on the E-Cat X, does that mean that a lot more people inside the company have now seen it and are working on it (no longer restricted access)?
2. You refer to a “presentation” of E-Cat X this year. Is this going to be a public presentation, perhaps livestreamed?
3. Will the location and the customer of the E-Cat X in operation in an industy be disclosed in 2016?
4. Will you provide us with a photograph of the E-Cat X in 2016?

Best Regards,

Andrea Rossi
February 18, 2016 at 8:06 PM

1- The people working on the E-Cat X is different from the people that worked on the 1 MW E-Cat. I made a new Team specific for this, because the approach is different, even if treasures the experience made with the former E-Cats. I needed an epochè, a revolution of points of view. The Great Team that worked on the 1 MW E-Cat will continue the work on this kind of technology. F9 for both technologies
2- Premature, even if I dream it
3- Premature
4- Hopefully
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
February 19, 2016 at 8:28 AM

No, no, no!
Here is nothing done and nothing to celebrate.
We must wait for the report made by the ERV.
The results could be either positive or negative, we have to wait (= F9)
Warm Regards,

9) I doubt there is a causal relationship
Billionaires dump oil stock, E-Cat test could be over
10) Interesting info at the MFMP website

11) David French informs us:
Randell Mills has filed up to 45 US patent applications since 2002, and probably some before.  They are contained in the following collection:


There will be great heat transfer problems for LENR engineering therefore this paper could be of great interest:
Hot find: Tightly spaced objects could exchange millions of times more heat


We have to know well our natural allies in the actions for Clean Energy- the billionaires
The Origins of the Superrich: The Billionaire Characteristics Database


  1. Part 1 of 2

    I agree with Ed Storms that the many experiments in LENR show that this strange process is basically produced among other things by imperfections in the lattice structure of transition metals: cracks as Ed terms these imperfections.

    Ed Storms is postulating that a new form of hydrogen is central to the LENR process. I suspect that this is correct.

    The way this newly recognized type of hydrogen is produced is through the application of high pressure. Hydrogen has a complex state diagram that shows how hydrogen can evolve from a dielectric gas into a metal through the application of high temperature and/or pressure. More broadly, I suspect that there is a yet undiscovered mode of chemistry that exists at high pressure which produces LENR active chemical compounds.

    The pressure exerted by the chemical bonds surrounding the voids in the lattice structure of transition metals could become high enough to produce high pressure formed chemical compounds that demonstrate the LENR effect. Other quantum mechanical based mechanisms add to this probability that high pressure LENR compounds will form. One such added pressure amplification cause is a pressure shock as suggested is required by Piantelli.

    In a completely independent line of evidence, one indication that high pressure chemistry is active as a source of heat is the evidence of the completion of a number of NASA planetary mission probes that has shown unexplained heat sources in the cores of celestial bodies of sufficient mass to produce high pressure chemistry at the centers of these objects. These include the Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Ceres, and various other less massive bodies in both the Kuiper belt and asteroid belts. Such chemistry might even be at work within the Sun as indicated by the new solar probes fielded by NASA.

    In addition, evidence derived from the high pressure conditions produced by collapsing cavitation bubbles indicate that other high pressure chemical compounds besides hydrogen might also produce LENR effects. These compounds include but not limited to water, liquid metals, and molten salts.

    There is also a theory that high pressure chemistry might be the basis of the effects expected by dark matter. Holmlid, Mills, and Shoulders have speculated that the chemical compounds produced by high pressure/EMF are dark matter. The characteristics of these compounds indicated that they absorb EMF energy in a dark mode and gain mass/energy through the absorption of catalyzed nuclear binding energy to form WIMPS (in particle physics and astrophysics, weakly interacting massive particles are among the last hypothetical particle physics candidates for dark matter) These particles convert catalyzed energy derive from nuclear binding energy into thermal energy through quantum mechanical means.

    These particles in their natural state have not yet been detected as dark matter because they are only produced by the high pressure conditions inside large celestial objects and exist in a metastable condition. Because these particles are metastable, these exotic neutral particles (ENP) will decay in time if their stores of energy are not replenished in an ongoing process.

  2. Part 2 of 2

    The final connection with high pressure chemical conditions is the mechanisms involved in the generation of fusion effects produced by pyroelectric crystals.

    Pyroelectric fusion refers to the technique of using pyroelectric crystals to generate high strength electromagnetic fields to catalyze deuterium fusion in a metal hydride.

    It was reported in April 2005 by a team at UCLA. These scientists used a pyroelectric crystal heated from −34 to 7 °C (−29 to 45 °F), combined with a tungsten needle to produce an huge electromagnetic field of about 25 gigavolts per meter to catalyze fusion in an erbium deuteride target.

    Though the EMF energy generated by the crystal has not been directly measured, the authors used 100 keV (a temperature of about 10^^9 K) as an estimate in their modeling. At these energy levels, two deuterium nuclei can fuse together to produce a helium-3 nucleus, a 2.45 MeV neutron and bremsstrahlung.

    Radioactive decay accounts for half of Earth's heat

    "One thing we can say with near certainty is that radioactive decay alone is not enough to account for Earth's heat energy," says KamLAND collaborator Stuart Freedman of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California. "Whether the rest is primordial heat or comes from another source is an unanswered question."

    Could LENR be the source of heat production inside the earth?

  4. I am glad it is a month until the test results.
    It gives you a chance to catch your breath after
    the year long test.