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You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. (Shirley Chisholm
It would be counter-productive to complain about lack of quotations for today's theme; there are hundreds demonstrating the uselessness of complaining


a) Ed Storms about the idea of ignorance still dominating in LENR

Peter, you make the problem far to complicated. In part, we know the following facts. These facts by themselves severely limit any explanation. Unfortunately, most explanations ignore these facts. That is one reason why no progress s being made. Once these facts are accepted, we can examine other behavior in order to further restrict the explanation. At some point in the discussion, we will reach the boundary of our factual knowledge and have to use imagination, but not yet. 

LENR is not hot fusion
LENR takes place in a chemical lattice without applied energy.
The chemical lattice has a limit to the energy it can deliver or accept.
Only certain pieces of Pd can be made nuclear active
The batch from which these pieces are cut is also nuclear active
Once a piece of Pd becomes nuclear active, it continues to host LENR regardless of the D/Pd ratio.
The LENR reaction does not take place in the bulk material. Instead, it takes place only in isolated locations in the surface region.

To this I have answered immediately: 

 I agree with what you say, but all those facts together do not solve only a very small part of the LENR problem- understanding, control, development 
diversity use.So many NOTs and LIMITs  and nothing to pragmatical people. 
Those facts cannot make a theorist or an engineer happy- at all.

In return, Ed said:
Of course these facts are not complete.  I never said they were. They are a start. We need to start somewhere and I suggest this is the best approach . Once we start down the correct path, the other facts will become obvious and the missing pieces can be identified. Simply complaining is not useful.

NOT COMPLAINING is essential in this special field.

If you are here it was your own choice, your personal risk-taking- it is your responsibility- you could have been worked equally well in string- or knot theory or in hot fusion or applied thermodynamics but you are an idealist and a pioneer wannabe- so do not complain!

Immediately after its birth. CF/LENR was hit by a huge tsunami of rejection and oppression and was almost killed-  do not complain and think about the alternatives e.g. Fleischmann and Pons were so dedicated/focused to their micro-electrodes and other purely electro-chemistry tasks that they do not imagine and do not try Cold Fusion. This rises a great multi-question- when and where by whom. in which form had been then LENR invented? For me late in any case and so I would have been concerned in the last third of my life with smart polymers and or psychology of problem solving and creativity- far not so surprising as LENR.  Very probably it would have been a catalysis specialist working in a nuclear plant, brother-in-law of the CEO and the invention would have been going commercial in 4.5 years without any noise.  Even if Fleischmann and Pons have discovered the phenomenon in an
improper place 20+ years before its time- I am contented and I am not complaining a iota.
Many other problems, troubles- I can and will speak about aspects and details and trends and principles- b ut complaining is excluded.

Eventually I am a total LENR technology faithful and I have presented on this blog tens and hundreds of ideas, initiatives, plans, principles, directions, strategies and I am exposing them freely on this blog. Nobody takes them seriously, nobody understands that they are realistic, pragmatic  an could lead to fats success and progress- LENR+. Six Pillars of LENR+. the Atomic Model of LENR Sciences and all the other principles. But I do not complain- this total insuccess is the guarantee for example that Bill Gates and his billionaire friends do not hire me, for a few tens of millions of US$ to lead an all comprising equivalent of the Manhattan Project for LENR- I am much too old , tired and lazy for it.(This does not mean that I am afraid or unable to do it, it is simply a choice) I am not complaining, on the contrary I try to enjoy my personal form of SeSe Syndrome in my three room Ivory Tower with excellent WiFi connection, as long as I can.

b)  Brian Ahern becoming more positive about Rossi

Brian says:
It is inconceivable to me how LENR folks give Andrea a free pass and suspend credulity.

There is less than one chance in a million that AR will have something to report in MArch. He is now planning how not to release any information.

My favorite scam is the secret customer. We should inspire a new computer game to address this persona. 

Just please evaluate how times greater is the chance of one in a million as  the previous one- zero.


Discussion with an Italian inventor of the solid state energy generator Il "Generatore di energia allo stato solido" e gli infiltrati al pranzo di 22passi

Possibility of LENR occuring in arc plasma

Where is E-Cat Town, USA?

Andrea Rossi
February 14, 2016 at 8:11 AM

At 08.10 of Sunday, Feb 14th 2016
1 MW E-Cat stable
E-Cat X operative in very good standing, notwithstanding insistent extreme operation.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
February 13, 2016 at 3:55 PM

Leonardo Corporation will manufacture in its own factories, outsourcing in part the production.
The production will be made in the USA and in Europe.
The locations will be disclosed if F9 will be positive, in due time.
The first application has already been done, it is, as well known, in the USA in the factory of a Customer and it is a 1 MW E-Cat that produces thermal energy.
Warm Regards,

A message from Gregory Gobble:
I hope you all can organize a strong presence, family of cold fusion,
at this event. Here is a post that provides relevant links. I've sent
it to a few others of interest.


Heads up for LENRIA, LENR Cities, LENR Invest, Rossi, Brillouin,
Blacklight, Quantum Heat, Technova and all others. Imagine a
strong presence here in 2017, this is a great venue to showcase LENR


AXIL answers to the Principle of Discovery posting

Suppose 80% of reality is driven by LENR; where does that put professional science. Suppose the Sun and stars are driven by the LENR reaction and not by hot fusion: where does that put Cosmology? Suppose the LENR reaction adds mass to the universe rather than converting it to energy. Suppose chemistry can directly unlock the nuclear process, where does that put nuclear physics? What if LENR involves dark matter and dark energy?

Peter asks two correlated questions:
a) How great is the field of LENR?
b) How much of this field have we already discovered?

I ask, how rotten is professional science and its current view of the universe if science rejects LENR out of hand? And how much of a shock will science suffer when LENR is forced on it by reality? And how much scientific progress will be made when LENR is generally accepted by science?


Physicists create first photonic Maxwell’s demon

An arch-enemy of Cold Fusion about Theory
Ask Ethan: What Makes A Theory A Scientific One?


  1. Hello Peter
    If not you who would you recomend to lead a Manhatten LENR
    I think it would be great to have the group of old timers
    Scientists that beleive in LENR leading an army of young

    1. Dear Sam,

      I would say a leader of high caliber and full determination- understanding science, master in technology, excellent in management. He has 32 years
      and is hiding somewhere- but he will surface soon. Just a guess.

    2. Hello Peter
      What about a modern day General Leslie Groves
      to direct a modern day LENR Manhattan project.
      A good military man knows how to get things rolling.


    3. A good idea. In 1995 I had been 5 weeks at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and I have read a lot about the personalities- including Groves.
      I like militry discipline in research if it gives freedom to creativity.

    4. A good idea. In 1995 I had been 5 weeks at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and I have read a lot about the personalities- including Groves.
      I like militry discipline in research if it gives freedom to creativity.

    5. Freedom to creativity and hard work
      would be a great combination Peter.
      What did you do at L.A.N.L.or is it classified.

  2. This is part of the LENRG project to do that.

    1. A QUESTION for you, mon cher Michel:
      Can RURO-LENR be created - by LENRG?


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  4. Peter,
    Some comments & thoughts on this item you posted ...

    Possibility of LENR occurring in arc plasma

    1. What they have demonstrated seems to me to be a likely validation of work done by Randell Mills in developing his SunCell. Their work is not dissimilar to Jack Cole's experiments Peter previously posted (see )

    Mills theories (and his SunCell demo) IMHO, better support the conclusions drawn in the slideshow presentation from the slideshow at at the 'Possibility of LENR occurring in arc plasma' link.

    The more I read of Mills writings and formulas on Hydrogen, its various states, its 'spin' characteristics, plus the way he offers very sound and well thought out classic physics mathematical solutions for the H states and excited states with his equations for photon absorption and radiation, IMHO puts Mills out in front in explaining and supporting his demonstration wich is so similar to the claims of the other two just mentioned.

    Anyone who appreciates good theory will surely find Mills GUT book (from BLP's website) pages 49-59+ highly informative on the points just mentioned.

    Mills actually makes excellent sense and his explanations are not hidden in uncertainty or mystery.

    Doug Marker

  5. If Mills makes sense, then why did he not measure the input or output power of his demos.

    I could fashion a calorimeter with > 5% accuracy in one afternoon. This would answer the question of energy gain.

    Randall Mills' explanation for failing to do this obvious step is simple and concise " Shut up, " he explained.

    1. Brian,

      Mills has done the theoretical side of things and was showing us his practical demo. If you want a blow by blow joule by joule analysis, you were at the wrong event.

      What he showed as a machine was pretty rough and needs serious and good engineering to package into a usable form for commercialization. To me Mills made that so clear that even a deaf man could hear it.

      If you want theory read his publications and evidence for each facet of his work. He has been at it a long time.

      The only *purposeful* challenges I can see to what he showed are a) who is going to engineer his box of tricks into a compact energy unit ?, b) what better way might there be to run his catalyzing process (he explained the many other ways and catalysts already attempted), c) is there an even better way of harnessing the spectrum of light energy produced ? (you can bet there is).

      Mills is not a production engineer. He doesn't need to be. That was the purpose of his event, to seek those would will check out his energy numbers then assemble engineering solutions for energy projects

      Doug Marker