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Special MottoMy artist friend , Adrian Grecu has created an image for the most important quotation I know, written by my favorite author; for his basic opus: if applied this could save the world
Adrian Grecu is the winner of the Cold Fusion Now Art Contest, please visit his Facebook page

Synergy Mottos

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Synergy is better than my way or your way. It's our way. (Stephen Covey)

He told me 1+1=3. I agreed and asked why? Not because I didn't know the answer was 2, but since I knew of the word synergy and the fact that enlightenment plays a major role in reasoning. (Gladys Adevey)

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Continuing the thread of ideas started yesterday I think it is important to define what is the first- starting. most important principle of LENR. LENR seems to be a good thing that happens despite its very law probability. Just to cause hypertension to the cocksure dogmatics. And from now we are aware that it is even more to it can be made to happen in a very useful way, generating plenty of energy- with great difficulty and delay but it can. LENR+ is real and has a bright future. It is on the very line of Progress and Evolution and the unique way this happens is by synergies between different levels of organization of the matter-energy-information. Synergy has built atoms, life, conscience- LENR is just one further application=- it exists in Nature but now it has to be invented and developed by human masters in synergy.

Some elementary facts about synergy - see the Mottos- it si cooperation and all parts are important- never only one- we need a balanced understanding. A hyperactive form of hydrogen still needs a receptive metal  and more.

It was said by both Archibald Wheeler and Woody Allen that Time is  nature 's way to keep all things from happening at once. Synergy is Nature's way to keep things to happen overall. In the case of LENR this is the reason that it takes place in very differentiated active sites on the surface- or as other people think in crypto-active sites in the lattice, miracles are so local only!
One of the reasons why the interestingness of the World, barely definiable is increasing all the time but not in the same extent. Interesting, isn't it?
(we will continue this thread I want to tell you all I think about LENR principles.


Low Temperature Catalysis of Nuclear Reactions (Vladimir Dubinko)

From LENR Forum - Interesting results, Parkhomov replication, more to come from Russia
Gennadi Tarasenko leads the action of building a CNF reactor modelled after the Earth- see LENR Forum too about this
Геннадий Тарасенко набирает команду для постройки ХЯС реактора на основе модели планеты Земля

Incremento en la Eficiencia del E-Cat: Nuevo Socio Estadounidense de Rossi

The La Tribune paper (still in French) is at the Russian official LENR website too:

From Rossi' s blog 
Andrea Rossi about strategy
February 12, 2016 at 11:54 AM

Tom Conover:
Yes. When we will hit the massive market (F9) the Competitors will be definitely put out of race from our competitivity. Most of them are, substantially, waiting for the E-Cat in the market to copy it and fulfill the empty boxes they have created to be ready to copy it immediately and compete. But, besides the hurdles put by our patents, at that point they will have to deal with the fact that we will have already the production line in operation and the scale economy will kill any competition. This is , in few words, the strategy Leonardo Corporation is pursuing.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi daily report
February 12, 2016 at 11:42 AM

At 11.41 a.m. of Friday, Feb 12 2016:
1 MW E-Cat: stable
E-Cat X: operating in good standing, notwithstanding the strong solicitations we are making.
Warm Regards,


Triumph for gravitational wave hunt  by Adrian Cho

Very encouraging- indirectly- for LENR too, true ideas win eventually!


Harold Jarche: Learning responsibly

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