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I found this Motto searching for "missing links" and I am using it because it is encouraging.


After 27 years of history, the LENR chain is almost complete, just two links are still completely missing:
- the first, between PdD and NiH LENRs;
- the second, between low intensity excess heat release LENR and the enhanced 
excess heat LENR+


1) APS April Meeting 2016

Saturday–Tuesday, April 16–19, 2016; Salt Lake City, Utah

Session E11: Energy Research and Applications

3:30 PM–5:18 PM, Saturday, April 16, 2016
Room: 250C

Abstract: E11.00009 : Rydberg phases of Hydrogen and low energy nuclear reactions

5:06 PM–5:18 PM


  Sveinn Olafsson
    (Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland)
  Leif Holmlid
    (Atmospheric Science, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, SE-412 96 Goteborg, Sweden)
For over the last 26 years the science of cold fusion/LENR has been researched around the world with slow pace of progress. Modest quantity of excess heat and signatures of nuclear transmutation and helium production have been confirmed in experiments and theoretical work has only resulted in a large flora of inadequate theoretical scenarios. Here we review current state of research in Rydberg matter of Hydrogen that is showing strong signature of nuclear processes. In the presentation experimental behavior of Rydberg matter of hydrogen is described. An extensive collaboration effort of surface physics, catalysis, atomic physics, solid state physics, nuclear physics and quantum information is need to tackle the surprising experimental results that have so far been obtained. Rydberg matter of Hydrogen is the only known state of matter that is able to bring huge collection of protons to so short distances and for so long time that tunneling becomes a reasonable process for making low energy nuclear reactions. Nuclear quantum entanglement can also become realistic process at theses conditions.

2) For Rossi, It’s the E-Cat X All the Way Now

3) From Vessela Nikolova:
17/02/2016: A historic date to remember

4) Historic event: One-year 1 megawatt E-Cat trial completed

6) The generator has worked for almost one year- in Polish

1 MW generator E-Cat przepracował komercyjnie niemal ...

7) End of 350 days test - on Reddit:

8) A comment by Brian Ahern;
I think it is worth noting the lack of LENR discussion. We are all waiting with bated breath for the Rossi report that will never come.
 9) Two remarkable opinions about the 1MW plant report- taken from Vortex;

Jed Rothwell:

I think this report is odd because --

1. As I said before, it should not take a year to test the machine. Any HVAC engineer can confirm it is producing heat in a few hours. Perhaps it takes a year to determine reliability, but as I said before, reliability is not an issue with a first-generation prototype machine. It is bound to be unreliable.

2. If someone was testing a machine for a whole year, they would be writing the report during that time and it would be ready as soon as the test ends. I do not see why it would take a month. Perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps I am thinking of how long it takes to prepare a manual for a new commercial product. (The manual better be ready when production begins, or you should fire your tech writer.)

The Lugano report took a long time to write. As I recall they did not finish writing it until long after the test ended. That was symptomatic of their problems. I mean that the test was poorly done, and the report was poorly written, and both took far too long.


The report is the sole responsibility of the nuclear engineering expert. There is nothing in the nuclear business that is done quickly and it is always hugely overpriced and way behind schedule.  That is the nuclear culture, the prima donnas of engineering.


  1. I am glad the test results take a month.
    It gives you a chance to catch your breath
    after the 350 day test.

  2. I can think of a number of reasons that the report will take a month to publish. Consider that the reputation of the expert and his company are on the line, especially if the results are positive. I would imagine that the data will be analyzed in multiple ways not just for over all performance but for trends, variability, and other aspects that would concern a manufacturer much more than the general public. The resulting report will then likely be sent around to other experts within the company for review and suggested changes. That review/change process can take a significant amount of time depending on how well the original report was written and the internal politics of the company.

    Remember, if this report comes out as substantiating the E Cat as producing more energy than it consumes everybody and his dog will be looking to poke holes in it. It will be subjected to world class criticism by all the skeptics and those who stand to lose by this new technology. The group that stands to lose is very large and has huge resources available. This is going to make the efforts the cigarette companies made to deny and delay the link to cancer look like child's play.

    If this turns out to real, then we are about to witness a new industrial revolution.

    1. Or if the past is prolog, the report will be ignored.

  3. Rossi has just announced his plan to continue the delay until the end of 2016. I predicted this months ago. It is his modus operandi. If he does not disappoint, he continues to receive a tidy monthly stipend.

    Anyone buying into his scam deserves ridicule and derision. You quiet LENR folks should be ashamed of yourselves.

  4. Sam says it's not a Scam.
    Brian says it's a Sham.
    Which one is going to prison.