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Successful businesses are shared realities (Gapingvoid) 
LENR must be so too!

a) I am grateful for this comment of Greg Goble

The transmutation of nuclear waste to benign elements while providing high process steam to the turbines, on site at nuclear power plants worldwide, will accomplish three important things: eliminate nuclear waste, slow or end the mining and refining of nuclear fuel, and most importantly, it will keep the nuclear power industry solvent with monies for eventual decommissioning. Thank you for bringing this further forward, if I can help let me know. The only think tank report I've found mentioning LENR is from 2011, "Building the Bridge to an Energy Secure Future: Energy Policies for the 21st Century" out of Austin Texas; Lawrence Forsley, of JWK, GEC and the GeNie Reactor is in the same university. They might have resources to collaborate with.

Energy density of LENR equates to LENR economic density as well. The nearly unimaginable savings go beyond that, creating an economic imperative as never seen before. An example is the monies being spent, by think tanks, non-profits, universities, nations, international organizations and more, on programs that address carbon energy security, use and pollution. Every such organization will assess the value of these programs in light of LENR energy and redirect resources accordingly. Imagine those monies, and many more, flooding into LENR transition, saving monies that would otherwise be wasted, fullfilling an economic imperative. LENR transition creates the ultimate reasons for a fully collaborative approach.

b) "The rest is engineering" is analogous to : "A baby is born...The rest is life"

c) It is still a wave of interest and sympathy for the MFMP achievement; a wave definitely not a tsunami- conventional Press is not implied. Relation of excess heat and radiations intensely discussed on all friendly forums, however the target is LENR+ like massive heat excess.
Not much can be anticipated for the next month's Event when the ERV, IH, the mystery Customer and Rossi will (more precisely- have to) announce the results of the 350 days test.
The ERV has a historical responsibility.


Echoes to MFMP's Announcement.

1) The E-Cat Has Been Replicated” — Mats Lewan Summarizes and Synthesizes MFMP Revelations

2) Fleischmann Project Claims to have Achieved LENR

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6) MFMP release an open source cookbook for Cold fusion

7) The E-Cat has been replicated?

8) The end of the carbon age is nigh

9) MFMP project publishes recipe for excess heat with low energy nuclear reactions aka cold fusion

10)In Dutch Cold Fusion successfully replicated
Koude kernfusie: E-Cat succesvol gerepliceerd

11) From Andrea Rossi's blog

Hank Mills
February 24, 2016 at 1:29 PM

Dear Andrea,

The true marker of replicating the Rossi Effect, in my opinion, is massive excess heat. What the MFMP claims to have achieved is a very low thermal COP, but the detection of X-Rays (soft gamma), the vast majority of which was below 100keV. Bob Greenyer thinks that most of the gamma produced by their reactor was not thermalized, due to not having a thick enough layer of material to fully attenuate the emissions. He has proposed that their setup, if shielded with lead or even 1mm of Tungsten, could have produced vastly more excess heat.

However, I’m unsure if his conjecture is completely accurate, due to the fact you recently stated that proton-lithium reactions (producing high energy alpha particles) is the main source of power in the E-Cat. If heat production is dependent on gamma rays being thermalized, could they be a secondary product resulting from Alpha particles inducing nuclear reactions with other elements?

Andrea Rossi
February 24, 2016 at 3:32 PM

Hank Mills:
The replication of the MFMP is very interesting. For what you say, I am not able to answer.
Warm Regards,

Other Info

12) New Industrial Heat USPTO Patent Application
Energy-Producing Reaction Devices, Systems and Related Methods
USPTO 20160051957 -- February 25, 2016
ABSTRACT: A reactor device includes a reaction chamber; one or more thermal units in thermal communication with the reaction chamber configured to transfer thermal energy to the reaction chamber; and a refractory layer between the reaction chamber and the one or more thermal units.…andrea&RS=IN/Rossi-andrea

13 Fast Track To 100% Clean Energy By 2030
"I propose a 1 billion dollar investment into LENR related technology research and mass production."

14) V.V. Krymskii: "Transmutatiions by nanosecond electromagnetic impulses"

15) Etiam Inc. Application in a Nutshell (Update: Part 2: LENR Test System Details)

16) The New Gasoline”: Electric Car War Sends Lithium Prices Sky High (


  1. The MFMP radiation detection is a valuable step forward, however I would caution that so far it is a one off experiment. It's good that they published the materials they used and steps that were taken in activating them.

    Until they replicate the results and others also replicate I suggest that a bit more restraint is in order

  2. Where is the cookbook? I mean a detailled description?

    1. It is about the 18 steps- see MFMP Facbook, a thread on LENR Forum or what I wrote in Ego Out. In many places. Do you have a specific question?

    2. No question except where the cookbook is (not the recipe) :-)

    3. No question except where the cookbook is (not the recipe) :-)

  3. Where is the cookbook? I mean a detailled description?