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What this lady writer-philosopher says for life is surely true for LENR today- as it was true for almost 27 long years. At least statistically- the spectrum of scientific theories is so broad , so charged with incompatibilities and contradictions that the dominant part of them must be purely illusory.
The existence of LENR is real beyond any doubt however its identity/identities, nature, extent, usability etc.,  are still strongly disputed- with a slight, however increasing trend toward focusing, pragmatism and rationality. Remember "islands of rationality in LENR"?


a) Manna for Ed Storm's nanocrack-Hydroton theory?

Please look to the first link at LENR IN CONTEXT-1. Nano-gaps become
very important and subject of technologies- for manufacture and application.
Will this include LENR too? Only experiment can give a valid answer. Experiments have to be  Ed Storms, his supporters, the PdD faithful strong teams could contribute. Interesting development, anyway...

b) Life is beautiful sometimes- but 22 years of delay was too much!

The good quality video was published on the  Web yesterday and I have noticed it to you . Today I have seen on Rossi's blog that it was created by Neri Accornero, I found the music very pleasant but (shame on me!) I could not identify it. My wife using the Shazam program on her tablet has found that it is: "La Vita e Bella"by Nicola  Piovani- a gem of the Italian light-classic music. (I have not seen the movie)
So life is beautiful however the video says at a moment: "Cold Fusion- 22 years delay" As an almost 79 years old '89-er faithful Cold Fusionist  I acutely feel personal responsibility for this huge delay. 
This statement in the video generates a dynamic bunch of questions- some paiinful to me, some confusing:

1- has the delay ended indeed after 22 years- was 2011 the beginning of the end?
Will the near future confirm this and if Yes! what have we to do?

2- what was the root cause of the delay - outer oppression, intrinsic invincible difficulty of the task, before-its time  discovery, erroneous global strategy, persistence in error, simple bad luck?

3- can be ignored with contempt my idea that Fleischmann and Pons have discovered an incomplete, under-developed temperature- and purity- impaired form of LENR that cannot grow up without metamorphosis?

4- is my 1995 slogan-question-answer"Why Technology First?" a stupid violation of the rules of the Scientific Method and nothing more, even if we take in consideration what I wrote at Motto today?


1) Jean-Paul Biberian sends:
JOURNAL OF CONDENSED MATTER NUCLEAR SCIENCE Experiments and Methods in Cold Fusion VOLUME 18, February 2016

2) Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev
Nickel-Hydrogen Cold fusion by Intermediate Rydberg State of Hydrogen:
Selection of the Isotopes for Energy Optimization and Radikoactive Waste Minimization 

3) LENR on Reddit

4) ZPEnergy 
Brilliant Light Power Demonstration, January 28th 2016
Date: Friday, February 05, 2016 @ 16:48:14 EST
Topic: Devices

5) E-Cat acknowledges the existence of Brilliant Light Power:

6) Andrea Rossi Blogsite

Momanhan- not nice, but natural question

Have you been teaching your Ecat know how knowledge to your next generation? If something happens to you, humanity will not set back another 25 years. So teach your sons, your daughters, your next of kin….your students
Andrea Rossi
I have transferred the necessary information to the due persons.
I am not indispensable.
Warm Regards,
Neri Accornero the good video discussed at notes
Dear Dr. Rossi, following the previous mail I published on youtube and on vimeo, with your permission, this video concerning your work. I hope people will understand that your E-CAT is a commercial reality although official Media , and Governs still do non care. I think the world must be prepared to this incredible change.
Neri Accornero

Andrea Rossi
February 5th, 2016 at 2:30 PM

Neri Accornero:
Thank you for your strong help. I think it is necessary a massive commercialization: today the commercial reality of the E-Cat is confined in the 1 MW plant in operation in the factory of the Customer.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi daily report
February 6th, 2016 at 9:43 AM

Rudolf Heinz:
Thank you for your attention to my US Patent.
Update at 09.43 of Saturday Feb 06 2016:
1 MW E-Cat: stable
E-Cat X: continuing the tests in good standing with new experiments focused on the direct production of electricity.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi about the Test- nothing new
February 6th, 2016 at 9:40 AM

1- Still do not know, up to the end. Anything can happen anytime to cause a delay.
2- If all will go well, we will start the industrialization process. No more demos will be made. Other plants will be sold. I do not know if the Customer will want to expose himself or not and this, obviously, will not depend on me.
Warm Regards,
7) Interview with Andrew Hrischanovich (Nick Oseyko)
Posted on February 6, 2016 by Frank Acland

8) Tales From the Laboratory of Experimental Physics: LENR Research in Ukraine and Russia by Andrew Hrischanovich (Parts 2 and 3 Added — Alan Smith)
Posted on February 5, 2016 by
Frank Acland


Possibly great news for Ed Storms' nanocracks-hydroton theory
New method for producing tiny cracks in electrodes may mean big boost for nanoelectronics
Date:February 2, 2016
Source:KTH The Royal Institute of Technology
The next generation of electronics, as well as ultra-sensitive medical diagnostics, could depend on near atomic scale cracks — or nanogaps — in electrodes. Now, researchers have developed a method that could pave the way for mass production of nanogap electrodes.


Key World Energy Statistics

Renewable Energy Is Trouncing Fossil Fuels
Renewables were 68 percent of new electricity projects last year.

MIT Technology Review
February 6, 2016
Weekend Reads: The Global Energy Story


  1. "...Ed Storms, his supporters, the PdD faithful strong teams could contribute. Interesting development, anyway..."

    I get quite tired of your constant bashing of those LENR experimentalists who choose to work with the PdD system. How about you going out and finding the funding for them to re-equip their experimental setups to work with NiH??? The ONLY problem with research in LENR is the sabotage and denial of funding of any and all LENR research by the "true believers of the Coulomb barrier".

    1. Dear Nemo,
      Let me use this name there are too many anonymous writing and hiding.
      I am not agaisnt those who still work with Pd D wet, I think the systems per se is hopeless both for knowledge and technology.

      Do yoou really believe what you say in your last sentence? There were and are well fiunded groups working with PdD, do you think if the ssytem gets a billion US$ it will become successful, and can you predict how? It is a friendly question and I wish you were right.