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a) The Motto explained

Explained to whom? It is easy to understand what LENR's roots are and any strategic gardener knows what to make with/to them. More difficult with wings but they wll come soon too. And I will report about them.

b) Ed Storms contribution- thanks!

Peter, I would like to address the issue of IP as discussed very well by Bob and Lennart on your Blog.  The value of IP comes from its ability to describe a practical device worthy of making a profit by its sale. Theory and basic understanding can not be patented or used to make a profit. Normally, this basic understanding comes from university research or from governments grants, all of which are freely published but not available to LENR.  Companies then use this basic information to design devices that can be patented. For example, the laws of thermodynamics are discussed freely and then used to design unique methods to cause useful chemical reactions that are then patented.  It is this basic understanding I suggest be discussed and resolved by a sponsored symposium.

At the present time, LENR falls outside of many well known laws.  For a company to keep this basic understanding about LENR secret and count on using the new laws to advance their application is folly. It is folly because no single individual or group has the ability to fully understand and expand the understanding.  Progress at this level is only achieved by broad discussion involving many viewpoints.  Right now, the kind of discussion that is required is not happening in the LENR field and would not happen on line. Such discussion can only be effective when people can interact face to face and are encouraged to argue their viewpoint.  

As anyone who has extensive university training, such interactions are used as the focal point of any good PhD program. Making your argument before your peers and a good professor is guaranteed to clarify fuzzy thinking and bad ideas.  There is no escape from such encounters, such as exists on the web, to allow the errors to be maintained. Normal conferences, such as the ICCF, do not do the job because they are not designed and required to do the job. A different design is required.

To clarify, no application would need to be discussed at the symposium I propose. Of course, people will use the revealed information to create patentable ideas, but this would be true of everyone.  The interaction gives every one an advantage, with the most observant and clever gaining the greater advantage. This is a consequence of every conference, including ICCF, but in this case the benefit would be greater. 

Still waiting to know if LENR will have a kind of Copenhagen Conference - when?

c) Brian Ahern's opinion- opposite to enchantment toward Rossi's patent

The Rossi patent is moot.
1. It contains no teaching.
2. One skilled in the art has no directives.
3. Rossi has no secret knowledge even if he agreed to share.
4. Rossi has been misleading the LENR community for six straight years. 


Chemical and nuclear catalysis driven by localized anharmonic vibrations

In many-body nonlinear systems with sufficient anharmonicity, a special kind of lattice vibrations, namely, Localized Anharmonic Vibrations (LAV) can be excited either thermally or by external triggering, in which the amplitude of atomic oscillations greatly exceeds that of harmonic oscillations (phonons) that determine the system temperature. Coherency and persistence of LAV may have drastic effect on chemical and nuclear reaction rates due to time-periodic modulation of reaction sites. One example is a strong acceleration of chemical reaction rates driven by thermally-activated "jumps" over the reaction barrier due to the time-periodic modulation of the barrier height in the LAV vicinity. At sufficiently low temperatures, the reaction rate is controlled by quantum tunneling through the barrier rather than by classical jumping over it. A giant increase of sub-barrier transparency was demonstrated for a parabolic potential well with the time-periodic eigenfrequency, when the modulation frequency exceeds the eigenfrequency by a factor of ~2 (parametric regime). Such regime can be realized for a hydrogen or deuterium atom in metal hydrides/deuterides, such as NiH or PdD, in the vicinity of LAV. We present an analytical solution of the Schrodinger equation for a nonstationary harmonic oscillator, analyze the parametric regime in details and discuss its applications to the tunnel effect and to D-D fusion in PdD lattice. We obtain simple analytical expressions for the increase of amplitude and energy of zero-point oscillations (ZPO) induced by the parametric modulation. Based on that, we demonstrate a drastic increase of the D-D fusion rate with in-creasing number of modulation periods evaluated in the framework of Schwinger model, which takes into account suppression of the Coulomb barrier due to lattice vibrations.
Comments:7 pages, 7 figures
Subjects:Materials Science (cond-mat.mtrl-sci)
Cite as:arXiv:1602.02277 [cond-mat.mtrl-sci]
(or arXiv:1602.02277v1 [cond-mat.mtrl-sci] for this version)

Homage to the Low Energy Nuclear ReactionsLENR...


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From Gregory Goble
Mars and Childhoods" End - The Beyond Envisioned by Arthur C. Clark


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  1. I fully appreciate all that Dr. Storms describes above, with one real-world exception. I will describe this by example. Once in my [corporate research] career I developed a new electro-acoustic simulator for lossy layered piezoelectric media that included both surface wave and bulk wave modes. At the time no one else had such a simulator. With it available, I quickly discovered several unique advantages of using layered structures that resulted in patents. The person first to have a new means for exploring/understanding a new physical domain (SAW or LENR) can enter into a virgin orchard whereupon all of the low hanging fruit is his to pick. This phenomenon is precisely what drives capitalists/corporations to fund theoretical research (when they do) - they hope to gather the low hanging fruit (patents) in a new domain.

    The LENR Copenhagen Conference would potentially accelerate discovery of the entrance to the virgin orchard, and at the same time create a mad dash for fruit.

    How could such a conference be conceived so that it contributors have a chance to share in the benefits of their insight? Perhaps it would have to be a private, invitation-only meeting with the results to be published only after 90 days so as to give the participants time to file their own patents. A detailed transcript of the meeting would be kept to insure that ideas that directly emerge during the presentations are appropriately shared. The IP sharing/management rules for this meeting would probably require a contract with the participants - understood and agreed in advance of the meeting. Success of the meeting and its aftermath would depend on the prescience and fairness embedded in such a contract - success not only being measured as moving the technology forward, but also that all responsible felt their contributions adequately rewarded.

  2. This is all too complicated. LENR is centered on the production of hydrogen Rydberg matter(HRM) and related hexagonal crystalline compounds as recently demonstrated by Holmlid.

    SOININEN PEKKA already has a patent application on one method of producing this stuff.


    Its simple...the people who accept this road to LENR will succeed and those who don't won't.

    The production of metalized hydrogen is complicated enough to allow many patentable approaches to be developed by many people and allowing abundant opportunity for IP development.

    Let's keep things simple.

  3. The dwarf planet Ceres is yet another small body to show internal heat produced by an unknown cause. The white spots that show up around the surface of Ceres are salt deposits produced by the upwelling of liquid brine onto the surface of Ceres. Ceres has an atmosphere of ionized water coming from the dissociation of this brine that is happening in an ongoing process. Water vapor has been detected above some of the larger of these white spots.

    The Dawn probe has shown that Ceres has a liquid ocean under its surface.

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