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Some people will never learn anything, for this reason, because they understand everything too soon. (Alexander Pope) (suggested by Georgina, my blog associate)

Dissenting opinions are useful even when they're wrong. So instead of speaking to highly agreeable audiences, target suggestions to people with a history of originality. (Adam Grant)

If we want a better original idea, we must generate our own before we screen others' suggestions. (Adam Grant)

A book to read:

Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World Hardcover – February 2, 2016 by Adam Grant (Author), Sheryl Sandberg (Foreword)


Human creations, before becoming reality dwell in somebody's imagination,
therefore modes of thinking are essential for our existence. life, survival.
It happens that today by announcing the book "ORIGINALS" by Adam Grant and also with a really original LENR theory at DoktorBob's site- the Internet has convinced me that it would be useful to think about original thinking for/in LENR.
I have asserted many times that LENR needs new ideas, new, good thinking even more than funding. One of the main causes that we (LENR) have problems is that 
described by a recurrent (at searches for LENR)  German idiom"Anders als es scheint" that is "Otherwise  as it seems" LENR being a VUCA territory with many obstacles in all places or thrown in just now- so it is great difference here between reality and perceived realities.
To note that Adam Grant's book is also based on the idea that the concept of originality has to be re-analysed and re-interpreted, understood-again.
Original thinking is vital for LENR, but there are more requirements to savior thinking here, it must be richer and indeed multi-faceted. Some (but by far not all) qualities LENR thinking have to be: independent, interesting, innovative, creative, lateral (DeBono style), bisociative (a la Arthur Koestler), logical&supralogical, organized, bold, adequate, good, effective& efficient. breakthrough, non-conformist, different, dissent, focused, deep, progressive, Gordian-knots cutting, analytic-integrative and... bisinisencephalian (in the decisive moments) 
Till only temperature-impaired electrolytic PdD and NiH existed plus the Piantelli style NiH oppressed- the problems as reproducibility and scale up were (and are insoluble) despite so many examples of original, creative, bright thinkers fully dedicated- when the impossible is possible- radical changes are necessary.
These happened and it seems Andrea Rossi was more an original doerer thsn sn original thinker.
Modus cogitandi must be converted in an equally valuable modus operandi.
For a great researcher it is a duty to do much more than he/she knows to do.


1) Rossi could be working with an aircraft company:

2)Substantial Progress’ Being Made in Direct Electricity Production From the E-Cat X

3) Andrea Rossi's Blog the same as above
February 2nd, 2016 at 7:04 PM

Hank Mills:
I am still not able to answer to questions related to the efficiency of the E-Cat X, but I can say that in these very days we are making substantial progress in the field of direct production of electricity.
This having been said, thank you for your insight, but add F9.
Warm Regards,

4)  Update: Rex Research Lewis LARSEN, et al. LENR ( Cold Fusion )

5) LENR enabled by the morphing of Crystalline and Quasi-crystalline states

6) The new site of the Laboratory for Alternative Development is now working

It has a section dedicated to laboratory researches in the LENR domain
Имеется раздел посвящённый работам лаборатории в сфере LENR
with many documents about experiments
With respect M.V. Mironov
You can find a thread about this on the LENR Forum too.

7) Suggested by a nice anonymous reader:
Mentions about LENR:

8) #Bulgaria and #Netherlands still Showing Large #LENR Interest per Capita.




  1. The distinction between the mild LENR reaction and the more powerful LENR+ reaction could well be centered on the production of metalized hydrogen as an amplification mechanism of EMF to concentrate and focus LENR activity in the LENR+ mode.

    This may have something to do with the repeated linear strings of graphite like planes that form the backbone of this crystal structure.

    The production of metalized hydrogen requires the application of great pressure but there are ways to reduce that pressure requirement using micro particle lattice based and other quantum mechanical amplification methods to reduce and mitigate pressure requirements to the point where Hydrogen Rydberg matter (HRM) can occur in the lab or inside a LENR reactor.

    This handful of methods each increases the probability of HRM production. One or two of these methods working alone might not be enough to produce the level of LENR activity that makes the onset of LENR+ activity plainly apparent. But as the entire collection of methods cooperates to increase the pressure of HRM formation, HRM formation is almost a certainty.

    There is a goodly number of prominent cold fusion folks including L. Holmlid, M. LeClair, and Ken Shoulders who understand hydrogen Rydberg matter (HRM) in detail that believe the HRM has cosmological significance. That cosmological impact involves HRM as dark matter and producing dark energy. HRM is virtually indestructible once HRM is formed and becomes self-reinforcing.

    I first became aware of the great strength and durability of this HRM crystal structure when LeClair explained how the water Crystal could erode the strongest of substances. The pressure in the thin zone of erosion contact between the water crystal and the material exists in the range of a few hundred up to just over a thousand gigapascals depending on the strength of the material. The absolute limit of the pressure achievable at this collision interface has not yet been determined. There is no material that is impervious to erosion from cavitation not even diamond.

    In one of LeClair’s experiments, a water crystal ate through 2 meters of copper. The water crystal and HRM have the same hexagonal linear string alignment of graphite like plains. There are many others as of yet undiscovered hexagonal crystal formations that have exhibited the same amazing properties as HRM since many fluids produce cavitation erosion at even greater intensity as water, mercury for example and liquid molten salts.

    Cold fusion is just the tip of the HRM iceberg. The as of yet undiscovered science that forms the basis of LENR has huge cosmological ramifications. To introduce just a few, this special hexagonal crystal based material could be producing the nuclear energy that powers the sun. The cold fusion theorist should gain insight into the nature of HRM from its cosmological behavior.

    To understand the true cosmological nature, significance, and structure of HRM, See

    This article provides valuable insight as to how HRM works:

    Liquid Metallic Hydrogen: A Building Block for the Liquid Sun

    Finally, M. LeClair shows that transuranic element transmutation can be produced by this graphite like hydrogen crystal structure. The key to this strength is the maintenance of a monopole field that covers the HRM which is a superconductor at any temperature into the millions of degrees range.

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  3. Regarding the SunCell

    Jack Cole: Looks like they made a video available of their welder-sun demo. ;)