Saturday, January 17, 2015



"At our age, each day is Monday, only the non-workaholics do not understand this"
(A good friend 3 years younger then me)

OK, then this pseudo-Monday a  lot of things must happen, or become known in LENR. Let's see:

First of all-
1) Yuri Nikolaevich Bazhutov answers two other questions

In your scientific front-line expert opinion, WHEN will we have the 
absolute certainty that the HTYa is the basis of a practical, economical, competitive real source of energy?

I believe that CNT will be recognized as a real power source only after the start of selling Rossi's e-Cats on commercial level, the market decides, the market convinces.
Very unfortunately, we here in Russia are in some delay, missing investments. I hope that the CNT era will start this year.

The Fleischmann Pons cold fusion is characterized by power densities of 1Watt per cc, i.e. ~0.1 W/gram metal while the Lugano Hot Cat gave 2000W and more per gram metal. An incredible 4 orders of magnitude increase. What does explain this huge difference between the F-P effect and the Rossi Effect?

According to the representation of my Model of Erzion Catalysis (MEC) in the case of Rossi's Hot Cat, the fuel is not only nickel but also lithium aluminum tetrahydride and even a part of the ceramic tube that constitutes the Cell. The specific output power is increased both due to the greater quantity of fuel effectively consumed and to a much more intense, compact process of CNT- the pioneer of which is Piantelli. Add to this that according to MEC the use of LiAlH4 increases energy density 100 times more than deuterium and its use is Rossi's merit- the system functioning consistently as a whole.  
It is clear, despite being a theorist, Bazhutov is a realist and knows that worldwide and for each country, the only realist scenario is commercial application first and acceptance after-can happen.No scientific paper or idea can bring radical changes.changes. The Russian CNT/LENE strategy  systematically avoid wishful thinking.

My second question re the Rossi Effect vs the Fleischmann Pons Effecr is actually unanswerable today but Bazhutov knows well that the great difference is based  on cumulative and multiplicative effects, in the same time. The details will come

Let's remain in Russia for a while

2) Pragmatic Parkhomov 

It is still a Parkhomov moment,  the world is waiting his new results  to be announced on 27 and 29 January. He helps MFMP and actually has started
a replication epidemics of the tricky, extremist in the best sense, decisive Hot Cat process. I was worried because he is working in a University laboratory, but he has explained me that his laboratory i well organized  and independent from the research bureaucracy. This means he is wise and pragmatic- as we could seen of his mode of action. Therefore I hope this summer he will be able to perform the much desired 64 days continuous Hot Cat experiment, 64 (the double of 32) is beneficial for both LENR and chess. After that one, isotopic shift will become mainstream.

3) Rob Duncan is back in LENRistan! 

Very good news
Robert Duncan Starting Center to investigate LENR at Texas Tech (McKubre to Join?):

It will be a Center for Emerging Energy Studies, a fine name. Only preliminary information plus a guess- Mike McKubre will join this CEET? I am very curious to know the strategy, mission, vision- main tasks of this Center. Focus on which LENR?
Will be something added to the Scientific Method? Let's wish them great success and a leading position in LENR R & D.

4) A good and pleasant weekend read.
This great scientist has tried to convince me to eat a lot of vitamin C, with moderate success. But he wanted to help LENR

7) Andrea Rossi encouraging us: 
They try to succeed 
Industrial Heat working harder than you can imagine on certification and industrialization

Here he encourages the replicators but asks them to take care
Andrea Rossi
January 16th, 2015 at 8:38 AM

Ing. Michelangelo De Meo:
Thank you for your continue overview of the replication attempts around the world. I am following this evolution with great interest.
I just want to repeat the warning to work in safety, in proper laboratories, respecting all the safety laws and instructions; it is necessary that the experiments are made under the direction of a professional expert, with the necessary certification regarding his skill of safety responsible. There is a law about this issue, valid in all America, Europe, Russia, China, and these laws must be respected. The materials of the fuel are dangerous, as well as the potential effects of the experiment.
Warm Regards,

Don't worry, it is OK with the ash samples, we will understand what they try to say Andrea Rossi
January 16th, 2015 at 8:32 AM

Dima Redko:
The results of the analysis made upon the ashes are what they are. I did not the sampling and I did not the analysis, so all I can do is take notice of the results and study them under any thinkable point of view. I can confirm or disconfirm nothing. What I can say is that we are working very well on the reconciliation of all the consolidated data and the publication of the mechanism will be made at the conditions I have explained in former comments.
Thank you for your attention,
Warm Regards,


  1. Dr Gluck, i sent this link over to Rossi I'm sure he is appreciative of your support.

    1. Thank you, however my relations with Rossi are not good, I am a good friend of Prof Piantelli and of DGT and I had critical comments when I thought so. However writing lies about Rossi is una porcheria and Krivit has done it despite the fact he knows it is not true. Anyway Andrea Rossi has great merits that's clear.

      Call me Peter it is Netiquette here

    2. A good friend of DGT and support the large fraud of them.

  2. Peter,

    Am sure I am speaking for many when I say your positive flow of informative data is a breath of fresh air in blogsphere as to the capability and potential for LENR+

    Your history in the field backed up by your many good and close relationships with intelligent and influential people shows through.

    I want to add one very powerful comment passed to me recently by a NASA related person who investigates worldwide, LENR+ research, and who facilitates large scale investment in the best he finds, He commented last week words along these lines ...

    The question of LENR+ capability is no longer of real interest to him as he and his peers consider it a 'done deal'. His new role is to investigate and facilitate investment in even more advanced technologies that are capable of generating direct electric power. He expects these to eclipse simple LENR reactors. !.


  3. Yes Krivit article is hopeless...

    I wish all LENR inventors works in a coherent way, and defend each others credibility.

    Time is not for battle, but for hard work.

  4. Just one slight correction to your fine article Dear Peter... Actually, MY and GW do call Rossi an "accused fraudster". That is only when they are in a good mood. When not...well, I can't say here without risking censorship.We will leave it at that.

    Both post on ECNs. Gary only occasionally. MY goes by "Al Potenza" there. It is not for the lighthearted.

    Shane D.

    1. Shane,
      I still see you doing battle with the logic twins (Joshua Schroeder (Popeye) & George Hody (MY/AP)) at ECN. Doing so might be seen as a wasted cause but you have survived quite well.

      Hang in there, their days are numbered.


    2. Thanks for the cudos DSM. You should drop by there once in a while like the old days, and dish out what the die hard skeps serve...LOLs. Like you said, there isn't much time left to get your licks in, because soon, real soon for sure these guys will know just how wrong they were..

      Shane D.

    3. Shane,

      There is little doubt to me that in particular Joshua & George will switch tactics once LENR+ is too far out in the light for them to maintain their charade that it doesn't exist. They will most likely claim to be saviours who kept the 'believers' honest by challenging extreme naivete (partly true). They will also ignore any accusations that they maintained a barrage of intimidation with insults and ridicule claiming that 'any' such commentary was only directed at stupidity. They are predictable.


    4. ..and disposable,they have no identity.